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Scroll Welcoming Anne Marsh Caldwell
back to Linley Wood in 1860

In 1860 Anne Marsh (nee Caldwell) came into possession of the home of her childhood, Linley Wood, Talke, Staffordshire.  Gaining possession of the estate came about through the terms of the will of her late brother James Stamford Caldwell who had died in 1858 unmarried.  The event was marked by a party at Linley Wood, 8 September 1860, and this was reported in the Staffordshire Advertiser the following week.  Unfortunately Anne was not able to attend but was later presented with a scroll signed by all the tenants to mark the event.  It was around this time that she changed her name to Anne Marsh Caldwell in compliance with the terms of her brother's will.

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Scroll given to Anne Marsh Caldwell in 1860 from the tenants of the Linley Wood estate, Talke, Staffordshire.
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To Mrs Marsh-Caldwell                Linley Wood


We your tenants and the inhabitants of Talk-on-the-Hill and its neighbours beg to offer our sincere and hearty congratulations on your arrival here to take up your residence amongst us. We venture to hope that your residence at Linley Wood whose delightful situation and beautiful grounds offer so many attractions to the lovers of nature may be permanent.

From the experience that we have already had of your willingness to assist us in all good and charitable works whether in promoting the education of the young or ministering to the necessities of our poorer neighbours we feel confident that the position and means which Providence has assigned to you and the influence for good which that position gives to its possessor will always be exercised with the wisdom and discretion that has hitherto guided it to the promotion of true Religion and the encouragement of virtue and to the honor and Glory of Him to whom you in common with ourselves are indebted for all earthly prospects. We have only to add that on our part we trust that nothing may be wanting that can in anyway contribute to render your residence here a source of unmixed happiness. May God have both you and your family in His Holy keeping.

Charles Eden, Gent.

M.W. Hutchins, Incumbent of Talk on the Hill

Samual Beardmore

George Barker

George Moore

James -

James Hargreaves

Samuel Taylor

Robert Mountford Arnold

John Freds

William Fryer 

Edwin Fryer

Robert Ohapenary

J.V. Davenport

William Thomas

William Hancock

Joseph Whittle

James Gater

Thomas Maddock

Richard Calclough

Thomas Redfern

George Redfern

Peter Dutton

William Smith

Thomas Young

William Beckett

Sarah Barker

John Shufflebottom

Julia Barker

John Mayer

Henry Rothwell

Joseph Heath

William Fryer, Senior

John Peterborough

George Wakefield

Elijah Corbett

James Cliff

William Lowe

Joseph Hood

William Cliff

William Thomas, Snr

Thomas Beardmore

Jane Redfern

William Redfern

John Moses

Thomas Alcock

Thomas S Alcock

George Whittle

Seane Chadwick

Samuel Fryer

Thomas Skerratt

Thomas Colelough

William Warburton

Gilrain Marshall

George Jackson's mark X

Frederick Porter

Samuel Tremlow

James Barron

John Bosson

Moses Chadwick

George Bosson

John Earley's mark X

Thomas Sherwin

William Elsby

Samuel Sutton

Thomas Beresford

James Cotton

Charles Dunn

Joseph Burning

Thomas Ashbrook

Thomas Procter

William Soldbutt(?)

Hugh Caldwell

James Sutton

John Jenkinson

Samuel Dale

John Bosson

Elijah Boulton

Thomas Birks's mark X

James Higgins

Alfred Hancock

Samuel Sutton Junar 

John Sutton

Elijah Bosson

James Bosson

Peter Bosson

Ralph Meyers

Joseph Ra

George Sherwin

George Hickson

James Bossan

James Wright

William Butler

Thomas Heath

Elijah Rigby

Jonathon Cotterill

Thomas Billington

George Sumner

Isaac Morris

William Davis 

James Elsby

Richard Jackson

John Evans

William Young

Thomas Rigby

William (Fonnels?)

George Grainger

Sam Rigby

Thomas Poss (Pope?)

George Recgand

Thomas Rigby

Robert Rigby

John Rigby 


William Seabridge

John Breeze

John (Poctor, Hoctor?)

James Fryer

George Charlesworth

William Coldough

Joshua Johnson

Elijah Ray

John Dean

Alfred Hancock.


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