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Diary of Anne Marsh Caldwell (1791-1874) for 1843 to 1850


Proceedings at Eastbury Farm

24th August 1843, Thursday

The day wet and lowering, the wheat is not cut, at least only a very small part yesterday. The evening proving fine they have gone on reaping. The men are inclined to think the grain not dry enough, the ear is in most case brown, in some with a tint of green, the stem towards the top slightly tinted with green, the grain not hard but not milky, to remark whether any injury arises from cutting in this state.


In the garden I have cut my apple and pear trees according to the (perch?) directions, shortening each this years shoot one half, observe the effect. Gooseberries I have cut this month being told that will prevent the growth of white wood consequent upon other cutting, observe it his be so.


Proceedings at Eastbury, Natural History.

25th August 1843, Friday

Today the dairy went into the Upper Marlins and Hay Meadow which are to be shut up for hay pastures, were eaten so bare last winter and in the spring that as late as June it appeared portentously upon Upper Marlins that there would be nothing on them, they have been shut up for two months and are now covered with clover and good hedge.

(Upper Marlins, field at Eastbury estate)


26th August 1843, Saturday

Day very fine, one man cutting wheat.


27th August 1843, Sunday

Day fine


28th August 1843, Monday

Showery and dull, two men cutting wheat, one lawns. Mr Marsh and Georgina went.


29th August 1843, Tuesday

Morning cloudy. Afternoon very rainy. Men cutting wheat and lawns in the morning. 


18th November, The wheat proves very good. (line added in)


4th December 1843, Sunday

Weather open and fine. All the cattle still out. Dairy in Paddock, other cattle and sheep in the hay meadows. Not well, at home all day.


1843, August 5th

Hay Cumberland Market

Course 80 to 90

Useful 92 to 98

Fine 98 to 113


1844 Notes Dec 3rd H 81833

C & B N 300 for £500. N.  4475 £100

To be looked after June 1st. 




8th April 1844

Coming from Church saw the first violet. Elm buds beginning to green. Hour(?) on the ground early in morning. 

Dairy in Paddock with 35 sheep. Dry in 1st Frith (paddock on Eastbury estate). 15 sheep in Great Bush, Ewes and lambs in Little Culvers. Martin called on the Pells.

(Great Bush, field on Eastbury estate)


8th April 1844,  Monday

Mr Slack called. Martin plays cricket with the Pells.  


9th April 1844, Tuesday

The Pells and Maria Milman dancing in the evening. 


28th April 1844, Monday

The Dairy turned out in Culvers, they have been for the last week on the green. The dry were put into Paddock, the 21st and the 2 friths shut up. Mr Marsh and Georgina are now with us, they come last Saturday. Elms out, Oaks, some out not colouring. The Back field where sheep were has been shut up about ten days.

(Culver Meadow, field on Eastbury estate, Friths, fields closest the house)



6th January 

Agreed with White that he is only to charge ½ a days work  for mending the shutter in the bedroom down stairs.



8th February 1845

In London with George to see Mr (Heath?), called at Miss Morrisons, lunched in Brook Street, Emily H(olland?) at Eastbury.


9th February 1845, Sunday

Did not go to Church, les servants arrives.


10th February 1845, Monday

Gave Hatcher warning.




12th February 1845, Wednesday

To London with George to Mr (Shute, Thute?) meeting and consultation at Dr Hollands. Saw model of Waterloo Conference, with Mr Chapman on shortening Part 3rd.


13th February 1845, Thursday

Busy at Proofs all day, J'ai perd a H & al. Sunday morning luncheon Jacques Cocher.


14th February 1845, Friday

Emily went


15th February 1845, Saturday

To Pinner Grove, Georgey staid there, Arthur a parle  a Cocher sa justification assurance tolernnel de  son insouciance, Paid off the Laundry Maid, j'ai cefe de purve du vin.


16th February 1845, Sunday

To speak to the Fletchers, then to Church and walked with ACM (Arthur Cuthbert Marsh) over farm, Louisa read evening prayers to the servants.


17th February 1845, Monday

To the Bany(?) to enquire after coachman. James discharged. Called upon Mrs Fellowes. Mrs Soames, Lady Pell. 


18th February 1845, Tuesday

At home.


19th February 1845, Wednesday

Arthur to town, Susan Woodward came. Georgey,  Pad put on a worn for a few hours.  Sent in last Proof of 3rd Part Mt Sorel.


20th February 1845, Thursday

To call at Twekeley and at Mrs Packer (Paske?) Lothman. Louisa takes new medicine for sore throat.


21st February 1845, Friday

To London to see Mr Scott, George, Mr Marsh, Georgey Nelson, to Stockdens, bought Drapes for back hall. To Mrs Pigotts. Scotts opinion to leave the Comp to itself, the pad was taken off this morning, not to be put on again. Met Mr Soames going and coming.


22nd February 1845, Saturday

At home, discharged James, paid him off and his wife, did not go out.


23rd February 1845, Sunday

Read prayers for Arthur in the evening. Walk on woods with Georgey, A [Georgina Amelia Marsh] in morning, planned day of --. And a sort of lemon made up out of Baxter, a spoonful of wine I took today. I shall mention when I take wine, when I do not mention I take none, Posy in bed all day.


24th February 1845, Monday

Landry whitewashing. Louisa in bed with calomel for her cough. Louisa no thirst but poorly.  Put in order Henry 4th, had a volume of crimes celebres Ceres Burothers Marquise de Goyes and part of a revoir of  Muchelot or Relyer in La more(?)


25th February 1845, Tuesday

Settled accounts and took an estimate of percentage and income with Arthur. New! Wrote Martin, Man about Coachman's place.


26th February 1845, Wednesday

Arthur to town. Walk over garden, employed in writing out Corn Law Letter, a little spoonful wine. 


27th February 1845, Thursday

Walk over farm, duck house planned. Saw Joseph Turner for Coachman's place. Paid Hudson's bill for farm and Horse (plumbing?) £7.13. Paid a bill from Kennedy for 1/6 interest, a little spoonful of wine, carriage with Georgey to Watford. Lady Milman called.


28th February 1845, Friday

Finish Corn Law letter. 


1st March 1845, Saturday

To farm to take accounts, looking over Henry IVth. Went on a (bitille?) with Rachel.


2nd March 1845, Sunday

Girls to Church in afternoon. Read Wesley. Walk about farm.


3rd March 1845, Monday 

Rain in the morning. Cold frost at night. Settled accounts, wrote to Martin, took estimate of Farm, encouraging. ½ a glass of wine. Did not go out.


4th March 1845, Tuesday 

Began Henry IVth, with Louisa. Snow.


5th March 1845, Wednesday

Mr Carr called, had some singing. Hard frost and snow. Joseph Turner came.


6th March 1845, Thursday

To Watford, paid Reeves and Rogers, returned Mrs Mill's visit, snow. Set David to Shrubbery walk.


7th March 1845, Friday

Down to farm, settled accounts, ordered Woodon to be discharged. Called on Mrs Turner, coachman's wife.


8th March 1845, Saturday


9th March 1845, Sunday

Did not go to church, fine day.


10th March 1845, Monday

With Mr Marsh and Georgina and Georgey to town to see Mr Scott at Mrs Ogles, pronounced it a tumour, to Mrs Pigotts, and home in a Fly. Snow.




12th March 1845, Wednesday

Martin came home from Oxford


13th March 1845, Thursday

To Lutton Hoo to Lord Bates sale. Dreadful cold.


14th March 1845, Friday

Walk with Martin about farm.


15th March 1845, Saturday

To Watford with Adelaide to Madame (Oury, Gray?), called upon Lady Capel, Mrs Clutterbuck, Mrs Capel, Saint, the workerwoman and home by Bading North. Martin to Putney to see Oxford and Cambridge boat race. Very cold frosty wind.


16th March 1845, Sunday

Girls to Church. Staid at home, heavy snow. Lady Pell came. 


17th March 1845, Monday

Heavy snow. Read with Martin two hours, settled accounts, dispatch Coachman to go to 

Minir for Miss (John Lakes?), saw girl for kitchen maids place, to farm, 3rd goose set 5 little chickens hatch last week. May Flower calved her self Dec. 1843, brought forth a calf yesterday, it is reckoned very wonderful. She has not milk enough to support it but has some sent in. Last proof of Mt.Sorel [Mount Sorel or The Heiress of the De Veres, published 1845].


18th March 1845, Tuesday

Read with Martin, he dined at Mr Fellowes, sent for things from Luton, walked over to Pinner Hill to look at things for sale. 

(insert) Wine every day after this till (much?) year.


19th March 1845, Wednesday

At Pinner Hill sale.


20th March 1845, Thursday

At Pinner Hill sale.


21st March 1845, Friday

To Church, Mr Slack came 


22nd March 1845, Saturday

Mr Slack and Posy to sale, wine.


23rd March 1845, Sunday

Could not go to Church. Martin to Clever. Wine. 


24th March 1845, Monday

Foster and Martin, things from sale. (Walridge?) Ball. 


25th March 1845, Tuesday 

Foster did not come. At home all day, much wind. Took a glass of port wine.


27th March 1845, Thursday

Foster came after we had dined. Prayers to the evening.


