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Contents of the Linley Wood Library

As recorded around 1919.


Acosta, Joseph  .Natural and Moral History of the East and West Indies  .Published in1604.Earliest known publication date1604.

Adam, Alexander LLD.Summary of Geography and History Both Ancient and Modern  .Published in1802.Earliest known publication date1794.

Addison, Joseph.Remarks on Several Parts of Italy .Published in1733.Earliest known publication date1705.

Addison, Joseph.Remarks on Several Parts of Italy .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1705.

Agrippa, Henricus Cornelius  .Henry Cornelius Agrippa his Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy. Of geomancy. 1555.Published in1783.Earliest known publication date1655.

Albanein, EM (?).Glad Hist, The (?).Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Amory, Thomas.Buncle, John, Life of.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1755.

Anfrie de Chaulieu, Guillaume  .Œuvres de l'abbe? de Chaulieu  .Published in1757.Earliest known publication date1733.

Anonymous.A Winter in the West Indies and Florida. By an invalid.Published in1839.Earliest known publication date1839.

Anonymous.Inside Sebastopol, and experiences in camp. Being the narrative of a journey  .Published in1856.Earliest known publication date1856.

Anonymous.Correspondent, The.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Anonymous.Edward.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Anonymous.Home.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Apperley, Charles James.Chase, the Turf, the Road, the.  By Nimrod.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1848.

Aristotle. Notes by Rev Robert Bateman Paul.Analysis of Aristotle's Ethics .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1829.

Aristotle. Notes by Rev Robert Bateman Paul.Analysis of Aristotle's Ethics, with notes by the Rev. R. B. Paul  .Published in1837.Earliest known publication date1837.

Arrian.Arrian's History of Alexander's expedition. translated from the Greek by Mr. Rooke  .Published in1729.Earliest known publication date1729.

Arvieux, Laurent d' .Voyage fait par ordre du roy Louis XIV. dans la Palestine. De la Roque .Published in1718.Earliest known publication date1717.

Bacon, Francis.Sylva sylvarum: or a Naturall Historie .Published in1628.Earliest known publication date1627.

Bacon, Francis.Essays, or Counsels, civil and moral.Published in1755.Earliest known publication date1663.

Bacon, Francis.Philosophical Works of Francis Bacon . . . Notes by Peter Shaw.Published in1733.Earliest known publication date1733.

Bacon, Roger (Ruggero Bacone?) .Works of Roger Bacon.Published in1733.Earliest known publication date1733.

Baedeker, Karl.London.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1862.

Baedeker, Karl.Southern Italy.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1871.

Baedeker, Karl.Central Italy.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1872.

Baedeker, Karl.North Germany.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1872.

Baedeker, Karl.Southern Germany.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1880.

Baedeker, Karl.Southern Germany.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1880.

Baedeker, Karl.Lower Egypt.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1885.

Baedeker, Karl.Rome, Handbook for..Published in?.Earliest known publication date1890.

Baedeker, Karl.North Italy.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Baedeker, Karl.Rhine.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Baedeker, Karl.Switzerland.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Baldwin, William and various.Myrroure for Magistrates, A (Black Letter) .Published in1559.Earliest known publication date1559.

Barclay, Florence Louisa Charlesworth .Rosary, The.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1906.

Barclay, Florence Louisa Charlesworth .Wheels of Time.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1908.

Barrow, Isaac DD.Lectiones Opticæ & Geometricæ  .Published in1674.Earliest known publication date1670.

Barrow, John FRS.Family Tour through South Holland; up the Rhine; and across the Netherlands, to Ostend  .Published in1836.Earliest known publication date1831.

Bartlett, John Russell.Personal Narrative of Explorations and Incidents in Texas, New Mexico, California, Sonora, and Chihuahua . . . In 1850.Published in1854.Earliest known publication date1854.

Bayle, Pierre.Dictionary, Bales (2nd edition).Published in?.Earliest known publication date1710.

Beatson, Alexander. Major-General .Tracts relative to the island of St. Helena;. written during a residence of five years . . . Illustrated with views engraved by Mr. William Daniell  .Published in1816.Earliest known publication date1816.

