William Long 16??-1723

Born: in 16?? and died 24 July 1723.
Son of: Mr Long and Rebecca Long (nee Burton, 16??-1720).
Brother of: not known, probably only surviving child.
William married: Mary Mead (1689?-1770), sister of Matthew Mead and Phillip Mead.
William and Mary had issue:
1. Ann Marsh (nee Long, 1720-1784) who married George Marsh (1720-1800).
2. Benjamin Long.

We know about William from a document passed down in the family that records the administration of his money for the benefit of his wife and children.

His wife Mary Long nee Mead is noted on the plan of the Marsh Family Vault in St James, Gillingham.  On her coffin lid the plan records 'Mrs Mary Long died 26 Jan 1770 age 81 years' so presumably she was born around 1689.


William Marsh had portraits of his grandfather William Long and his uncle Benjamin Long.  In 1823 he gave these to Mrs Ray.  When Mrs Ray died some years later, she left these portraits to one of her servants.  If anyone knows where these portraits are I would be very pleased to hear from you.


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Plan of the Family Vault of George Marsh Esq in the Parish Church of Gillingham, in the County of Kent

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