The Misses Marsh-Caldwells
of Linley Wood, Talke, Staffordshire, England
1818 -1913

Portrait photograph of Elisa Lousia Marsh-Caldwell known as Aunt Missings 1818 - 1913
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Elisa Louisa

Georgina Amelia Marsh-Caldwell 1820 - 1900
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Georgina Amelia

Rosamond Jane Marsh-Caldwell known as Posy 1823 - 1911
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Rosamond Jane

The unmarried Misses Marsh-Caldwells of Linley Wood were:
1. Elisa Lousia Marsh-Caldwell (known as ELouisa and later as Aunt Missings); 8 July,1818 - 29 March, 1913.
2. Georgina Amelia Marsh-Caldwell; 13 November, 1820 - 12 March, 1900.
3. Rosamond Jane Marsh-Caldwell (known as Posy); 3 July, 1823 - 9 April, 1911 .
Daughters of : Arthur Cuthbert Marsh (1786-1849) and Anne Marsh (Marsh-Caldwell, nee Caldwell)
Sisters of: 
1. Frances Mary Crofton (nee Marsh, 1819-1906) who married Maj Gen Richard Henry Crofton RA (1818-1897).
2. Arthur Marsh, who died an infant, August 1824.
3. Martin William James Marsh (1825-1846).
4. Lady Mary Emma Heath  (nee Marsh, 1826-1902) who married Admiral Sir Leopold George Heath (1817-1907).
5. Hannah-Adelaide Loring (nee Marsh, 1828-1859) who married Edward Henry Loring (1823?-1879).

The Misses Marsh-Caldwells: An Overview

Miniature portrait of Elisa Lousia Marsh-Caldwell 1818-1913 Painted in 1830 believed to be by the artist
William Egley 1798-1870
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Miniature portrait of ELouisa painted in 1830  by the artist William Egley 1798-1870

The main information that we have about the Misses Marsh-Caldwells are their wills and a brief mention in Burke's Landed Gentry.  There is however extensive information in the Staffordshire Record Office regarding the legal matters relating to the Linley Wood Estate.  There did exist a portrait in the family, of Rosamund Jane Marsh-Caldwell, but I understand this was sold in the early 1980s.  If anyone out there reading this knows the whereabouts of this portrait I would be very interested to hear from you.

James Stamford Caldwell died in 1858 and in his will  the Linley Wood Estate was left in trust for the second son of Lady Mary Emma Heath and Admiral Sir Leopold George Heath.  However, presumably as this prospective heir was only a few months old when James wrote the final codicil to the will, James directed that, in the interim, his sister Anne Marsh (Marsh Caldwell) could live at Linley Wood for the rest of her life as could any of her unmarried daughters.  The main provision to this was that they each take on the name Caldwell as their last name (Marsh-Caldwell).  For some reason the Misses Marsh-Caldwells contested the will.  Anne died in 1874 but her daughters lived on for quite some considerable time and became generally referred to as the Misses Marsh-Caldwells of Linley Wood.  It should perhaps be noted that according to the terms of the will they were allowed to live at Linley Wood while they were unmarried but if they were to marry then they lost their right to continue living on the estate.  There is a plaque to their memory inside St.Martin's Church, Talke O'Th'Hill.

Linley Wood the home of the Caldwell family
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Linley Wood 
Home of the Caldwells

Miss Georgina Amelia

Portrait of Miss Georgina Amelia Marsh-Caldwell
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On the death of Elisa in 1913, the Linley Wood estate, after a period of 55 years, did finally pass to the heir, Maj. Gen. Frederick Crofton Heath.  However the estate was now very run down and each of the Misses Marsh-Caldwells had in turn declined to leave any of their money to Frederick so as a result keeping the estate going was not an easy task.  In meeting the terms of the will Frederick, together with his sons Cuthbert and Martin, took on the surname of Heath-Caldwell.

There were three trees planted at Linley Wood to the memory of the Misses Marsh-Caldwells.  These are up on the hill just below the top of the drive way.  Two of the three trees still appear to be standing (in 2004) and the remains of an iron fence still partly surrounds them.

Some letters relating to the Miss Marsh-Caldwells are as follows:

National Portrait Gallery Offices,

20 Great George Street,



17 day of September 1892

Dear Miss Marsh-Caldwell

I return you your miniature by parcel post in a padded box which I hope will reach you safely.  It represents Louis XIV

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