Beccaria Bonesana, Cesare. Marquis   .Essay on Crimes and Punishments, translated from the Italian; with a commentary, attributed to Mons. de Voltaire  .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1767.

Beechey, Frederick William.Narrative of a voyage to the Pacific and Beering's Strait .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1831.

Bell, Robert.Life of the Rt. Hon. George Canning.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1846.

Benadict, J.Opera Luciano Samosatensis.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1687.

Bennet.War Songs.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Benson, Arthur Christopher.Tennyson.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1904.

Beresford James.Miseries of Human Life, The.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1806.

Berger, Laurentius.Thesaurus Brandenburgicus selectus; sive, Gemmarum et numismatum Græcorum in Cimeliarchio Electorali Brandenburgico elegantiorum series.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1837.

Bernard, Richard Boyle. Hon.Tour through Some Parts of France, Switzerland, Savoy, Germany and Belgium, during the summer and autumn of 1814 .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1815.

Bernier, Francois.Voyages de Franc?ois Bernier ... Contenant la description des etats du Grand Mogol, de l'Hindoustan, du Royaume de Kachemire  .Published in1709.Earliest known publication date1699.

Berquin, Arnaud  .L'Ami des Enfans  .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1782.

Berquin, Arnaud  .Oeuvres de Berquin.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1802.

Bingley, William Rev.Tour round North Wales performed during the Summer of 1798  .Published in1800.Earliest known publication date1800.

Bingley, William Rev.Excursions in North Wales, including Aberystwith and the Devil's Bridge . . . In 1838  .Published in1839.Earliest known publication date1839.

Birmingham, George A. (James Owen Hannay).Simpkins Plot, The.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1911.

Black.Dorsetshire .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1879.

Blaze de Bury, Marie Pauline Rose  .Germania; its courts, camps, and people  .Published in1850.Earliest known publication date1850.

Blessington, Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of.Heath's Book of Beauty.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1833.

Blessington, Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of.Idler in Italy, The  .Published in1839.Earliest known publication date1839.

Blessington, Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of.Idler in France, The.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1841.

Blessington, Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of.Country Quarters.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1850.

Blessington, Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of.Country Quarters.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1850.

Blunt, C.Phllostralus (?).Published in1680.Earliest known publication date1680.

Boccaccio, Giovanni.Decameron, The.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1869.

Boileau, Nicolas.Œuvres. de Boileau .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1670.

Bonnet, Charles.Contemplation de la nature  .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1764.

Boswell, James.Life of Samuel Johnson.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1791.

Bourguignon D'Anville, Jean Baptiste  .Ge?ographie ancienne abre?ge?e  .Published in1768.Earliest known publication date1768.

Bowles, William.Introduction a? l'histoire naturelle et a? la ge?ographie physique de l'Espagne. Vicomte de Flavigny .Published in1776.Earliest known publication date1776.

Boyle, Robert.Some Considerations Touching the Usefulness of Experimental Natural Philosophy.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1671.

Boyle, Robert.Essays of the Strange Subtilty/Determinate Nature/Great Efficacy of Effluviums    .Published in1673.Earliest known publication date1673.

Boyle, Robert.Works of the Honourable Robert Boyle .Published in1772.Earliest known publication date1772.

Brillat-Savarin, Jean Anthelme  .Physiologie du gout .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1840.

Brookes, R Richard and Findlay, AG.General Gazetteer, or, Compendious Geographical Dictionary .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1846.

Brown, D.Glossographia Anglicana Nova .Published in1707.Earliest known publication date1707.

Brown, Edward and Nehring, Karl .Brief Account of Some Travels in Hungaria, Servia  .Published in1673.Earliest known publication date1673.

Brown, George Douglas.House with Green Shutters, The.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1901.

Brown, Thomas (Moore, Thomas).Fudge Family in Paris.Published in1818 4th ed.Earliest known publication date1818.

Browne, Sir Thomas.Christian Morals of Sir Thomas Browne.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1881.

Brunton, Mary.Discipline A Novel.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1814.

Bryant, Jacob.A New System or An Analysis of Ancient Mythology: Wherein an attempt is made to divest Tradition of Fable; and to reduce the Truth to its Original Purity. 1st Ed. .Published in1774-76.Earliest known publication date1774.

