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Portrait of Arthur Henry Loring 1855-1831
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Arthur Henry Loring

Portrait of Arthur Henry Loring 1855-1831
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Born: 3rd June 1855 at Cobham Vicarage and died 1931 at 14 Kensington Gate, London W1.
Son of: Edward Henry Loring (1823?-1879) and Hannah-Adelaide Loring (nee Marsh, 1828-1859).
Brother of
1. John Loring (1854-19??) who married Annetta Julia Royds, daughter of Rev Edward Royds MA.
2. Nele Loring (1857-1931) who married Mable Alice Isaac, daughter of Swinton Isacc and Elizabeth Ann Isaac.
Arthur married: in 1884, Norah Helen Watson (?-1945), 3rd daughter of Thomas Wright Watson of Little Watersend, Dover.
Arthur and Norah had issue:
1. Mary Dorothea Vesey (nee Loring, 1884-1966) who married Lt Col CEG Vesey (1880-1958).
2. Roger Watson Loring (1885-1918).
3. Joan Marsh (nee Loring, 1887-1976).
4. Kathleen Rosalind Loring (1890-1918).

Arthur Henry Loring: An Overview


In 1871 at the age of 15 years old, Arthur is noted as a cadet in the navy and is living in Portsea.  In 1881 he is noted as Lieutenant in the navy.  He retired from the navy in 1891 aged 36 and was then living in Kensington.  He appears to have entered the Civil Service and became secretary to Lord Rosebury who was president of the Imperial Federation League Canadian Branch.  He was also personal secretary to WE Forster and then Arnold Foster and then Charles Oakley (Arnold Foster's adopted son).  In association with Lord Brassey, Arthur was also involved in the writing of a number of papers produced by the Imperial Federation League.  1901 recorded as living in Kensington.  In 1909 he rented a house in the country, Emily Bowlhead Green Thursley near Godalming (now a National Trust Property).  Arthur was also a member of the Primrose League a political organisation with Conservative ideals.

Portrait of Nora Loring nee Watson
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Nora Loring nee Watson


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