Back in the year 2000 I thought it might be interesting to set up a family history website. I have for quite a few years been slowly building up a considerable archive of information on many of my ancestors and so publishing on the web seemed an ideal way to make this information more freely available to anyone else who may have an interest.

In addition I was keen to learn a bit about how websites are constructed and published. Setting up this website was an ideal way to achieve all of these objectives. In its early stages the home page consisted of a list of ancestors and linked to this was a number of separate pages giving biographies of some of these people.

The site has steadily grown over the years as more information has come to light and as time has allowed. In addition to the ancestors, I have been steadily adding pages for their relatives and supplementary pages containing general notes on the places where they lived, their friends and any other information that I felt might be of interest.

If you have any comments to make or if you have any additional information regarding any of the people listed, please feel free to contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . In particular help is needed to transcribe a large number of family diaries and letters.

If you would be interested in helping with this project please contact me.

Key Biographies

Philip Alpe

Of Fransham Parva, Norfolk


Thomas Bentley

1731-1780 Business partner of Josiah Wedgwood

James Caldwell

1759-1834 Lawyer. Lived at Linley Wood, Talke. Protege of Josiah Wedgwood.

Henry Coape

1704-1778. Of Duffield Hall, Derbyshire.

John Crompton

1682-1750. Lived at Chorely Hall, Lancashire.

Arthur Cuthbert

1734-1788. Lived in India and later Berners St London & Woodcote Park, Epsom.

Robert Harvey

1700-1756 Grocer of Stoke Ferry in Norfolk, England

James Heath RA

1757-1834 Engraver. Lived in London

Admiral Sir Leopold George Heath

1817-1907. Lived at Moorhurst and Anstie Grange, Holmwood, Surrey.

John Hesketh

1750-1815  Wine Merchant of Oporto in Portugal and Liverpool in England

Col Henry Helsham Helsham-Jones RE

1836-1920 of Woodbridge, Suffolk and Holmwood, Surrey.

Henry Helsham

1767-1806 Surgeon and Apothecary (Doctor) of Stoke Ferry, Norfolk.


Capt Charles Hopkins

Master-Mariner, East India Company, Chief of Devikota. Died in Madras India in 1757. 

Dr Richard Jones

1814-1888 Doctor who lived in Woodbridge in Suffolk.

George Marsh

1722-1800. Commissioner of the Navy. Lived in London

Anne Marsh Caldwell

1791-1873 Author. Lived at Linley Wood, Eastbury and Deacons.

John Milbourne

16??-1722. Worked for Sir Isaac Townshend Commissioner of the Navy


Thomas Stamford

1712-1787 Lived in Derby. Engineer. Worked with Josiah Wedgwood.

There are approximately 400 historical biographies on this website.  For a full list of all the people covered please click here.

The information on this website is copyright JJ Heath-Caldwell.  Should you wish to copy any of this information for commercial purposes, please contact JJ Heath-Caldwell.

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