Brydone, Patrick.Tour Through Sicily and Malta.  In a series of letters to William Beckford.Published in1776.Earliest known publication date1773.

Buchan, George.narrative of the loss of the Winterton East Indiaman, wrecked on the coast of Madagascar in 1792  .Published in1820.Earliest known publication date1820.

Buckland, Alfred Cecil.Letters on the Importance, Duty and Advantages of Early Rising .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1819.

Bulstrode, Whitelocke.Essay of Transmigration, in defence of Pythagoras.Published in1692.Earliest known publication date1692.

Bulteel, I.Chronological History of France. By Eudes De Mezeray, Francois.Published in1683.Earliest known publication date1683.

Burke, William. of the Secretary of State's Office  .Account of the European Settlements in America; with maps of North and South America  .Published in1770.Earliest known publication date1757.

Burnet, Gilbert. Bishop of Salisbury .History of the Reformation.Published in1683.Earliest known publication date1599.

Burnet, Gilbert. Bishop of Salisbury .Some Letters, containing an account of what seemed most remarkable in travelling through Switzerland, Italy, some parts of Germany, &c. in the years 1685. and 1686.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1686.

Burnet, Gilbert. Bishop of Salisbury .Burnett's History of his own Life and Times  .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1724.

Burnet, Thomas. Master of the Charter House .Theory of the Earth: containing an account of the original of the Earth .Published in1691.Earliest known publication date1684.

Burney, Fanny.Evelina .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1771.

Burney, Fanny.Cecilia.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1782.

Burney, Fanny.Camilla.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1796.

Burney, Fanny.Camilla.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1796.

Burrish, Onslow  .Batavia Illustrata, or a View of the policy and commerce of the United Provinces: particularly of Holland  .Published in1728.Earliest known publication date1728.

Busby, Thomas.Concert Room and Orchestra Anecdotes, of Music and Musicians, ancient and modern.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1825.

Butcher, Edith Louisa (nee Floyer).Things Seen in Egypt.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1910.

Butler, Samuel.Hudibras.Published in1710.Earliest known publication date1663.

Cadell, William Archibald .Journey in Carniola, Italy, and France, in the years 1817, 1818  .Published in1820.Earliest known publication date1820.

Caldwell, James Stamford.Digest of the Laws relating to the Poor  .Published in1821.Earliest known publication date1821.

Campbell, J.Travels in South America.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Campbell, Thomas.Specimens of the British Poets; with biographical and critical notices, and an Essay on English Poetry  .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1819.

Capes, Bernard Edward Joseph.Loaves and Fishes.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1906.

Care, Henry.English Liberties.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1682.

Carlyle, Thomas.Heros and Hero Worship.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1840.

Carlyle, Thomas.Sartor Resartus .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1850.

Carlyle, Thomas. By DM Ford.Stories from Carlyle. Scenes from the French Revolution .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1907.

Carter, Elizabeth translator.Moral Discourses of Epictetus, Edited by W. H. D. Rouse  .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1899.

Carver, Jonathan.Travels through the interior parts of North-America, in the years 1766, 1767, and 1768  .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1779.

Cary, John.Cary's New Guide for ascertaining Hackney Coach Fares and porterage rates  .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1801.

Castiglione, Baldassare. Count .Il Cortegiano, or the Courtier .Published in1727.Earliest known publication date1588.

Cato (?).Catos Letters (?).Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Cato, Conrad.Navy in Mesopotamia 1914-1917, The.Published in1917.Earliest known publication date1917.

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de  .Don Quixote.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1605.

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de  .Novelas Exemplares.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1613.

Cervantes.  Jarvis translation.Don Quixote de la Mancha. Translated from the original Spanish ... by Charles Jarvis (2nd Edition).Published in?.Earliest known publication date1742.

Chamberlayne, Edward.Angliæ Notitia, or the Present State of England .Published in1707.Earliest known publication date1669.

Chapone, Hester.Letters on the Improvement of the Mind.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1773.

Chappell, Edward.Voyage of His Majesty's ship Rosamond to Newfoundland and the southern coast of Labrador  .Published in1818.Earliest known publication date1818.

