Linley Hall, Linley Wood.
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The Linley Wood Estate
Talke, Staffordshire, England

Linley Wood Talke Staffordshire.
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The Caldwell family lived in Talke from the 1789 untill 1949. Their home, Linley Hall, was a large rambling mansion house, built up on a hill overlooking Linley Road.  The estate itself was known as Linley Wood.  The hill sits by itself and appears to have been formed a long time ago by the intersection of two faults and the land subsequently having been pushed upwards at this point.  A ring of concentric earthworks or terraces circling the hill indicate that it may have had some sort of settlement in pre-Roman times.

There appears to have been a house on the site in the early 1700s, owned by William Rowley (Romley?)  There still exists today in the grounds of the present house a grave stone which reads as follows:

"Here Lieth William Rowley who departed this life Dec 22, 1745 and desired to be intered here in his own garden rather than in the church lest he who had studied to promote men's health while alive should be detrimental to it when dead as well as defile the house of God.  Aged 66."

In his will written in 1737 William Rowley mentions his address as being called "New House, Montpelier, Talk o'the Hill".  Perhaps the name "Linley Wood" originally just refered to the wooded area above the house.

James Caldwell bought the main part of the Linley Wood estate in March 1789 from the executors of the late Edward Salmon for the sum of

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