28th March 1845, Friday

Foster went. Mrs Whittingstall called. Wine. (Edmund F Whittingstall of  Langleybury, Watford, Brewer)


29th March 1845, Saturday

To Putney Park. Fine day. Wrightsons, Mrs Jenner son and daughter, Prardi, Sir G Larpent, wine. 


30th March 1845, Sunday

At Putney Park, to Church, to call upon Mrs Booth, Mrs Pigot to dinner. Wine.


31st March 1845, Monday

Home. Arthur called upon Dr Vaughan. Turner's daughter got the washing. 


1st April 1845, Tuesday 

At home. Arthur to Watford about overseership. To farm, settled boar to be killed, settled accounts, wrote Eliza, read with Martin. Wine.


2nd April 1845, Wednesday

At home. Arthur to London. Louisa and Georgey to call at the Grove. Went with Martin to place the Martin in the tree, to farm. The Paddock has been shut up about five days




4th April 1845, Friday

Arthur to Messrs C & H. Began to think of (torstation?) 


5th April 1845, Saturday

To Watford to take Ady to her lesson, called at Marden, at Edge Grove, dined at Mrs Clutterbucks.


6th April 1845, Sunday

To Church, long walk over farm with Arthur. Hot sun and cold wind, the weather at present.




8th April 1845, Tuesday

To London to Miss Taylors about cooks and maids. Dined at Miss Morrisons, called on Mrs Holland, not at home. Took Martin on his way to Oxford.


9th April 1845, Wednesday



10th April 1845, Thursday

Dined at the Whittingstalls. General and Captain Shearer, Mr and Mrs Dickenson, Miss  Grovers, Miss Dulman, Mr H Mountain,  Mr Berg and another clergyman. Rain and snow.

(Grover - Henry Montague Grover of Watford, born 1791, author of Anne Boleyn, a Tragedy.)?




12th April 1845, Saturday

Called upon Mrs Shorer at Rickmansworth, on Mrs Chester, not at home. Took Ady (Adelaide) to music lesson, went in, Lady Capel at home. Heard two excellent duets. Rain and cold.


13th April 1845, Sunday

Did not go to Church, others did, at home all day. Rain. Reading Worley's life.


14th April 1845, Monday

With Louisa employed on Henry IVth, wrote Martin, Sir N Mar-g Lady Pilkington. Very wet £.


15th April 1845, Tuesday

Wet and cold. Wrote Eliza and finish Henry 4th. Mr King called and promised a box for mortor.


16th April 1845, Wednesday

Expected Colonels Robins and Eden promised to come but did not. Arthur to town. Raining morning, finer afternoon. Six first lambs last week and up to today, very backward Spring. Cold North wind.


A blank in my diary


17th, 18th, 19th April 1845, Lady Capel and Madame (Oary) came to luncheon. Began to write my preliminary (respects??) Robespierre out of --. Louise to town to see Mrs Eden.


20th April 1845, Sunday

This week hot and dry.


21st April 1845, Monday

Several ill of the influenza. Engaged with my translation. Went out in the evening to Bushy, about lovely views.(?). This day or next.


22nd April 1845, Tuesday 

General and Mrs Sherer called I thing, Hot and dry.


23rd April 1845, Wednesday

Sir William and Lady Milman. Am not sure of any of these days. (Monn?) Milman the day here. Mrs Clutterbuck, her brother and two little girls called.


24th April 1845, Thursday

M. Tillet ill of influenza. Writing translation, called upon the Lakes. Mrs Clutterbuck, called to day or next.


25th April 1845, Friday

Ill in bed myself. Rain but bitter cold. 


26th April 1845, Saturday

In bed half the day. Rainy.


27th April 1845, Sunday

In the house all day. Rainy.


28th April 1845, Monday

Lakes called. M and A to Mr Parke (Pache?) Rainy.


29th April 1845, Tuesday

Posy and Adelaide to St. James Church to be confirmed. Too weak to go with them. Arthur and Fanny went.






2nd May 1845, Friday

Finished rough translation.


3rd May 1845, Saturday

To London to see a (book, list?). Called on Miss Morrisons. Mrs Barnardiston, Mrs Holland. Madame Onry(?) at Eastbury.


4th May 1845,  Sunday

Sir Hyde Parker spent the day, walk over farm.


5th May 1845, Monday

At home. Tax gatherers come. At corrections. With Georgey and Louisa.


6th May 1845, Tuesday

To London to Brook Street. Settled with Cook. Shopping to Tenns & Lewis, Audly House, Gay Shoemaker, Captain Owen Stanley and Mr Wynn (hin) Smith to diner. To a Ball at Putney Park.


7th May 1845, Wednesday

Called on Lady Alderson, Lady Capel, Mrs Barnardiston. To Exhibition, drink tea with the Wheelers.


8th May 1845, Thursday

Called on Lady Alderman, Lady Page Turner,  next Mrs Charles Holland and Mr Losey fine I permit spanish pictures. Booth, Large family dinner at Miss Morrisons, James Morrison, Lady Downman, M Pigott etc Adelaide, Creeds.


9th May 1845, Friday

With Adelaide to Lady Capel. At Barnardiston's, to French play. Too tired to go out calling.


10th May 1845, Saturday

To Levin's to pay bills, to Hardy's with Adelaide, to Mrs Pigotts and home by railway.


11th May 1845, Sunday

To Norwood Chapel with my two young darlings M and Adelaide, to their first Sacrament.


12th May 1845, Monday

At home, settled accounts, went to buy things for tomorrow at Watford.


13th May 1845 Tuesday

Mrs Holland and her little girls came.


14th May 1845, Wednesday

Mrs Holland here, Mr Wood called. At corrections. Finish it with Louisa, I think this was the 15th The new book came.


15th May 1845, Thursday

Mrs Holland went taking Posy and Adelaide.


16th May 1845, Friday

Adelaide came back with her papa, went to Watford, to shops and met them at Bushey 

(Bushey - Clutterbuck residence?).


17th May 1845, Saturday

Mr, Mrs and Louisa Barnardiston, Miss (Lizzy?) Pell. Mr Pigott, the Barnardistons away at night.


18th May 1845, Sunday

Did not go to Church. Girls to Norwood, at Pinner.


19th May 1945, Monday

Ill with over-working, lay in bed till one. Then to London to Mrs Booths with Fanny and Mary. Concert at Mrs Vincent Thompsons.


20th May 1845, Tuesday

Called on Mrs Answorth, Mrs Tower, Mrs Vincent Thompson, in the evening to Mrs Daniel (Grevills, Goulds) party.


21st May 1845, Wednesday

To Gower Street to see Madame Ismordi and F. Allen. Called on Dr Alderman, Mrs Crompton.


22nd May 1845, Thursday

To see Statue of Lord Bryon and Exhibition opening. Called on Lady Heywood, Lady Coltman. Evening at Opera, Don Giovanni.


23rd May 1845, Friday

Millanolls and to Stores shop, called on Mrs Annerley. Party at home, Mrs and Miss Carter, Mr and Mrs D.G. Mr Richard Cecil etc. To Miss Duckworth in the evening.. Arthur came.


24th May 1845, Saturday

To Mrs Bindley and Brooks Street. Mary home with Arthur. Dined at Mrs Peter Heywoods, with Fanny and home.


25th May 1845, Sunday

Did not go to Church






28th May 1845, Wednesday

Began (Linoleum, Luncheon?) Sent in le Docteur Nore, Mrs Crompton and two children.


29th May 1845, Thursday

To Mrs A. J. Thompsons fairy ball with Louisa and Mary. Introduced to Sir Edward Bulwer. 


30th May 1845, Friday

Going on with Everard. Either this or yesterday it was, this day being tired employed cutting a walk in the wood. 


31st May 1845, Saturday

To a Matinee Memoriale at Madame Belville Oary's, the Duke of Cambridge there. Duke of Hamilton and Lord Brougham, introduced to Mrs Liddel, Lord  (--worth's) eldest son's wife. On account of Marchford, called in Brooks Street and came home.


1st April 1845, Sunday

Did not go to Church, Cows in great backfield, walked out all day.


2nd April 1845, Monday

At Everard, new story


3rd April 1845, Tuesday

At Do. And to Watford to shop, called upon Miss Capel. 


4th April 1845, Wednesday

My loved Martin came home, a Jackson fellowship given to him last night by the Warden.


5th April 1845, Thursday

Walked about the farm with Martin


6th April 1845, Friday

Called on the Fowlers at Sir W Milmans


7th April 1845, Saturday

Walk with Martin, called upon the Morgans (Mayars?) 


8th April 1845, Sunday

To Church, Missionary sermon. In the evening walk with Arthur and Martin. Finish 2nd Chapter St Molsten(?) with marginal readings. Read a little of Wesleys journal.

(6 lines of French)


9th April 1845, Monday

Bryon to read again with Martin. Walk with Arthur over farm, Louisa with us.


10th April 1845, Tuesday

Martin bought the sheep. Arthur to (Marsbrook?) to dine and stay all night. Martin and I read, began Morgan. In the wood cutting walks together afterwards.




12th April 1845, Thursday

Called upon Mrs Pearce, brought Sir Hyde Parker home for a couple of hours, took him to Watford after dinner. 


13th April 1845, Friday

Children to dine and dance at Captain Maynes, walk over farm with Louisa, Chambers weeding.