Charleton, W.Epicurus's morals, collected partly out of his owne Greek text .Published in1670.Earliest known publication date1656.

Charnock, Robert.Answere made to a fraudulent letter of M. George Blackwels, written to Cardinal Caietane, 1596 .Published in1602.Earliest known publication date1602.

Chaudon, Louis Maieul .Nouveau Dictionnaire Historique-Portatif .Published in1770.Earliest known publication date1770.

Cholmondeley-Pennell, H .Fishing (Badminton Library).Published in?.Earliest known publication date1885.

Cicero, Marcus Tullius .Nature of Gods, the.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1683.

Clarendon, Edward.History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England .Published in1708.Earliest known publication date1703.

Colbert, Jean-Baptiste.La Vie de Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Ministre d'E?tat sous Louys XIV  .Published in1695.Earliest known publication date1695.

Coleridge, Henry Nelson.Six Months in the West Indies.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1825.

Congreve, William.Old Batchelor, The  etc.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1707.

Cook, James.Voyage Towards the South Pole and Round the World. performed in His Majesty's Ships the Resolution and Adventure  .Published in1777.Earliest known publication date1777.

Cooper, James Fenimore.Pioneers, The; or, The sources of the Susquehanna .Published in1849.Earliest known publication date1734.

Cooper, James Fenimore.Spy, The: A Tale of the Neutral Ground.Published in1849.Earliest known publication date1840.

Cordiner, James  .Voyage to India, A.Published in1820.Earliest known publication date1820.

Coreetl ?.Description of Bedfordshire etc ?.Published in1749.Earliest known publication date1749.

Corp, Harriet.Antedote to Miseries of Human Life.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1808.

Coutello, C.Ion Amos Orbis Sensualum Pictus (?).Published in1760.Earliest known publication date1760.

Coxe, William. Archdeacon of Wiltshire.Travels into Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark. Interspersed with historical relations and political inquiries. Illustrated with charts and engravings  .Published in1802.Earliest known publication date1784.

Crebilloni?.Memories de Meilcous?.Published in1745.Earliest known publication date1745.

D'Ablancourt.Lucien. De la traduction de N. Perrot, Sr d'Ablancourt   .Published in1688.Earliest known publication date1654.

D'Ablancourt.Commentaires de Ceasar.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Dacier, M. Works of Plato abridg'd, with an account of his life .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1720.

d'Acugna, Christopher and others.Voyages and Discoveries in South-America. The first up the river of Amazons to Quito, in Peru, and back again to Brazil  .Published in1698.Earliest known publication date1698.

D'Adele de Senage.Eugenie and Matthilde .Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

D'Alenant?.D'Alenants Works?.Published in1771.Earliest known publication date1771.

Dalrymple, Sir John. Bart..Essay towards a General History of Feudal Property in Great Britain  .Published in1757.Earliest known publication date1757.

Dampier, William.New Voyage Round the World.Published in1699.Earliest known publication date1697.

Danican, Francois Andre?  .Chess analysed by Philidor .Published in1773.Earliest known publication date1750.

Daniel, William Barker.Rural Sports.Published in1801.Earliest known publication date1801.

D'Apligny, Le Pileur .Traite? des couleurs mate?rielles.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1779.

Darwin, Charles.Naturalists Voyage . . . Beagle, The.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1879.

D'Avenant, Charles.Political and Commercial Works of that celebrated writer Charles D'Avenant. Collected and revised by Sir Charles Whitworth   .Published in1771.Earliest known publication date1771.

Davies, John.History of Appian of Alexandria .Published in1679.Earliest known publication date1679.

Davis, J.Voyages in Persia 1633-1639.Published in1662.Earliest known publication date1662.

Davis, J.MT Cicero Natura Deorum.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1700ish.

De La Fonte.Des Mines.Published in1753.Earliest known publication date1753.

De Quincey, Thomas.De Quincey's Works.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1851.

De Valteal(?).Droits de Gens (?).Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Dederot, Denis.La Religieuse.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1796.

Deeping, George Warwick .Seven Streams, The.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1905.

Defoe, Daniel.Robinson Crusoe (2nd Edition).Published in?.Earliest known publication date1719.

