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Miniature portrait of Amelia Marsh nee Cuthbert 1765-1793. 

Painted after the large portrait drawn in pastel by John Russell.


The inscription reads ‘No2. Amelia 1st wife of William Marsh daughter of Arthur Cuthbert 1764 to 1793’.  

The hand writing is that of Anne Marsh Caldwell. 

This miniature portrait of Amelia is a copy taken from the large portrait by John Russell.  We don’t know who painted the miniature but it could be John Russell as he is also known to have painted miniatures.  Dimensions of the outside of the frame are 69mm/58mm x 49mm.

The ‘No2’ in red ink is numbering system applied to a large group of family miniature portraits that are assumed to have belonged to the Miss Marsh-Caldwells at Linley Wood in the late 1800s.  The handwriting on the back looks like that of Anne Marsh Caldwell.  Presumably the Miss Marsh-Caldwell’s gave the majority of the collection away to other relatives before Frederick Crofton Heath-Caldwell took possession of the estate in 1913. 

Only one miniature from this collection is known to have been passed down and remained in the family but sadly it was stolen in 2000.  This was a silhouette portrait of Anne Marsh Caldwell and was numbered 7.

By good luck, a number of the other miniatures have turned up in auctions over the years and so some of this collection has been identified.  Col Hopkins is labelled as No1 and Mary Emma Marsh is No18, so we can assume that there were at least 18 miniatures in the collection and possibly more. 


(Amelia Cuthbert