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Hannah Adelaide Loring nee Marsh 1828-1859

Born: 21 June 1828, baptised 23 August 1828 at St Mary's, Willesden, London.  Died aged 30, 11 March 1859, aged 31, and is buried in St Andrew's Churchyard in Cobham.
Daughter of : Arthur Cuthbert Marsh (1786-1849) and Anne Marsh (Marsh-Caldwell, nee Caldwell, 1791-1874).
Sister of
1. Eliza Louisa Marsh-Caldwell (1818-1913).
2. Frances Mary Crofton (nee Marsh, 1819-1906) who married Maj Gen Richard Henry Crofton RA (1818-1897).
3. Georgina Amelia Marsh-Caldwell (1820-1900).
4. Rosamond Jane Marsh-Caldwell (1823-1911).
5. Arthur Marsh, who died an infant, August 1824.
6. Martin William James Marsh (1825-1846).
7. Lady Mary Emma Heath  (nee Marsh, 1826-1902) who married Admiral Sir Leopold George Heath (1817-1907).
Hannah married: in Watford, 11th May 1853, Rev Edward Henry Loring MA (1823-1879, born at sea off the coast of Cape of Good Hope), only son of Archdeacon Loring (1784-1822).  After Hannah had died Edward married Charlotte Watson (1823-1879) by whom he had a further 7 children.
Hannah and Henry had issue:
1. John Loring (1854-19??) who married Annetta Julia Royds, daughter of Rev Edward Royds MA.
2. Arthur Henry Loring (1855-1931) who married Norah Helen Watson (?-1945), daughter of Thomas Wright Watson.
3. Nele Loring (1857-1931) who married Mable Alice Isaac, daughter of Swinton Isacc and Elizabeth Ann Isaac.

Hannah was known as "Adelaide" to her mother Anne Marsh and her brother Martin Marsh.  Her uncle James Stamford Caldwell refered to her as Adelaide Mary Loring?

Can anyone provide me with more biographical details?

Photograph of Hannah's husband is lablled Rev J H Loring but is most probably Rev Edward Henry Loring (1823-1879) or else an unknown relative?  The above photograph came from the Album of Adm Sir Leopold George Heath. His wife was a sister of Edward's wife Hannah.  The photograph was taken by Arthur Debenham, photographer and miniature painter 28 Union Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight.



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