15th April 1845, Sunday

To Church


16th April 1845, Monday

Henry Holland came.


17th April 1845, Tuesday

To dinner Sir W and Lady Milman,  Mr Fowler, (Minn?) Captain and Mrs, Mr Mayne, Miss Talyor to dinner, other Maynes to tea.


18th April 1845, Wednesday

Harry and Martin to town. Louisa, Posy and I to town, party Lady Adlermans. Young Lady Gifford, Mr and Mrs Barron Larpent, Lady G.


19th April 1845, Thursday

To call upon Miss Morrisons, Mrs Tower, Mrs Bines, Mrs White, to British Gallery with Martin. Emily and Harry (Henry?). Drank tea in Brooks Street, Miss Starbey.


20th April 1845, Friday

Called on Lady Gifford. Shopped, drank tea at Lady Aldersons (Morpabest?) Mr Nases and home at night with Posy.


21st April 1845, Saturday

Louisa and Martin and Arthur came but they dined at Miss Morrisons yesterday. Jane Gifford.


22nd April 1845, Sunday

To Church.


23rd April 1845, Monday

Expected Mrs and Mrs E Holland, they did not come. Caroline Gifford. 


24th April 1845, Tuesday

With Jane, Caroline and Fanny to call upon the Hibberts (Munden House, Watford, residence of Hon A.H. Holland Hibbert?)(, Mrs Pearce and Mrs Capel called.




26th April 1845, Thursday

Girls to Pinner


29th April 1845, Saturday

Expected to go to Lady Cayleys but it rained so much that we could not.


30th April 1845, Sunday

To Church. 


31st April 1845,  

Lady Gifford came.


1st July 1845, 

With Louisa, Georgey and Martin to Mr (Green's?). Ball, slept in York Gate. 


2nd July 1845,

Called upon Aunt Di, at Mrs Clarkes, called in Brooks Street.


3rd July 1845, Thursday

The Harrow speeches.  Bishop of Norwich, Mr, Mrs and Miss Capel. Mr and Mrs Roscoe, Mr Allen. Mr and Mrs (King?) dined.


4th July 1845, Friday

It rained.


5th July 1845, Saturday

Mr and Mrs Whittingstall, Miss Lewin, Mr, Mrs, Mr W Fellowes, Mr and Mrs Tape to dinner, expected the Hollands, they did not come.


6th July 1845, Sunday

Part to Church, did not go. Evening with Diana, Mr and Mrs Wedgewood.


7th July 1845, Monday

Madame Oury's concert. Lady Capel, Mrs Liddel, Mr Fitzherbert. 


8th July 1845, Tuesday

Party at the Huttons with June and Carry, Georgey, Fanny, Mary. Mr Bagesloweby, Mr (Hurnben?) Dr Latham, Mr Austen. Introduced to.


9th July 1845, Wednesday

Mr Butler Johnstone called. 


10th July 1845, Thursday

Martin to Mr (Garth's?) Amelia and Willy.


11th July 1845, Friday

Louisa, June and Carry to Mrs Dayleys Stewarts. 


12th July 1845, Saturday

Georgey and Mr Marsh come. MacIntosh come.


13th July 1845, Sunday

June and Carry come back. 


14th July 1845, Monday

Lady Gifford, girls, Marsh went.


15th July 1845, Tuesday

With Mary to town to see Mr Munro's collection of pictures. Madonna Della Candelabra. Marillo St. Francis, Andrea del Sarts, dead Christ, to call on Lady Gifford at Mr Swintons, in Brook Street, suspecting termination of interview with Mr Chapman.


16th July 1845, Wednesday

Dined with Perries at (Morpet, Russel?) farm.




18th July 1845, Friday

Martin came home.


19th July 1845, Saturday

With Mr Marsh and Georgey and George to Mr Listons. To St. George's Hospital.


20th July 1845, Sunday

To Church


21st July 1845, Monday

Called on Mrs Edward Capel with Mr Marsh and Louisa 


22nd July 1845, Tuesday

Dined at the Capels. Ball at Mr Miles's 


23rd July 1845, Wednesday

Amelia went.




25th July 1845, Friday

Graham to luncheon.


2nd August 1845, Saturday

Martin, Louisa, Adelaide and I went to Boulogne. We reached Folkstone that night but could not cross, the weather was so bad.


3rd August 1845, Sunday

We crossed, had a terrible passage, went first to the Marino Hotel, finally settled at the Hotel du Paulion looking upon the sea. Agreed for sitting room 5francs, bed rooms 2francs each but they made me afterwards pay more  Dinner table h'hote 3francs in our apartment 4francs, breakfast with only Georgey 2francs, tea 1franc 5sous


12 August 1845

Began Emelia [Emilia Wyndham. 1846]


9th November 1845, Sunday

(M Nune?) and Mary here,  Arthur and Louisa at Wilberton. William Roscoe came last night.


10th November 1845, Monday

William went. Paid of Dovers, Baillie carpenter at work a p--. 


11th November 1845, Tuesday

Woman came to work at doing worn curtains, w rote at Darcy.


12th November 1845, Wednesday

Man to mend our gold - in dining room. Georgey and R at Melford(?), Louisa at Wilberton. Emily H and Blanche Lyon here.


1st December 1845, Monday

At Nascot to see Mr Clutterbuck's farm. He out, walked over it with Mrs Clutterbuck. 


2nd December 1845, Tuesday

At Darcy


3rd December 1845, Wednesday

At Darcy, Emily and Blanche went.


4th December 1845, Thursday

Mr Parke and Mr Wood called, Mr P to buy carrots. P


5th December 1845, Friday

Darcy. Proofs (earlier, conlen?) sent in.


6th December 1845, Saturday

Holiday to farm, and Wood planting larches out.


7th December 1845, Sunday

To Church. Last of Ed Tales sent in.


8th December 1845, Monday

To Nascot, walked with Mr Clutterbuck over his farm. 


20th December 1845

Set out with Arthur for Melford, called in Tonington Square. Received letters on Corn Law back. By train to Chelmsford, by roads continued to Melford. Found my dearest Georgey and Posy there looking very well. Party at dinner, Mrs Barnardiston, Colonel Eyres, Mr Barker in house, Colonel and Mrs Eden, Mrs Eyres and Mr John Parker.

(Melford Hall, Sudbury, residence of Sir Hyde Parker)


21st December 1845, Sunday

Did not go to Church on account of my cold. Mr Parker and Mr (Tower?) came in the night.


22nd December 1845, Monday

Very bad day, played at Marseilles in the evening.


23rd December 1845, Tuesday

Marsellies in the evening.


24th December 1845, Wednesday

Arthur went to Cheltenham to his father who was worse. Sir Hyde to Bay. Anti-League meeting. Georgey and I walked to Hartvale (Kentvale?)


25th December 1845, Thursday

Christmas day, all the Church but Mrs Eden and me, cold too bad. Proofs of Emilia [Emilia Wyndham.]. 


26th December 1845, Friday

Tennants Ball, 104 people, about half farmers families, dined in the large dining room, saloon open. After all gone the dined till 8 in the morning in hall.

(two lines illegible - guest names.)


27th December 1845, Saturday

Mr John Parker went.


28th December 1845, Sunday

Sir Hyde (Parker) went.


29th December 1845, Monday

Proofs Emilia. With Mrs Eyres to the Nyes to call upon Mr Eyres, C.Eyres. 


30th December 1845, Tuesday

C. Eyres and Mr Pooleys called.


31st December 1845, Wednesday

Ball at the Eyres




1st January 1846, Thursday

At home resting, Posy poorly.


2nd January 1846, Friday

Set off with Georgey for Eastborough, find that poor Mr Marsh had terminated his life at about two o'clock on the morning of the 1st. All at home with Arthur.


3rd January 1846, Saturday

Louisa and Martin to London to buy mourning. Arthur returned.


4th January 1846, Sunday

A miserable Sunday


5th January 1846, Monday

Arthur to town.


6th January 1846, Tuesday

All quiet at home.


1st February 1846

All at home, Martin at Oxford. All George went to school yesterday. Jan 31st to Messrs Stoton and Mayer at Wimbledon. All to Church but Louisa, Arthur and myself. W Roscoe here, great debates about the Corn Laws.


2nd February 1846

Wrote my Romance. Most (tecs?) with Louisa. 

(Wrote letter to Martin Marsh in response to his journal letter) 


3rd February 1846

Settled accounts with Arthur and Fanny X.


4th February 1846

Arthur to town, wrote Romance. Went town with Mary and called upon Mrs Milman, found Lady Milman returned. Arthur from town with Myer Albs, MR F. (remember, removed?)  whisper it is said, paid 10,000 not to appear.


11th February 1846, Friday

Clarke discharged today


12th February 1846, Saturday

Drove to town in carriage with Posy, spoke to Mrs Clarke, discussed B(onds?) -


13th February 1846, Sunday

To Church, met Clarkes and Mrs Capels etc at door.


15th February 1846, Monday

Town with Posy, Mr Stone, called on Mr Eden, Lady Pell, Miss Morrison, Mrs Wheeler, Post. Colonel E at Eastborough.


The Clarkes of Twikerleys called.




