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Books from the Linley Wood Library sold at Sotheby's in London in 1950

The following is an extract from the Sotheby catalogue listing the books from Linley Wood.  The remainder and majority of the library had been sold earlier by Louis Taylor at an auction held at Linley Wood 25th October 1949.

Sotheby & Co, 34 & 35 New Bond Street, London, W1

Catalogue of Valuable Printed Books, Autograph Letters and Historical Documents etc

Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 January 1950

Page 25

The Property of Capt CH Heath-Caldwell

Octavo Et Infra

Lot 303.  Belle Assemblee (La), 24 vols. from 1808 to 1830, coloured plates, some missing, binding defective; sold not subject to return (24)

Lot 304.  Boyle (R.) An Essay about the Origine and Virtues of Gems, First Edition, contemporary calf, upper cover detached, (Fulton, 96)   W. Godbid and M. Pitt, 1672

Lot 305. Boyle (R.) Essays of the Strange Subtility, Determinate Nature, Great Efficay of Effluviums, First Edition, contemporary calf, covers detached, edges worn, (Fulton, 105)  W.G. for M. Pitt, 1673

Lot 306. Carver (J.) Travels through the Interior Parts of North America, third edition, folding map and plates, coloured, (map torn and one plate repaired), old half calf, joints broken  1781

Lot 307. Chappell (E.) Voyage of H.M.S. Rosamond to Newfoundland, plates, half calf, joints broken, 1818. 
- (Baskett (Sir James)?) History of the Island of St. Domingo, pencil scored, boards, uncut, 1818-Bartlett (J.R.) Personal Narrative of Explorations and Incidents in Texas, etc., 2 vol., map and plates, original cloth, worn, 1854.
- and three others (7).

Lot 307A. Elyot (Sir Thomas) The Image of Gouernaunce complied of the actes and sentences . . . of Alexander Seuerus lately translated out of Greeke by sir Thomas Elyote, (S.T.C., 7666), black letter, title within woodcut border, a few ink marks on last calf page, calf, g.e.   sm. 8vo  T. Berthelet, 1549

Lot 308. (Engelbach (G.)) Naples and the Campagna Felice, coloured plates, old Russia, upper cover missing    1815

Lot 309. (Franklin (B.)) An Historical Review of the Constitution and Government of Pennsylvania, covers missing   R. Griffiths, 1759

Lot 310. Harvey (W.) Anatomical Exercitations concerning the Generation of Living Creatures, First Edition in English, (Keynes, 43), wants portrait, stained throughout and a few letters on title defective, old calf  1653.


Page 26

Lot 311. Hennepin (L.) A New Discovery of a Vast Country in America, two folding maps and six plates, title and some leaves soiled, the plates frayed at edges, catchword on X4 (part II) defective, contempory calf, upper cover missing  H.Bonwicke, 1699.

Lot 312. Herrera (A. de) The General History of America, translated by J. Steevens, 6vol., folding maps and plates, title of vol. 1 soiled and a few letters slightly rubbed, contempory calf, joints broken and upper cover missing from vol. 4  1725-6.

Lot 313. Jonson (Ben) Works, edited by W. Gifford, 9 vol. portrait, some leaves stained, boards, cloth backs, uncut, 1816.
- Beaumont and Fletcher, Works, edited by A. Dyce, 11 vol., portraits, cloth, uncut, 1843-6  (20).

Lot 314. Journal of the Proceedings of Congress held at Philadelphia, 5 Sept., 1775 to 30 Apr., 1776, half calf, uncut, upper cover detached.  J. Almon, 1778.

Lot 315. Lory (J.&J.) Picturesque Tour from Geneva to Milan, by way of the Simplon, plan and 36 coloured plates, some leaves loose and a few margins defective, cloth (re-issue).  R. Ackermann, 1820.

Lot 316. Munday (A.) A Briefe Chronicle of the Successe of Times, black letter, some leaves wormed, slightly affecting text, some headlines cut into, old calf, W. Jaggard, 1611.

- Ray (J.) A Collection of English Words not generally used, date and port of imprint cut from title, contemporary sheepskin, 1674.
- and three others (5).

Lot 317. (Oldmixon (J.)) The British Empire in America, 2 vol., maps (wanting four leaves of Introduction in vol.2, title of vol. 2 defective), 1741.
- Le Page du Pratz.  History de la Louisiane, 3 vol., maps and plates, old calf, binding defective, 12mo, Paris, 1758.
- and two others; the lot sold not subject to return (7).

Lot 318. (Powell (T.)) Humane Industry: or, a History of most Manual Arts, contemporary calf, binding defective.  H. Herringman, 1661.

Lot 319. Radcliffe (Ann) The Mysteries of Udolpho, 4 vol., First Edition, soiled and pencil-scored, wants half titles, pp. 357-8, vol. 4, defective, old half calf.  12 mo, 1794.

Lot 320. Rogers (Woodes) A Cruising Voyage round the World, First Edition, five folding maps, one stained, contemporary calf, covers defective and detached 1712.

Lot 321. Shirley (J.) Dramatic Works and Poems, edited by W. Gifford and A. Dyce, 6 vol., portrait, cloth, uncut (covers slightly defective) 1833.

Lot 322. (Smollett (T.)) The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, 4 vol., First Edition, soiled and stained, contemporary calf, worn, upper cover of vol. 3 detached 1751.



