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Alice Angelet Maquire (nee Helsham-Jones) 1886-1953

Born: 1886 and died 1953.
Daughter of: Arthur Helsham-Jones (1841-1919) and Alice Harriette Elizabeth Tooke (18??-19??).
Sister of:
1. Dorothy Mashiter (nee Helsham-Jones, 1875-1959) who married Edward  Mashiter.
2. Margaret Collins (nee Helsham-Jones,1876-1951) who married Ronald Collins.
3. Helen Helsham-Jones (1877-1919).
Alice married: Edward John Maguire (1866-1959).
Alice and Edward had issue:
1. Helen Mary Pugh (nee Maquire, 1925-2005) who married David Pugh (1922-1993).

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