18th February 1846

Over farm and marking trees with Louisa. Arthur to town.


19th February 1846

Settled accounts with Arthur, walk on farm with him afterwards 1st lambs.


20th February 1846

Arthur to town, Posy and I (mark) wood, Georgey to (Corkingial?), Emily come.


21st February 1846

ACM (Arthur Cuthbert Marsh) to town.


22nd February 1846

Carriage to Church, did not go. 


23rd February 1846

Mrs Clutterbuck called, went with her to call upon Mrs Lake. 

(wrote letter to Martin Marsh) 


24th February 1846

Marking trees in wood with Louisa


25th February 1846

ACM to town. Sir Robert Sale (Gale?) killed, went to enquire after Mrs Harrison.


27th February 1846

To town with Mary and Louisa, to dine with Miss Morrison, called upon Louisa Holland, Mrs Wheeler, Mrs Booth, much talk of Corn Laws. Colonel Shee dined in C Place, left Louisa at Lady Pells.


28th February 1846

Nursing Posy for (oppression?) very bad.


1st March 1846

Carriage to Church, did not go. Sir Hyde Paker, Posy come.


(newspaper article inserted in diary. Top missing. 

-and barley sowing have progressed rapidly, and have gone in as well as could be wished. The observations which I have to make upon the present appearance of the wheat crop are favourable. Complaints from some quarters of a deficiency of  plant from the ravages of the slug on clover-ley wheats, but I  hope not to any great extents. On cold clay land, where not well drained, the plant is injured from excess of water, and where not perished exhibits a weak and sickley appearance. I do not remember ever seeing the crop more healthy on the best loam and light soils, and from the bright sunny days we have lately had in grows fast; yet some crops on strong land are surface-bound by the sharp east wind. After the heavy falls of rain the ground is hard and crusty, but the horse-hoe will remedy this if the crop be drilled, as the at useful implement may now be worked to the greatest advantage. Upon the whole, I believe I may say as to this country, the wheat crop shows well for the season and much better than if frequently does at this time of the year. Beans have grown but sluggishly, from the frosty nights and cold east wind, but where up they look strong and healthy; barley and oats come well but do not make much progress from the same cause. Grass grows very slowly; hot days and frosty nights being any thing but favourable to vegetation. We have very little keep in the pastures, and the hay-stacks have a heavy run upon them, and it is well where they hold out; hay is dear from 4l. 10s. to 5l. per ton. It is excellent weather for working the fallows, and they are generally in a forward state, and in excellent order to receive pototoes, cabbage, mangold, carrots, &c., though not much of these vegetables are yet sown, but in a short time will all be in the ground, when we may hope for a few April showers to cause them to vegetate quickly. In regard to agricultural prospects generally I never had occasion to use such a desponding tone as at the present moment. The changes proposed by Government in the corn-law, coupled with the alterations in the tariff, and which are fast approaching to consummation, are of the most alarming character. When the supporters of Sir Robert Peel were carried to Parliament on the shoulders of the farmers, by the advice and  desire of their landlords, little did they expect such disastrous measures would have been introduced by the Premier, and supported by a large majority of the House of Commons. They supposed they had a sufficient guarantee that their interests would be protected when the "farmer's friend," the Duke of Buckingham, was one of the cabinet. This flimsy veil was withdrawn as soon as the purpose was served; the noble Duke only appears to be used as a decoy by the wily Premier to


Other side of newspaper - generally allowed; the nearer the butter can be  made of the consistency of wax, the longer it will keep it flavour; and as it is not so easily acted upon by the atmospheric air, it will retain less salt or brine, being divested more effectually of the buttermilk, consequently will be less disposed to acidity.

Continues about 30 lines.


2nd March 1846

Sir Hyde Parker went to town with Posy to Dr Hollands. Lucy N. To Lady Pells, left Louisa at Lady Pells, went up and saw Louisa


3rd March 1846

In wood with Shelling marking trees. Posy watchings began


4th Marcy 1846

Posy very ill


5th March 1846

Began effect one for Posy.


6th March 1846

Posy a drive out in wood. Lady and Mrs Capel called 



7th March 1846

Posy drive down, back  with Georgey tea and -


8th March 1846

Carriage to Church, did not go. Nursing Posy. Lees to farm.


9th March 1846

Dine with Mr and Mrs Milner, Gaskell and Lord Morpeth.

(wrote letter to Martin Marsh) 


11th June 1846, Thursday

Left Eastbury with Posy, Fanny and Mary Clarke for Ryde. Wrote before I set off to Mr Bentley to tell him that we had perhaps been two hasty in settling the business and that I must have a few matters arranged before the agreement was signed, but that one thing I kept my self bound to if he had the history he was to have a novel, but all this must be subject to arrangements with Messrs Chapman and Hill to whom I shall give the preference as I expressly told Mr Bentley it was my desire to do. We went to Richmond in the carriage and had a few charming hours at the (Store?) and garden which was so comfortable and so beautiful that it was like Paradise.

(agreement 6th August 1846. "History of the Reformation in France.")


12th June 1846, Friday

At ¼ to 9 we set off in the carriage to Kingston, a lovely ride and a sweet morning, then took the rail to Gosport where we dined and then crossed to Ryde which appears to me so beautiful a place that this Island must be lovely indeed when that is called ugly. I took two flys for which I paid 9/- and 2/-, the men to carry us and our luggage to Sea View which disappointed me in all ways. In the evening heard the band on board two Russian vessels come with the Arch Duke over the water and the evening gun booming was very fine.


13th June 1846, Saturday

Went and sat upon the shore and read Asiosto with Posy. In the evening again under the woods and working.


14th June 1846, Sunday

Took a car with Fanny and Mrs Walford to St. Helen's Church. In the evening with Fanny and Posy a drive through this beautifully wooded country by Westbridge and round by opposite Bembridge home.


15th June 1846, Monday

In Mr Walfords yacht to nearly opposite the Culvers.

(wrote letter to Martin Marsh, regarding being on Isle of Wight for Posy to recuperate. Wanting to see Martin before he goes to Europe.)


16th June 1846, Tuesday 

In Mr Walford's yacht to see the Russian Squadron go out. 174 a frigate and a corvette, magnificent effect of the ships as seen in full sail from the water, got very near and saw the Russian sailors clustering in the yards. Look pale and ill. Excellent management of their ships, very securely (berth?) even with a boats even the coxswain carries his end of rope, ships they say heavily built, so perhaps they look, but the magnificent ships in full sail (looking?) grand to continue, Posy and I to sit in pit, Fanny - (not visible in photo of page)


List of plants found on the Isle of Wight. Iris toclida? Hady's Germanica? Auninia Peplarslis? Chlora Perfoliata. Those with a ? are new to me and therefore doubtful as to their names.


17th June 1846, Wednesday

In the morning to Ryde with Fanny


18th June 1846, Thursday

TO fish and as far as to look into Sandown Bay. Mr de Berg joined the party. 


19th June 1846, Friday

With Mr and Mrs Walford and Mr de Berg in the yacht to Portsmouth. Saw the harbour full of noble ships in ordinary light beautiful yachts and went on board the Victory, saw the wonderful black machinery, and the (wine, vian?) transferring(?) with some difficulty got aboard the yacht in time and had a delightful sail home.  Mr Beard 1,000 a year while engaged in setting up black machinery and 20,000 after.



20th June 1846, Saturday

Mr de Berg drove us to (Thorhton) the drive is beautiful and the place would be a good one for a warm sun bathing place or winter refuge. George come.


21st June 1846, Sunday

To Church, and on the sands. The Dundonalds are here. Mr de Berg took leave.


22nd June 1846, Monday

Lady Dundonald called in the evening, out with her and Lord Dundonald in a yawl, sprit broke and struck her down de corps (ojure?) on the head rending her almost insensible, but from this (grievous?) blow no after harm that I heard of arose, it was cloudy and blowy, the very hot weather breaking up with a thunder storm.


23rd June 1846, Tuesday

Mr Walford took us in his yacht to see East and West Cowes, we did not land. 


24th June 1846, Wednesday

Call on Lady Dundonald


25th June 1846, Thursday

At home all day expecting Martin. Walk in the park, Lady Dundonald.


26th June 1846, Friday

Martin came to breakfast, Mr Walford took us to Ryde, bad day. Posy, Martin and I stopped in Ryde and came home by land.


27th June 1846, Saturday

Martin and George went. Lady Dundonald gave me a letter for Martin for Greece from Lord Dundonald to Mr Masson. In the evening with Lady Dundonald to Shanklin party.


28th June 1846, Sunday

To Church with Mrs Walford. The rest of the day with the Dundonalds. Lord Dundonald came and sat with us in the evening. Very agreeable.


29th June 1846, Monday

Home by Gosport. Tea at (Rickmansworth?) Gifford girls at Eastbury.


30th June 1846, Tuesday

Busy setting things to rights


31st June 1846, Wednesday



1st July 1846, Thursday

To Harrow, speeches the only new facts to me worth remarking, Sir Robert Inglis.


2nd July 1846, Friday

Clutterbucks called.


3rd July 1846, Saturday

Called at Langley (Langleybury of the Whittingstalls), busy. Little Casherbury and Nascot. 


4th July 1846, Sunday

Did not go to Church, intensely hot. Thunder and weather changed to cold. 


