Rebecca Long (nee Burton) 16??-1720


Born: in 16?? and died 30 March 1720.

Daughter of: Mr & Mrs Burton.

Sister of:
1. Elizabeth Finch (nee Long) who married Charles Finch.
2. Richard Burton.
3. Possibly a sister who married John Goldsmith.

Rebecca married: Mr Long.

Rebecca had issue:
William Long (16??-1723) who married Mary Long (nee Mead).

We know of Rebecca from an old document handed down in the family containing a copy of her will and a record of payments from her estate made over the period 1721-1741 for the benefit of her two grandchildren.

Payments for her estate are managed by John Goldsmith and Charles Finch.  Her will was drawn up by the Attorney Mr Warnery.  Income from her properties is to be made in small payments to Mathew Mead, the brother of William's wife Mary. 

Rebecca's executor was Robert Bolton.

Rebecca was quite well off and owned land at Gillingham, Chatham and Luton.


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