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Anthony Jones

Surgeon (Doctor) of Bildeston in Suffolk


Born: 1764, Christened 14 December 1764.  Died 2 May 1832, aged 68.
Son of: John Jones (17??-1768) and Frances Jones nee Taylor (17??-1807) of Kington, Hereford.
Brother of:
1. Charles Jones (1750-18??) who married, 13 July 1780, Mary Morgan.
2. Thomas Jones (17??-1817?) who married, 15 January 1789, Anna Jones (17??-1825).
3. William Jones (17??-1826) who is assumed not to have married.
4. Henry Jones (1751-1836) who married, December 1781, Bridget Miles (17??-1817).
5. Richard Jones (1759-1840) who married, September 1782, Mary Barnes.

Uncle of: Rev Charles Jones (1793-1866) and Mary Quayle (17??-1866).
Married: Mary Mumford in Hitcham, Suffolk, 9 September 1798.  Mary died 25 February 1834.
Anthony and Mary had issue:
1. Robert Jones (1800-1855), of Melford, also a surgeon.  He married Elizabeth Charlotte Purvis.
2. Jane (1806?-1886). Jane died 22nd of January 1886 aged 80.
3. Susan Kent nee Jones (1808-1902), married to James Kent.

4. Charlotte (1810?-1892).  Charlotte died 6th of February 1892 aged 82.
5. Richard Jones (1814?-1888), of Woodbridge, also a surgeon.  He married Elizabeth Helsham (1801-1866).

We know of Anthony Jones from the following:
1. A note in the document by Dr Van Zwanenberg, the Suffolk Medical Biographer (Suffolk Record Office qS614).
2. A note on a document from the College of Arms giving Henry Helsham Helsham-Jones the right to bear Arms.
3. Records of his Christening and his marriage.
4. An entry in Burke's Family Records, under the name John Jones of Kington.

Anthony was elected a member of the Suff. Ben. Med. Soc. 1832.

Anthony's wife Mary Mumford had a sister Mrs Briggs whose daughters were Mrs Sexton (mother of Mrs Hillman) and Mrs Clarke, mother of Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Reeve, mother Mrs Bates, mother of Reg. Bates.

There is a record of an Anthony Jones (presumably our Anthony Jones) being Christened in Kington, Hereford, 14 December 1764.  His parents are recorded as John Jones and Frances Jones.

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