5th July 1846, Monday

Began to look of Turk history


27th July 1846

Posy to the Ryes.


28th July 1846

To town to meet Mr Bentley, went with him to British Museum. Madame Gabiou, Amelia, Anne and Willy from France. Mr Elliot dined.


30th July 1846

Mary, Emilia and William Lyon and Scott Gifford came.


31st July 1846

Picnic at Stanmore. For party the Lyons, Scott, Mr de Berg, 2 Freelings and Mr Piard. 


1st August 1846

Scott and Mr Punch(?) went.


2nd August 1846

Did not go to Church. William Lyon went.


3rd August 1846

Amelia, George, Willy and Anne dined and returned in the evening. Work at (History?)


4th August 1846

The Lyons went, Hist


8th August 1846

Fanny and Mary to town to singing lesson. History


9th August 1846

Mr George and William Graham dined here. 


9/10th August 1846

Amelia and Willy came. With Mary and Georgey to a ball at Mr Dickensons. Hear Two  Waters, wrote Duke of Sutherland. 


10th August 1846

Settled accounts with ACM. History



[10th August 1846, Martin Marsh, Deaths Athens.  St Paul's Anglican Church, Athens. Buried 13th August 1846, Martin, W.J. 21yr, s/o C. March Esq. of Herefordshire.]




11th August 1846

Georgey to town to Mrs Eaten. ACM to dine with George Graham, began to teach William History and farm 


12th August 1846

Mr de Berg called with a box for the Opera ticket. Went down with him to the station. Willy (taught?) and wrote French History


13th August 1846

Willy, and wrote French History. To Opera with Fanny, Mary and Adelaide, Don Giovanni and le Judgement de Paris. William Lyon with us.


14th August 1846

Anne Gabiou and Annie came. Willy and French History. Letter from Martin and from the Duke of Sutherland. There came yesterday Mr Perjetti for singing lesson. Wrote Martin.


15th August 1846

Lady Capel, Madame Oury, Andy(?) to singing  lesson. Willy and French History. Georgey come back. 


16th August 1846

To Church, walked on the farm with Anne. Wrote Duke of Sutherland.


26th August 1846

Walked with Mary in the Partons hay field, sat long together. My heart filled with a sense of happiness and security which it has rarely in life enjoyed. I spied you may see by my face how happy I am.


27th August 1846

The most disastrous day of my existence. A letter from Dr Holland. My son is dead. The day was spent in that sort of wild half distracted excitement which attends poor human nature writhing under the sentence of death. The endeavour to imitate his noble (resgular?) the desire to submit to the will of God, to be patient and (wrrissioning, unassuming?) but what supported us. This was a Thursday, it was on the 10th he died. We sat together in the little hermit house and wept. Louisa with Jimmy Burne came in the evening, we all went to bed that she might not see us.


28th August 1846

In the morning aroused by the sounds of lamentation from my poor girls room. I had hoped Louisa would sleep long before I awakened her to grief, but she had got up and with a face all rapture to return home had entered her sisters room. Poor things. Jimmy Browne staid till after luncheon, the girls and he walked about with some dreadfulness. I follow in silence and composed. Arthur was taken ill in the night and could not go as he intended to fetch Posy.


29th August 1846

Arthur at home. I do not remember what became of us all day, for myself I seemed to have been in an excited state which made me think I had already almost submitted myself to my loss. Alas! Alas!


30th August 1846, Sunday

Went into his room to miss and weep over his clothes and relics. In the evening conversations with Anne and Amelia about Willy. Mr Tillet came.


31st August 1846, Monday

Tried to teach Willy but my hard sworn word at the attempt found I must delay it. Mr and Mrs Barnardiston brought Posy. Some time Mr Ivers came about 3 in the afternoon. As I had walked to the farm with Arthur I had said to myself is it possible that anything can alleviate the pain I suffer, those ten words of Mr Ivers assuring me that Athens was not an (antantlly?) place, drew one string from my heart.


1st September 1846, Tuesday

Walked with Mr Ivers in the wood to the farm.


2nd September 1846

The same.


3rd September 1846

The same.


4th September 1846

Mr Ives one of these days went home and returned to a late dinner at which I sat with him.


5th September 1846

I think that Mrs Browne, Ady and Jenny spent the day here.


6th September 1846

Mr Ivers and Willy to Church, the rest prayers at home. Posy fainted.


7th September 1846

Walked to the farm, with girls and Mr Ivers.


8th September 1846

Mr Ivers went.


9th September 1846

I think Lady Milman came to see me. Put on our mourning.


10th, 11th, 12th. 


13th September 1846, Sunday

We all went to Church together except Posy


14th, 15th, 16th , 17th, 18th, I think Anne Gabiou and Annie went.


19th September 1846

Lizzy Pell came.


20th September 1846, Sunday

All to Church either at Watford or Norwood, except Arthur. Posy to Church.


21st September 1846, Monday

Lizzy went. Posy and I took her down to railway.


22nd September 1846, Tuesday

Aunt Me [Amelia Marsh] went.


23rd, 24th, 25th Willy and the maid went.


26th September 1846

Took Posy out on her pony.


23rd November 1846, Monday

William Lyon came down.


24th November 1846, Tuesday

William Lyon, Posy returned from Dover, all the girls now at home.


25th November 1846, Wednesday

I bed ACM to town. Girls now at home.


26th November 1846, Thursday

Emma and Mary Hutton came. Print history


27th November 1846, Friday

William Lyon went. Sent him paper. ACM to town. Louisa and I fetched him up from Railway. Lady Milman, Mr M and Maria Called.


28th November 1846, Saturday

William and Arthur Roscoe


29th November 1846, Sunday

To Church



Called on Lady Milman to see Mrs Fowler and baby. The Huttons and Roscoes went. 


1st December 1846

Louisa and Georgey call on Mr Fowler, Mr McIntyre. Opened the Piano forte again.


4th December 1846

Georgey and Mary to Brook Street.


6th December 1846

To Church


7th December 1846

To town with Fanny and Louisa. Robert Min-, Mr Bentley, Lady Lyon, Brook Street.


10th December 1846

Robert Wedgewood came.


11th December 1846

Robert Wedgewood went. Mrs Hibbert called. Louisa to Mrs Edens.


12th December 1846

To town, drive to town with the Hollands, to (Boparge Bossarge?) Bailliere, call on Mr and Mrs Howes.




22nd June 1847, Tuesday

With Louisa to London, called upon Lady Gifford, Mrs G. Holland. Shortlands to buy table cloths, Berns silver, Holmes look at Ottoman.


23rd June 1847, Wednesday

To farm. Normans Bridge, cut walk in wood, stopped morning on account of rain.


24th June 1847, Thursday

Milnes, Gospeles, Colonel Eden, Mr Darwin, Mr J. Allen. Three last staid all night. Georgey, Posy  at Mrs Lyons. 


25th June 1847, Friday

Colonel Eden and Mr J. Allen went. Very rainy.


26th June 1847, Saturday

Mr Darwin went. William Lyon came.

Called at Pinner on Mrs Fowler.


27th June 1847, Sunday

Church, all. Mr Phillips, Captain Milman called. William Lyon went.


28th June 1847, Monday

Hay in great meadow just cut, carrying in. Making upper st. Anne A called. Finish Normans Bridge(?).


29th June 1847, Tuesday

Mr and Mrs George Holland, Mr Anslie came, began m-


30th June 1847, Wednesday

Mr William Lyon, Georgey and I with Mr and Mrs G. Holland to Harrow, called upon Miss Vaughans and at Mr Norris, upon Barnardiston and Corbet, Mr and Mrs Fowler. Mrs Milman dined with us.


1st July 1847, Thursday

Mr G. Holland, Mr Ainslie, William Lyon went. Jane and Caroline Gifford came.


2nd July 1847, Friday

At home. Poor man fell of the stack. 


3rd July 1847, Saturday

Mr G Holland and children went. William Lyon, Barnardiston and Corbet came. Darwin asked but could not come.


4th July 1847, Sunday

To Church. Sacrament.


5th July 1847, Monday

Mr L Barnardiston and Corbet went. Carrying hay from Great Meadow. Began culling calves.


6th July 1847, Tuesday

Finish carrying, all cut in Great Meadow. Dined at Sir Williams, Henry Milman there. 


26th July 1847

To Church. Anne, Georgey and Emelia Lyon here. 


27th July 1847

With Louisa to Watford


28th July 1847

With girls to Watford for concert but there was none. Mrs Fellows called.


17th December 1847, Friday

Louisa to Walbarton. Georgey and ACM to Shalford.


18th December 1847, Saturday

ACM (Arthur Cuthbert Marsh) returned.


19th December 1847, Sunday

To Church.


20th December 1847, Monday

To concert at Watford. Madame Dulchen and John Pany, Lady Capel,  Lady Milman. &c. 


21st December 1847, Tuesday

Willy come.


22nd December 1847, Wednesday 

Sent in 'Angela'. ACM to town. 

Walked over farm and garden with Willy.


24th December 1847, Friday

Louisa returned from Wilburton.


