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The biographies on this website cover lots of people who were born, lived a life, and then died. They are gone but a biography recording who they were will hopefully last forever. In some cases relics of their life might still exist; diaries, letters, portraits and objects that they might have once owned. In some cases no relics exist except for their name and the occasional note that other people might have recorded about them.

Where they once lived will have changed over the years but of course will still be there. Most of them worshipped at the local church and in most cases the church will still exist and there may be a headstone in the graveyard or a memorial plaque in the church.

Many of the houses that these people lived in are long gone. Most houses have a limited life and eventually reach the end and are pulled down. In some cases, if the house was well built on good solid foundations it will still be around. Over the years I have seen quite a few of these old houses and it is always a great feeling to see them still standing in today’s landscape.

Below is a list of some of the houses that I have found details of and in some cases these buildings are still standing. Click the links to find out more.

Anstie Grange, Holmwood, Surrey. Home of Adm Sir Leopold George Heath and his son Cuthbert Eden Heath.

Chorley Hall, Lancaster. Home of John Crompton.

Duffield Hall, Derbyshire. Home of Henry Coape.

Kitlands, Coldharbour, Surrey. Home of George Heath and his son Douglas Denon Heath.

Linely Wood, Talk, Staffordshire. Home of the Caldwell Family. Home of James Caldwell, Anne Marsh Caldwell, The Miss Marsh-Caldwells, Maj Gen Frederick Crofton Heath-Caldwell.

Milland, Liphook, Hampshire. Home of Rev John Moore Heath.

Moorhurst, Holmwood, Surrey. Home of Adm Sir Leopold George Heath.

Redlands, Holmwood, Surrey. Home of Col Henry Helsham Helsham-Jones RE.

Stoke Ferry Hall, Stoke Ferry, Norfolk. Home of Henry Liphooke Helsham.

Vigo, Holmwood, Surrey. Home of Col Henry Helsham Helsham-Jones RE.

It is always interesting looking at old houses. If you are ever considering buying an old house, make sure you get a Surveyor to carry out a very comprehensive building survey on the property before you make your final decision. I get the impression that living in one of these great old houses is a real joy but it can also be very expensive with some high bills for maintenance.