Etching of the inside of a crofters cottage drawn by Maj Gen Richard Henry Crofton RA (1818-1897) in 1848.

Etching by RH Crofton

This etching is signed RH Crofton 1848 in the bottom left hand corner.  It is an interior scene, perhaps the inside of a crofter's cottage.  On the back appears to be written 'Etched by Colonel Richard Crofton RA, father of Duke Crofton of Lakefield'.  This would be Maj Gen Richard Henry Crofton RA (1818-1897), 4th son of  Duke Crofton Esq and Alicia Crofton (nee Jones) of Lakefield, co Leitrim.  Richard married  Frances Mary Marsh (1819-1906), daughter of Arthur Cuthbert Marsh (1786-1849) and Anne Marsh (Marsh Caldwell, nee Caldwell, 1791-1874).  The etching was previously at the Caldwell family home of Linley Wood.


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