25th December 1847, Saturday

Christmas day, 45 to dinner. 2 pieces roast beef, leg pork, leg mutton. 52lbs plum pudding. 4 dozen buns, two cakes, 9 gallons beer, bottle of rum. ACM, myself, Georgey, Posy, Mary, Adelaide, George, Willy dined in Brooks Street. Nobody but Mrs Smith and Wyndham. Posy and Adelaide remained. Mary and I went to Georgina's lodgings, 22 North Audley Street, the rest returned home. Louisa dined at the Grove.


26th December 1847, Sunday

To Mr Bennet's Church with Posy, M. A. and Frank. The younger ones staid the sacrament. Aunt Georgina dined with Mary and me.


27th December 1847, Monday

Took Posy and Adelaide to Eastern Counties Rail way, shopped, dined at Miss Morrisons, met Lady Hilary and Miss Christian.


28th December 1847, Tuesday

Called upon Lady Page Turner, Mrs Wheeler, Mrs Booth, Lady Collman, Miss Duckworth, drank tea in Brook Street.


29th December 1847, Wednesday

Clarke Dentist, 1st visit. Called upon Miss Morrison at home. Found  Louisa ill, influenza, delirious in the evening.


30th December 1847, Thursday

Louisa fainted and alarmed me much. Sent for Mr (Nacone?). Mary, George and Willy to Lady Plumers ball.


31st December 1847, Friday

Nursing Louisa. She was better. 




1st January 1848, Saturday

Lady and Minny Pell, Lady and George Milman dined. Mr Hay, Harry and Frank came. 


2nd January 1848, Sunday

To Pinner Church. Saw Mr Carr.


3rd January 1848, Monday

The three young men went.




19th February 1848

Aunt Me (Margaret Emma Holland) and Willy here. Louisa and I dined at Mrs Carpenters. Stayed all night in town. Saw Lady (Morrison?)


20th February 1848

To Church. Lunch at Mrs Nothes, called Mrs Marshall. Aunt G and Miss Morrison, Lady Bedford, Lady Pell drank tea at Mrs Booths. Miss Bailey and home.


221st February 1848

Very much tired, staid at home, read 'Angela' at night.


22nd February 1848

Letter from Sir T.D. Name on list of rec Sir promised. Finished 'Angela.'


23rd February 1848

ACM to town. farm,  garden. Read 'Shadows of Clouds.' Louisa to Lady Pell in London.


24th February 1848

Clearing shrubbery with Nash. Lady Gifford came. 


25th February 1848

Farm (lyan paring and baring cones??) Dined at Tewkeleys, Arthur and Mary. Mr and Mrs Hodgson, Miss Leigh, Mr Wood.


26th February 1848



27th February 1848, Sunday

To Pinner Church. Lady G.,H.,G., M.A. Willy and self.


28th February 1848, Monday

Fine morning. Rain evening.


29th February 1848, Tuesday

To call on Mrs Whittingstall and shop in Watford with Lady G.


 25th March, 1848, Saturday

Captain Crofton here. William this week. Mr Ray came. Charley Eden here. ACM did not go to town. Report the King of Persia abdicated and in prison. Bamburgh Pell dined.


26th March 1848, Sunday

To Pinner Church. Captain Holmes, Mr Henry Milman, Bamburgh Pell dined. 


27th March 1848, Monday

Mr Ray and W.R. went. Spasms, ill. 


28th March 1848,  Tuesday

ACM and Captain Croften to town. Better. Terrible news from the continent. The (Riots?) breaking in Calais, Lille and two (nottanes?) in Boulogne, and two (rioters?) at each of the above places destroying themselves. The mob at Paris reigning supreme. Three of the P(ers?) Gro(?) know to be (rephors,  resspors?) the rest -ing - entirely at a stand still. Education the bourgeoisie and the landed property against the Clubs of Paris which seem prepared to renew the sures of  GG so wishes Mrs(Browne from Boulogne.

Aunt Me, Fanny and Louisa to town to stay all night.


29th March 1848, Wednesday

They returned home with Captain Crofton.


30th March 1848, Thursday

Captain Crofton to Bedford and back.


31st March 1848, Friday

All  at home, ACM to town.


1st April 1848, Saturday

Captain Crofton to town to fetch his brother Travers just returned from India.


2nd April 1848, Sunday

To Church, staid. Captain Crofton went in the evening.


3rd April 1848, Monday

Mr Travers Crofton went. John Greenwood came. Maria Milman.


4th April 1848, Tuesday 

John Greenwood, Maria Milman went.


5th April 1848, Wednesday

To town with Fanny by 3 train. ACM and Amelia in morning and returned. Called in Brook Street. A good deal of weariness about the expected (C--) meeting on Monday 10th. To North Audley Street, to Mrs Milner, Gibious in the evening. Disraeli, de Lacy Evans, Mrs Howes, &c. Outbreak in (Teulon?) expected. "Will defend the constitution to the last drop of our blood," Mr Hawes(?) Mr  Douglas (H-?) sworn in special constable, will leave his staff as an heir loom in his family. All the young men of the higher classes being sworn in. Emiliani on the Violin, good singing.


6th April 1848, Thursday

Shopping with Fanny. Lunch in Brooks Street. Left with Mrs Somers, advised her to get up petition in support of government and for protection against the danger and anxiety to which these popular demonstrations expose the property and industry of London. She complains of the meetings as she calls the deserters as being disaffection. Lunch in Brook Street, Mr de Berry just returned from a run to C---n. Says the great mischief is done by idle people crowding to those meetings out of mere curiosity. At Berlin not a (berth?) or harshest part of the (crowd, word?) really is correct. Mr Noves says, we have no idea of the dreadful state of Paris by - over by the very lowest dregs of the people. Part of the (Pero Goo?) most violent and irresponsible. The more moderate will probably be overpower and La (Martine?) assassinated. Returned home.




9th April 1848, Sunday

Sacrament. Staid.


10th April 1848, Monday

An awful day here. ACM to town, sent up word soldiers at station. Lucy brought from town where she returned this morning. Streets full of soldiers, cannon placed on bridges. Men walking about through streets threaten to hunt out the Queen wherever she goes. (She is gone to Osborne) her father (-- a t Temple Stuart) very bad opinions of thing and battle expected went and sat in Mr Tooks garden listening for cannon, however much but heard nothing. ACM came back. All gone off quite quietly, not a soldier seen. Asserting display on Kennington Common by police only. Petition carried in three cabs to house. Fergus O'Conner horridly (person?).


11th April 1848, Tuesday

Smith come in at dinner, tells us on Good Friday all London will be in flames.. Insurrection in Dublin, Lord Clarendon massacred.


12th April 1848, Wednesday

Not a word of Noth in the above.


13th April 1848, Thursday

With Louisa and Adelaide in carriage to town. Musical party at Lady Capels. Madame Oury, Clarkes, Marshalls. Sir Montague (Dooley?), Lord George (Burdet?). Mr Marshall says never was such an odius gross indecent thing as the signatures many of them to the Chartist petition.


14th April 1848, Friday

Walked Mrs Holland in Grosvenor(?) Square. Every one in high exultation at the excellent spirit displayed at the event of Monday, called on Mrs Booth, out. And returned home..


15th April 1848, Saturday

To London with Mary by rail. Party at Mrs (Hawes?) Mochton, Milmans, the Wedgewoods, Huttons, Mrs and Mr Milner, Gabson, &c &c.


16th April 1848, Sunday

Ill and unable to leave home.


17th April 1848, Monday

Aunt Me to town in carriage, brought Me home.


18th April 1848, Tuesday

Ill in bed.


19th April 1848, Wednesday

Ill on sofa, Fanny returned.


20th April 1848, Thursday

Wrote a few letters, Aunt Me (Margaret Emma Holland) returned.


21st April 1848, Good Friday

Better but not go to Church.


Aunt Me, Anne Gabiou and Annie here. 


10th May 1848

Took Anne Gabiou to call on Mrs (Whittingstall?)


11th May 1848

Anne and Annie to town to Miss Morrisons to stay.


13th May 1848, Saturday

Mr John Allen and Mr Ainslie to stay Sunday.


14th May 1848, Sunday

Mr G. L-


15th May 1848, Monday

They all went.


16th May 1848, Tuesday

Aunt Me to town upon her own business.


21st June 1848, Wednesday

Party began to assemble for my dearest Fanny's marriage. Staying with us, Captain Crofton, Amelia, Anne, Annie and her two brothers, Travers Crofton arrived yesterday. Sir Hyde (Parker) came today. I have had Storey at work since Monday, her husband and Mrs Holland's cook came today. Parker and Lee, Mrs Holland's butler are to come tomorrow, we had a very nice dinner in the breakfast room. The girls busy passing and (looking?) out the presents and things. George and Susan Downman also come to day and John Gifford. It is a confused day to me at this distance, I remember indistinctly what I did, presents of orange flowers were coming in from our neighbours the Clarkes of (Swakeleys, Twakeleys?) and the Whittingstalls. A few days ago Georgey gave a little  party to the old women and children, we had all  Fanny's presents (layed?) out in the breakfast room (which is the dear (sons?) bedroom that we have new papered and made a sitting room of for this occasion) and all the old  women of her acquaintance the women employed about the farm. Mrs Lees from the farm, the gardeners wife and their (exp--) children, and Lady Bladon with her from the old Basten(?) Had plumb cake made at home and a glass of wine each to drink Miss Fanny's health and walk round and saw the presents. Some were very pleased with the show, the others I think more anxious about giving satisfaction by showing they were pleased. I guess the most of them were a little (obsequious, obsessvish?) about the splendour of the dresses, which were simple and not of showy colours.