Lot 323. Acosta (J. de) The Naturall and Morall Historic Historie of the East and West Indies . . . translated . . . by E. G. (rimstone?), wanting two blank leaves (A1 and b4), old calf, upper cover detached (S.T.C., 94).  Sm 4to V.Sims for E. Blount and W. Aspley, 1604.

Lot 324.  Answere (An) made by one of our brethren, a secular priest, now in prison, to a fraudulent Letter of M. George Blackwells (S.T.C., 19830), wanting first and last leaves, both probably blank, wrappers.  (Eliot's Court Press) Newly printed, 1602.


Page 27

Lot 325.  Boyle (R.) Some considerations Touching the usefulnesse of Experimental Naturall Philosophy (Vol. 1), second edition, Fulton's "A" issue (Fulton 51), small hole in text of forth preliminary leaf, title and a few leaves stained, old calf, upper cover detached.  1664.

Lot 326.  Byron (George Anson, Lord) Voyage to the Sandwich Islands, plates, some leaves staned, boards, uncut, 1826; and others, 4to and folio. (24).

Lot 327.  Frezier (A. F.) A Voyage to the South Seas, 37 maps and plates, some leaves slightly stained, contempory calf, upper cover detached.  1717.

Lot 327.  Lafitau (J. F.) Moeurs des Sauvages Ameriquains, 2 vol., plates, title of vol. 2 detached and slightly defective, old calf, two covers missing, Paris, 1724.
- The North Georgia Gazette, and Winter Chronicle (edited by E. Sabine), boards, uncut, 1821 (3).

Lot 329.  Mirror for Magistrates, Edited by William Baldwin, First (Published) Edition, black letter, 82 ll., including the original blank leaf 4, title within architectural woodcut border, slightly cut into at foot, wormholes, mostly small, in inner and lower margins, not affecting text except for the piercing of a very few letters, some leaves slightly water-stained, mostly in upper margins, original flaw in paper of H4 affecting the catchword, otherwise a very good copy, unrestored and unpressed, 17th Century sheepskin, much worn (S.T.C., 1247) sm 4to (178mm. by 132mm.) T. Marshe, 1559.  Very rare; only seven other copies recorded.  The leaves are misnumbered in the same way as in the Carl H. Pforzheimer copy (see frontispiece).

Lot 330. Yarranton (A.) England's Improvement by Sea and Land, 2 vol., First Edition, 13 folding plates only (should be 15), old calf, covers detached; sold no subject to return.  1677-81.

Lot 331.  Verstegan (R.) A Restitution of Decayed Intelligence, old calf, upper cover detached, Antwerp, 1605.
- La Science des Hieroglyphes, plates, old calf, La Haye, J. Van den Kieboom, 1736.
- La Quintinye.  Instructions pour les Jardins Fruiters at Potagers, 2 vol. in 1, plates, old calf, Amst., 1692. (3).



Lot 332.  Bauer (F.) Exotic Plants at Kew, parts II and III only, 20 coloured plates, boards, uncut 1796.

Lot 333.  Blome (R.) Britannia; or, a Geographical Description of the Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland, First Edition, plates of arms and County maps, covers missing; sold as an atlas, not subject to return 1673.

Lot 333A.  Chaucer (G.) Workes (edited by T. Speght and revised by F. Thynne), seventh edition, black letter, wanting the leaf containing the portrait and leaf in sheet Sss, title and several leaves defective, calf; sold not subject to return.  A. Isllip, 1633.

Lot 334. Gerarde (J.) The Berball, enlarged by T. Johnson, wanting title, woodcuts, some leaves stained, old half calf, binding defective; sold not subject to return, 1633.

Lot 335.  Matthiolus (P. A.) Commentarii . . . in libros sex Pedacii Dioscoridis Anazarbei de Medica Materia, woodcuts, much wormed, title repaired, calf.  Venice. 1558.


Page 28

Lot 336.  Montaigne (M. de) The Essayes, translated by Sir John Florio, third edition, engraved title, slightly cut into, some margins badly wormed, boards, binding defective, 1632.
- Bacon ( Sir F.) The Advancement of Learning, Interpreted by G. Watts, engraved title, soiled and slightly defective, old calf, upper cover missing, 1640.
- and two others. (4)

Lot 337.  Ogilby (J.) Britannia: or the Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales, Actually survey'd: with a . . . Description of the Principle Roads, 100 plates, title and following leaf mounted, covers missing; sold as an atlas, not subject to return. 1698.

Lot 338.  Pliny.  The Historie of the World, translated by P. Holland, 2 vol., First Edition, title of vol. 1 mounted, old half calf.  A. Islip, 1601.

Lot 339.  Roscoe (W.) Monandrian Plants of the Order Scitaminae, 112 coloured plates, contemporary morocco, rubbed, back slightly defective.  Liverpool, 1828.

Lot 340.  Valerian (J. P.) Les Hieroglyphiques . . . nouvellement donnez aux Francois par L. de Montlyard, engraved title and wood cuts, contemporary brown morocco, gilt border surrounding a panel containing large corner-pieces, in centre, on a semis of fleurs-de-lys, the Arms of James I, back tooled in horizontal compartments, joints cracked, edges worn and back defective at head, ties missing; sold as a binding, not subject to return (357mm. by 225mm.).  Lyon, 1615.


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