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Miniature Portrait of Two Young Girls. Assumed to be daughters of Anne Marsh Caldwell

Square miniature of two young girls dressed in matching blue and green tartan dresses.  They have blue eyes.  The miniature is in a red case with the initials MC on the outside.  The painting is on ivory and has been well executed but there is some large spots presumably caused by water damage.  A possible date would be mid 1820s as I am told that the skirts of the dresses are not really full enough for the mid 1830s and the waists are too high. If it is 1835 the dresses are quite old-fashioned in cut.  The tartan indicates a link with Scotland and the Caldwell family came from Scotland.  The remains of the artist's signature can just be made out and appears to say G Conjugi R???. Could be Italian or it could be the latin word conjugi which means married or made?  The sitters would be two of the daughters of Anne Marsh Caldwell possibly the eldest Elizabeth Louisa Marsh and Frances Mary Marsh.  Their faces are certainly similar to Anne's daughters and her grandfather was Scottish.  The initials MC on the outside of the case would be for Marsh Caldwell.

If anyone out on the internet can tell me who the painter was I would be very pleased to hear from you.

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