Defoe, Daniel.Political History of the Devil.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1726.

Dibden.Classical Index.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Dickens, Charles.Battle of Life.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1846.

Dinsdales Translation.Orations of Socrates.Published in1752.Earliest known publication date1752.

Dionysius of Halicarnassus .Les Antiquitez Romaines . . . G. F. Le Jay   .Published in1722.Earliest known publication date1722.

D'Israeli, Isaac .Curiosities of Literature .Published in1794.Earliest known publication date1791.

D'Israeli, Isaac .Curiosities of Literature.Published in1823.Earliest known publication date1791.

D'Israeli, Isaac .Second Series of Curiosities of Literature .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1823.

Dolce, Ludovico.Trattato delle gemme que produce la natura ... Hora con diligenza ristampato  .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1587.

Dougall, Lily.Zeit-Geist, The.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1895.

Du Fresnoy, Charles Alphonse .De Arte Graphica. The Art of Painting. Translated by Dryden .Published in1716.Earliest known publication date1695.

Dubos, Jean Baptiste .Entretiens sur les vies et sur les ouvrages des plus excellens Peintres anciens et modernes .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1719.

Dunn, Archibald.Bridge and How to Play it.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1899.

Edgeworth, Maria.Early Lessons.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1800.

Edgeworth, Maria.Tales of Fashionable Life.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1809.

Edmonds, Clement.Commentaries of C Julis Caesar.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1655.

Edmondston, Arthur  .View of the ancient and present state of the Zetland Islands, including their civil, political, and natural history  .Published in1809.Earliest known publication date1809.

Eliot, George.Romola.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1863.

Eliot, Thomas. Translated from Greek to English.Image of Governance compiled of the actes and sentences notable, of the moste noble Emperour Alexander Seuerus.  Written by his secretary Eucolpius  .Published in1549.Earliest known publication date1549.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo.Essays   .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1841.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo.Miscellanies.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1876.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo.Pocket Emerson, The.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1906.

Emery.Le Nouveau Recueil de Curiositez Rares & Nouvelles des plus Admirables Effets de la Nature & de l''Art .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1685.

Engle, Johann Jacob .Practical Illustrations of Rhetorical Gesture and Action by Henry Siddons.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1807.

English, Harriet.Conversations and Amusing Tales. Offered to the Publick for the Youth of Great Britain .Published in1799.Earliest known publication date1799.

Epictetus. Translated by George Stanhope.Epictetus his Morals .Published in1721.Earliest known publication date1694.

Epicurus.Epicurus's Morals. Translated from the Greek [or rather from the French] by J. Digby .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1712.

Erman, A ?.Algypten?.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Ewing, Juliana Horatia.Story of a Short Life, The.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1885.

Fairfax, E.Godfrey of Boulogne; or, the Recoverie of Jerusalem .Published in1624.Earliest known publication date1600.

Fairless, Michael.Road Mender, The.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1902.

Faret, Nicolas .L'Honneste Homme: ou l'art de plaire a? la Court .Published in1634.Earliest known publication date1634.

Feilding, Henry.Dialogue between a gentlemen of London . . . , A.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1747.

Feldborg, Andreas Andersen  .Denmark Delineated; or, sketches of the present state of that country  .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1823.

Felibien.Reflections Critiques sur la Poins et sur la Peinture (?).Published in1733.Earliest known publication date1733.

Felibien, Andre.Entretiens sur les vies et sur les ouvrages des plus excellens Peintres anciens et modernes .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1696.

Fenelon, Francois de Salignac de la Mothe Fenelon. Archbishop of Cambrai.Adventures of Telemachus, the son of Ulysses ... With the adventures of Aristonous ... Done into English ... by Mr. Is. Littlebury and Mr. A. Boyer.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1726.

Fenelon, Francois de. Archbishop of Cambrai.Characters and Criticisms upon the Ancient and Modern Orators .Published in1705.Earliest known publication date1705.

Ferrand (?).L'Art du Fen ou de Paintre en Enial (?).Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Feuille, D. de la.La Science des Hie?roglyphes; ou, l'art d'exprimer par des figures symboliques  .Published in1736.Earliest known publication date1736.

Fielding, Henry.Amelia.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1752.