23rd December 

Between one and two in the morning Arthur breathed his last surrounded by his family and I began the desolate history of my widowhood. Crofton and Fanny were here and present, Aunt Me and Georgey, Sir Hyde Parker came about 10 o'clock in the morning after all was over, I saw him in my room.


29th December - Saturday

The lamented husband and father finally left us and was carried to his father's vault at Gillingham in Kent [St Mary Magdalene]. Georgey watched all night by his coffin with Mrs Turner and saw him depart by a beautiful moonlight though the wood poor (small?) in a long mourning cloak walking before the hearse which took him to London after by rail to Rochester. Captain Crofton, George many friends, Sir Hyde Parker, Colonel Shee, Messrs (Deloner?) Creed, N Holland, R Pigott. Amelia and Georgey spent the day here and staid till Thursday 31st.





Aunt G to spend the day.



Richard left us.



Aunt Georgey, Anne and Tillot. Posy to London. Fanny and Baby left us. Latter Mary.


27th Sunday

To Church for the first time, Georgey to London to play. Posy went.


28th Monday

Aunt Georgey went.





2nd February 1850

Appraiser.  George to Addiscombe.


3rd February 1850, Sunday

To Church, sacrament. My poor friend Lady Lyon died.


4th February 1850, Monday

Mrs Bowne came.


5th February 1850, Tuesday

Mrs Browne. Hedging in the wood going on.


6th February 1850, Wednesday

Mrs Browne went.


7th February 1850, Thursday

Madame Loudan. Dr Kelly called.  


8th February 1850, Friday

Louisa to London to Guthrie. Louisa home.


9th February 1850, Saturday

William and Frank Roscoe. Dr Kelly


10th February 1850, Sunday

All to Church.


11th February 1850, Monday

William and Frank Roscoe went.


For sure I am that in all my wanderings I never set my eyes on a more silly tribe than these Whigs which are a set of busy bodies having a finger in every pie and bringing sore troubles upon England.


13th February 1850, Ash Wednesday

To Church


14th February 1850, Thursday

Georgey to Mrs Dalbrai


15th February 1850, Friday

To Church. Mr Sedgwick about timber. Lady Milman called.


16th February 1850, Saturday

Adelaide to town, Georgey returned, Louisa to Colonel Edens. Henry Holland and Arthur Roscoe.


17th February 1850, Sunday

All to Church


18th February 1850, Monday

Henry Holland and Arthur Roscoe went. Mr Gales about timber. With Posy to look after the poor man King. Dr Kelly to see Adelaide.


19th February 1850, Tuesday

Poor Mrs King, the poor man's wife came.


23rd February 1850, Wednesday

Aunt Georgey and Tillet.


24th February 1850, Thursday

All to Church



Draft pencil letter re Whigs. 


My brothers the Whig -of Enland have by the latest and - displayed in their speeches at the various parts for the purposes of  d-the intents of - (illegible)


Still it seems to me that no one has as a sufficiently sime and  



25th February 1850

Sir Hyde Parker came, lunched and walked about the farm. Lady Milman Called. 


26th February 1850

Louisa home, Emily Page Turner.


5th March 1850

Emily Page Turner went.


6th March 1850

To Church being Lent.


7th March 1850

Georgey and Louisa to call at the Grove.


8th March 1850

To Church. Adelaide went to Lady Giffords.


16th March 1850, Saturday

John Greenwood and William Roscoe.


17th March 1850, Sunday

With Greenwood to Church


18th March 1850, Monday

Roscoe went.


19th March 1850, Tuesday

Greenwood  went. Posy and Georgey to Emily Buxtons. 


20th March 1850, Wednesday



21st March 1850, Thursday

Louisa and I to London. Called on Aunt Roscoe, Miss Morrisons, lunched in Brooks Street. To (Shoobands?) & Trent Mourning shops.


22nd March 1850, Friday

Mary walked to Church


24th March 1850, Sunday

Mary and I to Church


25th March 1850, Monday

Georgey and Posy from the Buxtons. 


27th March 1850, Wednesday

Cold Louisa ill. Did not go to Church. G. R, M went.


28th March 1850, Thursday

Mr Giles came about Timber. Mrs Clutterbuck called, I saw her.


29th March 1850, Friday

Good Friday, cold intense, Louisa in bed. My cold too bad to venture to Church, the rest went.


30th March 1850, Saturday

Frank Holland came to stay.


31st March 1850, Easter Sunday

Louisa and I too poorly to go to Church.


1st April 1850. Monday

Captain and Mrs Eden, Eva and Mrs Barnardiston came to stay.  


2nd April 1850, Tuesday

Frank Holland went.


3rd April 1850, Wednesday

Louisa and I to London to see Aunt Georgey, Mrs Roscoe,  Miss Morrisons, Mr Hayden. G very poorly, met Mrs C Buxton.


4th April 1850, Thursday

George Lound came.


5th April 1850, Friday

Sir Hyde Parker came.


6th April 1850, Saturday

George Lound went. Sir Hyde Parker went.


7th April 1850, Sunday

All but Louisa and Mrs Eden to Church.


8th April 1850, Monday

Edens and L.B. went. Eleanor Lyon came.


9th April 1850, Tuesday

Miss Rushbrook came. Miss 


10th April 1850, Wednesday

Miss (Blysenthal?) Brooks Street, Mrs C. Buxton there. 


11th April 1850, Thursday

To London, Lincolns Inn Fields, Drs Commons. Miss Morrisons, Mrs (Browne, Burne?) called, brought my own Adelaide home.


12th April 1850, Friday

Miss Rushbrook, G & M out in Dickey Cart. 


25th April 1850

Willy came to stay, Mrs Barnardiston, Louisa and Mary.


27th April 1850

B and L went. Mary staid.


29th April 1850

Eleanor Lyon left.


1st May 1850

Colonel Eyres came.


2nd May 1850

Colonel Eden came.


3rd May 1850

Miss Rushbrooke, Colonel Eyres, Colonel Eden went.


5th May 1850

Sacrament. Staid.


6th May 1850

With Mary to Mr Charles Buxton's. 


8th May 1850

Called on Mr Ivers, out. Mrs Morrison to London. Lunched with Mrs Holland, evening with Mrs Browne called on Mrs Eden, home in evening.


9th May 1850

Miss Blumenthal went.


11th May 1850

Called at the Grove.


15th May 1850, Tuesday

To  London with Georgey and Mary Barnardiston. Lunched in Brooks Street, called Aunt G., Mrs Eden, Exhibition (carriages, concerning?) - spoils.


17th May 1850, Thursday

Called on Captain and Mrs Mayne


18th May 1850, Saturday

William Roscoe, Mr (Airlie?) came.


19th May 1850, Sunday

Not  well enough to go to Church.


20th May 1850, Monday

Mr A and William Roscoe went.


25th May 1850, Saturday

With Posy to Birmingham to see my dear Captain and Fanny Crofton. 


26th May 1850, Sunday

To Church, walked towards Edgbaston.


27th May 1850, Monday

Mr Lawrence called, to Town Hall concert and shopping. 


28th May 1850, Tuesday

Dined at Mr Lawrence's, to Ellingtons & Oswell paint establishment.


29th May 1850, Wednesday

Anne and Sarah Lawrence dined.


30th May 1850, Thursday

Home leaving Posy.


31st May 1850, Friday

Mr Slack came. 


1st June 1850, Saturday

Mr Paske dined.


3rd June 1850, 

Emily and Mr Buxton came and Mr Cross and Mr Slack went.


5th June 1850, Wednesday

Emily and Mr Buxton and Mr Cross went. 


6th June 1850, Thursday

In town choosing houses.


7th June 1850, Friday

Mrs Isaac and Louisa Holland came. 


8th June 1850, Saturday

To Harrow with Mrs Isaac, Mary Holland came. 


9th June 1850, Sunday

To Church. 


10th June 1850, Monday

In London with Louise choosing houses. Mrs Isaac, Louisa and Harry went.




12th June 1850, Wednesday

Come to London, 8 Portugal Street


13th June 1850, Thursday

Settling (evidence, produce?) in evening to see Aunt Roscoe. 


14th June 1850,  Friday

To hear Father Newman, met John Allen.


15th June 1850, Saturday

Mrs Sandback and William Roscoe called.


16th June 1850, Sunday

Church, South Audley Street, dined in Brooks Street, Mr Cross, the Redferns.


17th June 1850, Monday

Lunch with Mrs G Hollands Ragged School, Mr Darwin evening.


18th June 1850, Tuesday

To Fanny (Herslughs?) in evening. John Allen.


19th June 1850, Wednesday

Mr (Slashs?) about carriages, I think it was this day.


20th June 1850, Tuesday

Walk in (North, Park?) with Louisa, Paske, Mrs Ainsworth.


21st June 1850, Thursday

Royal Academy, Lady P and girls evening.


22nd June 1850, Friday

Called Mrs Newdegate, Lady Cooper there, Mrs James Taylor evening.  Browns here.

