Portrait of Rev Harry Jones MA Chaplin in ordinary Queen Victoria.
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Rev Harry Jones MA
Chaplin in ordinary to Queen Victoria


Born:  probably 1830ish and died 1900ish.
Son of: Rev Charles Jones (1793-1866) and Mary Jones nee Quayle (17??-1866).
Brother of:
1. Rev Charles William Jones (18??-1906) who married Barbara Rose Weale (1833-1921).
2. Edward Jones.
3. Possibly others?
Harry married: not known.
Harry had issue:
1. not known.


Rev Harry Jones MA: An Overview

We know of Harry Jones from the following:
1. The Weale family history website www.archerfamily.org.uk/family/weale
2. Inscriptions inside St Mary's Church, Pakenham, Suffolk.
3. The Photograph Album of Col Henry Helsham Helsham-Jones.


Harry was incumbent of St Luke's, Berwick-st. He was later Chaplin in Ordinary to Queen Victoria.


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