Fisher, Alexander.Journal of a Voyage of Discovery to the Arctic Regions, in His Majesty's ships Hecla and Griper, in the years 1819 & 1820  .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1821.

Fitzclarence, George. Earl of Munster  .Journal of a Route across India, through Egypt to England, in the latter end of the year 1817, and the beginning of 1818  .Published in1819.Earliest known publication date1819.

Franklin, Benjamin.Historical Review of the Constitution and Government of Pennsylvania .Published in1759.Earliest known publication date1759.

Franklin, Benjamin.Works of Benjamin Franklin.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1793.

Franklin, John. Sir  .Narrative of a journey to the shores of the Polar Sea in the years 1819, 20, 21 & 22  .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1823.

Franklin, John. Sir  .Narrative of a second expedition to the shores of the Polar Sea, in the years 1825, 1826, and 1827  .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1828.

Frezier, Ame?de?e Francois .Relacion del viaje por el mar del sur a las costas de Chile i el Peru? durante los an?os de 1712, 1713 i 1714  .Published in1717.Earliest known publication date1717.

Galfridus, Monumetensis, Bishop of St. Asaph.British History, translated into English from the Latin of Jeffrey of Monmouth.  By A Thompson .Published in1718.Earliest known publication date1718.

Galt, John.Life of Lord Byron.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1830.

Gassendi, Pierre .Life of ... N. C. Fabricius, Lord of Peiresk ... Englished by W. Rand .Published in1657.Earliest known publication date1657.

Gay, John.Fables  .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1753.

Gedoyn, M. l'Abbe? (translator) .Pausanias; ou voyage historique de la Gre?ce. Traduit en Franc?ois .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1731.

Gent, John Phillips.New History of Aetheopia (Ethiopia) Abessinia.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1682.

Gerard, John.Herball or General Historie of Plants.Published in1597.Earliest known publication date1597.

Gilpin, William. Prebendary of Salisbury.Observations on the river Wye, and several parts of South Wales   .Published in1800.Earliest known publication date1782.

Gilpin, William. Prebendary of Salisbury.Observations relative chiefly to Picturesque Beauty made in ... 1772, on several parts of England; particularly the Mountains and Lakes of Cumberland and Westmoreland  .Published in1786.Earliest known publication date1786.

Glascock, William Nugent.Tales of a Tar.Published in1830.Earliest known publication date1830.

Gleig, George Robert  .Germany, Bohemia, and Hungary, visited in 1837  .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1839.

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von .Criticisms, Reflections and Maxims .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1897.

Goldsmith, Oliver.Miscellaneous Works of Oliver Goldsmith, The.Published in1806.Earliest known publication date1792.

Gordon, John.Memoirs of John Gordon wherein the absurdities of Popery are laid open.Published in1734.Earliest known publication date1770.

Gracian, Baltasar.L'homme de cour.Published in?.Earliest known publication date1711.

Gracian, Baltasar.The Hero. From the Spanish of B. Gracian. By a Gentleman of Oxford .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1726.

Green, John Richard.History of the English People.Published in1885.Earliest known publication date1874.

Greenhow, Robert.History of Oregon and California and the other territories on the North-west coast of North America  .Published in1844.Earliest known publication date1844.

Greenwood, James. London Vocabulary, English and Latin: put into a new method proper to acquaint the learner  .Published in?.Earliest known publication date1713.

Grenovius?.Tacitus.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Groot, Hugo de.Le Droit de la Guerre et de la Paix  .Published in1724.Earliest known publication date1687.

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Encyclopedia.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

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Historical Description of the Land of Britain.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

History of Great Britain.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Journals etc.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Kings Reports in Common Pleas.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Ladies Pracceptos?.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

L'Art de la Verrerie  .Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Les Voyages de Kang? Hi?.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Letters from Spain.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Letters from the Cape of Good Hope.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Livy .Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Management of Fruit Trees.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

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Map of France.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

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Melays Curieux altribas a Saint Eolemond.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

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Oppian.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Painting in Oil Colours.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

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Tatler vol III.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Traite de Perspective.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Various Journals and Account Books.Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.

Georjis Agricolan (?).Published in?.Earliest known publication date?.



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