Capt John Edmund Valentine Isaac DSO 1880-1915 5th Fusiliers

Born: 1880 and died 1915
Son of:  John Swinton Isaac and Amelia Alicia Anne Isaac (1849-19??).
Brother of:
1. Arthur Whitmore Isaac (1873-1916) who married Lucy Vernon.
2. Lt Herbert Crofton Isaac (1874-1896). 14th Regiment, died November 1896 aged 22.
3. Amy Violet Isaac (1876-1943) who married Captain Ernest C F Wodehouse DSO, son of Col Charles Wodehouse CIE.
4. Margaret Isabel Isaac (1878-1964).
5. Francis Swinton Isaac (1882-1956).
Was he married?

We know of John from the following sources:
1. The book "Crofton Memoirs" by Henry Thomas Crofton, 1911.

2. His war record.


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