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Arthur John Jones

Born: 1885? and died 9 May 1919.

Arthur's parents were ?

Arthur possibly had a sister who became Mary Elizabeth Rossell and left a large estate.  Mary died 4 April 1935.

Arthur possibley had a sister Lot Bramley who died 27 Feb 1921.

Arthur possibly had a sister-in-law Martha Ann Jones who lived at Lindum House, 1 Burns Street, Notthingham.  Martha is noted as a widow and she died at Lindum House, 24 October 1917.  Martha's will was proved by Mary Elizabeth Rossell, also of Lindum House.

Arthur married Ruth Roe (1889-1961) in August 1907.  She was 21 and he was 22.  She was the daughter of Richard Andrew Roe (1849-1913) and Ruth Williamson (1851-1937).

Their children were:

Richard Stanley Jones (1908-1979) who married Dora Alice Bloor (1906-1990) and later Norreen.
Doris Elizabeth Wrigley nee Jones (1909-1960?) who married Douglas Wrigley.  Doris and Douglas had two sons, Nigel and Neil.
Gladys May Jones (1912-1974?).  Gladys had one son, Owen Jones.

Arthur John Jones died in 1919. Ruth remarried sometime later in September 1933 to Herbert Eustace Swannell but their time together was short lived as he died in March 1935.

We know about Arthur from recollections given to me by Owen Jones who was Arthur's grandson.

On his son's birth certificate Arthur notes his vocation as Electrical Engineer.

Arthur probably lived at 1 Woodville Drive, Sherwood, Nottingham.

The story in the family was that Arthur had an electrical business and had a dispute with this partner.  The partner then pushed Arthur down some stairs and Arthur died.


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