G. Hollands and -- -- John Allen, Bishop (Jamslebln?) 


23rd June 1850, Saturday

(Church St John School headmaster Albay, tea in Brook Street, Major (Rarlaen?), Sir Philip Crompton. Called Mr Ainsworth in Hort Gardens.


24th June 1850, Sunday

Called at with Mr Darwin to B's statue, evening, Page Turners, Brownes, Hollands, Isaacs, Henry Spier, Henry Allen and girls to Mrs N.W's, Mrs F-called.


25th June 1850, Monday

Called Creeds, Mrs Wedgewood, Lady Page Turner, Mrs Browne in Park, evening Frank L. Roscoe, Mrs Loring, Mrs Booth and children, Eyres and Lady --


20th July 1850

Louisa poorly, sent to Mr Roscoe.


21st July 1850

Louisa poorly, Mr Roscoe, William Roscoe came.


22nd July 1850, Sunday

All to Church but Louisa


23rd July 1850, Monday

Mr Slack came, William Roscoe went at night.


25th July 1850, Wednesday

The Cromptons and baby left us, Mr Slack went, Mrs Hibbert called.


26th July 1850, Thursday

Milmans called.


27th July 1850, Friday

Round wood in Pony chaise


28th July 1850, Sunday(days mixed?)

Did not go to Church.


29th July 1850, Monday

With Georgey in Poney chaise, called on Lady Milman, took miniature with me, and left it with her.


30th July 1850, Tuesday

With Louisa in Poney chaise, called on Mrs Soames


31st July 1850, Wednesday

Out with Louisa in Poney chaise, enquired after Mrs Deane first, Caroline Fleming. 


1st August 1850

Out with Nash, marked 25 Poles bushy flower garden. Called upon Mrs Capel at Marden, only Mr Robert at home. Returned laying some (bunches?) of Mondo Villia, Begnoni and Mangolia. Miss Gillies came to paint my picture to be sent to America. Louisa drove George on pony chaise to station.


2nd August 1850

Miss Gillies at picture. Looking over engravings in the evening.


3rd August 1850

Took Miss Gillies to station after sitting for picture, called Mrs Whittingstall, Mrs Roper, shopped.


4th August 1850, Sunday

To Church. Mrs Tooke called.


5th August 1850, Monday

Called upon the (Kingors?) either this or the fourth.


6th August 1850, Tuesday

Dismissed Christopher.


9th or 10th August 1850, 

Louisa and Georgey in Pony chaise to the Milmans.

This was the 12th 


10th August 1850, 

In Pony Chaise with Louisa to Milmans about portrait.  Colonel Eden came.


11th August 1850, Sunday

Mr Tooke dined here, 


12th August 1850, Monday

Colonel Eden left


13th August 1850, Tuesday

To London, Louisa to Mr Buxtons, George and I Miss Morrisons, Parker, evening Mr Clarkes. 




15th August 1850, Thursday

To call upon Mrs Newdegate, see her and the Miss Bencheretts. To Clarkes and Parkers.


16th August 1850, Friday

Sat out with Georgey, got cold. Hair. Not well. Louisa retuned in the evening.


17th August 1850, Saturday

Mary and Posy returned from Mrs Greenwoods, Norton Coryers.


18th August 1850, Sunday

All to Church


19th August 1850, Monday

Lady and Emily Page Turner and Miss Brownes came. 


21st August 1850, Tuesday

Mr Barnardiston came with sad news of Adelaide's illness at Mr Blair Warren's (Warner?) of (Nortetsley?) Hall. Set out with him and Georgey immediately taking M. Clarke around about and - not allowed to see her that night.


22nd August 1850, Wednesday

Saw her about ½ past 9. Miss Ballards and Mr Eyre in the house. Dr Maclean and Mr Daniel came.


23rd August 1850, Thursday

Walked out with Mr Blair Warren.


24th August 1850, Friday

The Ballards and Mr Eyres went.


25th August 1850, Saturday

Adelaide in Mrs Bll board-went to Church. The remainder of this week spent in the house of these admirably kind people nursing Adelaide and enjoying every advantage which their wealth and company could give for our comfort and her recovery.


31st August 1850,

To Church. Dr Maclean dined. 


1st September 1850

Mr Barry C and Mr Larpent cards.


2nd September 1850

Captain Wilson came. Cards in the evening.


3rd September 1850

Mr, Mrs and Miss Rooke came, cards in the evening.


4th September 1850

Set out home accompanied by the most kind Mr Blair Warren, very ill when she got in. The carriage with post horses brought us from the Shoreditch Station.


5th September 1850

About farm with Mr Blair Warren.


6th September 1850

Mr Warren went, Louisa to Snaresbrook.


7th September 1850

Did not go to Church, Turner having been thrown out of the cart on Thursday and hurt his foot.


8th September 1850

Rest at home, finished additions to 'Lettice Arnold.'


9th September 1850

Smith to town with 'Lettice Arnold.'


3rd October 1850, Thursday

Adelaide bad attack, Mr Novere(?).


4th October 1850

Mrs Browne.


5th October 1850

Mr Noverre, Dr Rolly to me. 



Account of Martin's Sheep

10th June bought 80

Couples paid 60

27th June keep of 80 Couples at 4/6 1st -score -18. 

To 24th June ditto - 18

To 1st July, keep 60 couples - 13.6

To 29th July 4 weeks ditto - 2.14

To 5th August ditto - 13

Serve of lambs went 

Sheep of 40 couples 20 sheep

To 2nd Sept 4 weeks 12/-  - 2.8

Sold 40 lambs 

Keep of 60 sheep at 9/-

4 weeks. - 1.16



10th June sold 20

Couple at 19/ 19 

Clarke for selling 2/6 mon

Beer /3 18.17.3

8th August sold 

20 lambs 17/- 17/-/-

40 lambs at 17/- 34/-/-

8 sheep 12/65/-/-

32 at 12/- 19.4

20 to ACM at 12/-/-







(upside down)

Everything on chaff mixed hay and straw, beers crushed just half the quantity you give of oats.

Wages 11/- a week.

The -en regular thirty stores an infallible sign of good land the blue round pebbles of bad. Guano, a cut of  ½ for wheat sowen on hardcont in Spring in showery weather.


(Page 73)

Turn the 11th cows horses and few fatting sheep into Upper Marlins.

Turn the 13th Martins sheep, fatten them Upper Marlins in the large back meadow is not shut up.

19th June Martins sheep in front paddock. 60. in all, 20 have been there for a week. The remaining 20 sheep and 16 of ACM's remain in Upper Marlins



6th October 1850

Mr Noverre last time, Mrs Browne went.


8th October 1850

Louisa in Pony chaise to Stanmore, Georgey came home.


15th October 1850

Louisa to London, Adelaide down stairs, Mr Wynne, Dr Kelly.



Date of Pastures 1845

5th May 1845

The sheep come out of a piece hurdle off on the north side of the paddock into the paddock. 


6th May 1845

6 dairy cows were added. 8 acres and Upper Marlins were shut up.


About the 21st or 22nd all the rest of the stock consisting of 4 dry cows and 8 yearlings and the horses put into paddock and the piece handled off taken in turn with it.


1st June 1845

5 dairy cows into great bush field, and on the 23rd or 24th of May the this years yearlings were allowed to go into the 2 acres, about the 1st Hay Meadow shut off.


4th June 1845

All the ewes and lambs excepting about 12 being about 85 in number were put into the bush field and 4 of the cart horses. The dry cows and the yearlings in the front paddock which is hurdled off at the corner of the wood and garden so as to separate it from the back. The 12 ewes and lambs to forward them are put into outer which is thick with grass.


7th June 1845

The cows were put into the 2 acres and the young cattle into the front paddock. 



Sweefs(?). Half a pint of turpentine in the smallest and a pint the largest does during 3 or 4 days. Little food blended oatmeal gruel was given - Quarterly Journal of Agriculture.


(page 76)

A Cure for the Distemper in Cattle by the Earl of  Essex.


(page 77)

Woods and Timber


Mr Giles 


(Page 78) 


"An Agricultural Experimentalist." March Lane Gazette, Dec 18th 1843.  


(Page 79)

Birch and Timber. 


(Page 80)


Mort Lane Gazette.


(Page 81) 


Copy of note sent to Mr Reeve, Dec 20th 1843

Mrs Marsh begs Mr Reeve will make up the book with the articles given to  the Cook on Tuesday and she begs in future that Mr Reeves will not give credit to any servant unless they bring the book in their hand as a note from herself it was quite  a mistake on the part of the cook who is as much aware of the will of the family.

3 Nails of grains to let about 12 quarters to each nail. Hay and straw taken in exchange. Mr Smith , 30 Chichester Place, Grays inn-is a soap boiler.


(Page 82)


The proper time to cut hay is just when the majority of the grasses have opened and their blossoms as if delayed and the mowing continues 8 or 10 days it becomes too ripe and both renders the crop light and inferior and impoverishes the ground. Herts paper.


Potter guano yielded 2 tons 8 cal of Hay per acre. 2 cut per acre, Lord Tethard.


(Page 83)




"I believe the pest is easily conquered that I have no pity upon the farmer who suffers from this cause. The infallible means of destroying.


(Page 84) 


Proposed trial on making butter.


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