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Francis Marsh MA (1614-1656?)

Perpetual Curate of Guston, near Dover, Kent.

Curate of River and Lydden.

Born: ? baptised 1614 at East Langdon and died possibly 1656.  His will was written 8 July 1654 and proved 13 March 1656?
Son of: Francis Marsh (1581?-1656?) of East Langdon and Catherine Marsh.
Half Brother of:
1. Joan (or Jhone) who died an infant.
2. Christian Pettitt (nee Marsh) who married at East Langdon, 26th September 1620, William Pettitt.
3. Elizabeth Parramor (nee Marsh, 1606-16??) who married at East Langdon, 15th May 1623, John Parramor.
4. Marie.
5. Francis (1610-16??).
6. Robert Marsh of Marton (1612-16??).  Alive in 1654.
Brother of:
1. Elizabeth
Francis married firstly: Dorothy Raworth of Dover.
Francis and Dorothy had issue:
1. a son?
Francis married secondly: Elizabeth or Catherine.
Francis and Elizabeth had issue:
1. Francis Marsh (1643-17??) of Titchfield.
2. Possibly other children?

We know of Francis from the following sources:
1. The book 'History of the Ancient Family of Marsh' by Joseph J. Green, Archivist and Genealogist, 1903, revised to date by Wm. Ernest Marsh, of Marston, Bromley, Kent, 1912.  Page 210.

The note in the History of the Ancient Family of Marsh does not seem to be correct but reads as follows:

Francis Marsh MA, Perpetual Curate of Guston, near Dover, Curate of River and Lydden, 7th child and 2nd son of Francis Marsh of East Langdon, and of Catherine his 2nd wife, and half brother to the above Robert Marsh, baptised at East Langdon May 1614.  Married firstly at Dover (Licence 19th December 1639) Dorothy, daughter of Mr Raworth of Dover (about 36 ? 26) parents dead, and had issue a son who remained with his father at Guston, and inherited his property in Romney Marsh (Marsh-Caldwell pedigree).  There is an entry in the Guston Registers beautifully and extremely neatly written by Francis Marsh, curate of Guston, which informs us that Roger Marsh married by licence 12th July 1638, Mary Marsh.  Query whether this is the son in question. 

Francis Marsh MA married secondly 1643 (Prayer book owned by Miss Marsh-Caldwell of Linley Wood) Elizabeth and had issue Francis Marsh of Titchfield, Hampshire, born October 1643, in Kent.  Also a second child ? Marsh, who settled in Herts; this branch became extinct about the middle of the 18th century, and possessed considerable landed property (NB There is a printed funeral sermon by Thomas  Vincent, preacher at Milk St, London on John Marsh of Garston Hall, Watford, Hertfordshire, 1682.  This Hall is in the Ecclesiastical Parish of Leavesden, near Watford). 

Francis Marsh MA  was perhaps burried at East Langdon August 1650 but.  He signed the Parish Registers as Curate of Guston 1637-38, and entries of his are in an exceedingly fine and neat hand.  There is an entry also signed by one Francis Marsh, Curate of Guston in 1638-4; query whether the same Francis; the writing is similar to the former, and at this date he would only be about 70; the above entry of burial would not then, of course, relate to him.


I understand from Bill Marsh (2004) that the above, relating to a possible son called Roger Marsh, cannot be correct as follows:
How could anybody born 1614 have a son eligible for marriage in 1638? Roger Marsh was definitely not the son in question.  According to the marriage licence, Roger Marsh was of Alkham. Mary Marsh was given as the daughter of a Francis Marsh of East Langdon.


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