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Elizabeth Jane Jones (nee Hesketh) 1842-1869

Born: 14 Feb 1842 in Caminho Velho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and died in India in 1869 or 1870.  She is noted as buried in Colaba Diocese of Bombay, 25 July 1870.  Died of hysteria and dysentery.
Daughter of: Robert Hesketh (179?-1868) and Georgiana Raynsford (18??-1910).
Sister of:
1. Robert Raynsford Hesketh (1837-1854).  Ensign 22nd Madras Native Infantry, died in India.
2. William Crosbie Hesketh (1839-????), Lieutenant in the Royal Marine Artillery.
3. George Hesketh (1840- after 1861), Lieutenant in the Royal Navy.
4. Henry John Hesketh (1843-1871), Lieutenant in the Royal Navy.
5. Hamilton Maria Sanford nee Hesketh (1845-1895, known as Hammie) who married in 1867 Lt Gen George Edward Langham Somerset Sandford RE.
6. Georgiana Sarah Hesketh (1846-19??, known as Netta).  Never married.
7. Hanbury Bold Hesketh (1848-1852).
8. Spenser Bold Hesketh (1853-????).
9 Mary Sophie Hesketh (1853-195?, known as Sophie).  Never married.  Born 23 April 1853 and lived to be over 100.
10. Harriet Lucy Hesketh (1854-19??, known as Harrietta).  Never married.
11. Earnest Johnston Hesketh (1856-????).
12. Harold Owen Hesketh (1857-1876).
Elizabeth married: Capt Henry Helsham Jones later Col Henry Helsham Helsham-Jones (1838-1920) 7 Aug 1867 in St. Pauls Church, Southampton, England.
Elizabeth and Henry had issue:
1.  Constance Mary Helsham Helsham-Jones (1869-1957) who was born in India (Islamabad? Punjab?) 19 October 1868.  She married (23 January,1889) Maj Gen Frederick Crofton Heath-Caldwell CB RE (1858-1945).
2. Arthur Jones who was born in Delhi, 19 December 1869, and died the following year, 25 May 1870.

The information I have about Elizabeth comes from the following sources:
1. Hesketh family Bibles.
2. Photograph album belonging to her husband Col Henry Helsham Helsham-Jones.

Col Henry Helsham Jones and Lt Gen George Edward Langham Somerset Sandford where both in the Royal Engineers.  George married Hammie Hesketh in March 1867 and Henry married Elizabeth Hesketh in August 1867. 


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