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Arthur Henry Marsh
 South Africa

Born: 1837 and died 1876.
Son of: George Marsh (1791-1868) and Josephina de Waal (?-1837?), the daughter of Arend de Waal.
Brother of:
1. William Wheeler Marsh (de Marisco) (18??-1896)
2. George Cuthbert Marsh.
3. Anna Josina Bergeron (nee Marsh) who married Charles Bergeron.
4. Egbert Bletterman Marsh (1837-1922).
Half brother of:
5. Joseph?
Arthur married: Johanna Christiana Elizabeth Marsh (nee de Wet).
Arthur and Johanna did not have any children.

Arthur Henry Marsh: An Overview

We know of Arthur from the following sources:
1. A biograhpy written by Greg Marsh, 2004 (see following).

Biography of Arthur Henry Marsh, written by Greg Marsh in 2004.

Arthur was born before 1837, probably at Saldanha Bay. Arthur and his brother Egbert appear in early life to have set themselves up as shopkeepers in Mossel Bay, and became amongst the first traders to advertise in the newly established Mossel Bay Advertiser, which still exists today. They are cited in this newspaper as being amongst the first individuals to have licences to trade in the town. The 1871 list has A. Marsh in Mossel Bay itself and E. Marsh in "Vogel Valley".

Arthur seemed to enjoy advertising on the front page of the paper. One of his many advertisements appears in the 14th February 1871 issue, and is typical of his marketing style. It reads as follows:

The Undersigned has now replenished his Retail Store with a direct Shipment of Goods from England, per steamer Dane, consisting of: Woollens, Habedashery, Millinery, Cottons, Hosiery, Fancy Jewellery, Toys, etc.
The above have been selected by a firm of old standing in the Cape Trade, well acquainted with its requirements and will no doubt give satisfaction to purchasers, as they will be sold with the smallest remunerative profit.

Arthur died in 1876 at Mossel Bay and left everything in trust to his widow, Johanna Christiana Elizabeth Marsh (born de Wet and whom he had married only 3 years earlier), on condition that upon his death everything should go to his brothers and sisters. Johanna died in 1911 at her residence at 3 Constantia Road aged 77.  Her relatives disputed Arthur's original will and Egbert and Joseph (his half brother), who at that stage was working for De Beers in Kimberley, took the matter to the Supreme Court where judgement was granted in their favour.


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