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Francis Marsh (1581?-1656?) of East Langdon and later of Sandwich.

Born: around 1581? baptised 1614 at East Langdon and died possibly 1656?
Son of: Robert Marsh (15??-1600) and Christian Marsh (nee Kempe?).
Half brother of:
1. Thomasyn (1565-????).
2. Alice (1566-????).
3. Alice (1568-????) who married Robert Morgan.
Brother of:
1. Johann Marsh (1576-1579).
2. Stephen Marsh (1579-1586?).
3. Jane Hodge or Hodgman (1583-????) who married George Hodge or Hodgman.
Francis married firstly: Elizabeth Marsh (nee Stockton) daughter of Mr Stockton (or Stoughton) of Ash.  Francis died around 1612 possibly after giving birth to her 6th child.
Francis and Elizabeth had issue:
1. Joan (or Jhone) (1604-1604?) who died an infant.
2. Christian Pettitt (nee Marsh) who married at East Langdon, 26th September 1620, William Pettitt.
3. Elizabeth Parramor (nee Marsh, 1606-16??) who married at East Langdon, 15th May 1623, John Parramor.
4. Marie.
5. Frances (1610-16??).
6. Robert Marsh of Marton (1612-16??).
Francis married secondly: Catherine, around 1613.
Francis and Catherine had issue:
1. Francis Marsh MA of Guston (1614-16??) who married 1st Dorothy Raworth, 2nd Elizabeth.
2. Elizabeth.

We know of Francis from the following sources:

1. The book 'History of the Ancient Family of Marsh' by Joseph J. Green, Archivist and Genealogist, 1903, revised to date by Wm. Ernest Marsh, of Marston, Bromley, Kent, 1912. Page 199.

2. His will. See below.

Will of Francis Marsh.

In the Name of God Amen, The eighth day of July in the year of our Lord god one Thousand six hundred fifty four, I Francis Marsh of the town and port of Sandwich in the County of Kent, gentleman being in reasonable good health and of sound and perfect memorie, The Lord be therefore praised I make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that and principally I bequeath my soul unto Almighty god who gave it me. And my bodie I bequeath to the earth whereof it was first framed [directly?] to be interred at the discretion of my loving sonne Robert Marsh whom I hereby nominate and appoint to be sole executor of this my last will and testament. Also I forgive and bequeath unto my youngest sonne Francis Marsh and unto my youngest daughter Elizabeth Marsh and to either of them the sum of fifty pounds of lawful money of England at their and either of their’s [overall?] and [esightfor?] age and ages of two and twenty years to, And if either of my said younger children happen to die before they attain the said age Then the portion or legacy of him or her so dying shall remain and go unto my said sonne and executor And until my said younger children Francis and Elizabeth Marsh attain the said age of two and twenty years to [eternally?] I give and bequeath unto each of them towards their maintenance the sum of five pounds a year of lawfull money of England, half yearly to be paid unto them by my said son Robert my said executor at Michaelmas and Lady*[yearly], by equal [amounts, sums?] the first payment to be made on which of the said days shall first and next happen to so fall five months the next after my decease. And whereas I have [aleady?] settled on Catherine my now wife by deed All that my messuage wherein I now live with the appurtenances to the said messuage belonging, situate and being in the parish of Saint Mary in [Sandwich?] aforesaid which in regard to the small portion of [arrrivets?] any had with her in marriage in a large [persurrond?] of my estate And therefore I do give and bequeath unto her my said wife out of my personal and other estate whatsoever only [ten?] shillings of lawfull money of England to be paid unto her by my said son and executor within one month the next after my decease, Also I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Christian Pettitt widowed and Elizabeth Paramor wife of John Parramore and to each of them the sum of [Lnus, ten?] shillings of [fifi, lawful?] money to be paid unto them and either of them within one month next after my decease And I do give and forgive unto him my said son and executor all sums and [security?] of money whatsoever by him to by me to me any way to due owings or demandable, And all the rest and residue of my goods, chattels, household stuff, [minferato?] of household and estate whatsoever and wheresoever and of what nature quality or degree [settled?] the sum shall exist and be my debts, legacies and funeral charges being first paid and deducted), I do hereby give and bequeath unto him my said beloved son and executor Robert Marsh. Also I do give and devise unto him said son Robert Marsh and to his heirs for now All such messuage, land, tenements and hereditaments whatsoever and wheresoever the same and or shall be found whereof I now stand seized And which I have not already settled by deed, And I do hereby renounce all former wills by me made and do declare this to be my last will testament Provided always and my will and meanings further in that if my said wife Catherine shall interrupt, meddle[?] or trouble my said son and executor in the execution of this my will and not be [soufitted?] with what I have hereby bequeathed to her and to her two children Francis and Elizabeth Marsh my said son and daughter Then my said son and daughter Francis and Elizabeth marsh shall have only five pounds apiece at their respective ages of two and twenty years to, And all former legacies, gifts and bequests to them my said son and daughter Francis and Elizabeth Marsh and to either of them in this my will bequeathed and given shall [so?] be void and not paid. Anything hereto [contained?] to the contrary [w?] thereof notwithstanding, In witness whereof I the said Francis Marsh have to this my last will and Testament set my hand seal dated this day and year first above written Francis Marsh [stated?] published actioned, lodged and declared to be the last will and testament of the said Francis Marsh the said eight day of July one thousand six hundred and fifty four in the presence of [Mish?] Arthur, John Dennith, Valentine Norwood.

This Will was proved at London before the Judge for Probate of wills and granting administration lawfully authorized the thirteenth day of March in the year of our Lord God (according to the computation of the Church of England) one thousand six hundred fifty six by the oath of Robert Marsh the natural and lawful son of the said deceased and sole executor named in the said Will to whom was so remitted to [uninffowed?] of all and singular the said [destabtdo?] goods, chattels and debts[?] [Last?] being sworn (by Commission) well and fairly[?] to administer.



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