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Maj Francis Milbourne Marsh 1738-1782

Major of the 90th Regiment of Foot

Born: at Chatham the 9th April 1738.  Died at Brighthelmstone the 16th September, 1782.
Son of: Milbourne Marsh (1709-1779) and either Elizabeth Evans (widow of Mr Evans) (????-1776) in Kingston, Jamaica, 13 December 1734. Elizabeth died at Rochester12 January 1776 aged 67 years and 10 months.  Or Katharine (Catherine) Marsh (nee Soan)  who died 18 December 1776 at Chatham.
Brother of:
1. Eliza Crisp (nee Marsh, 1735-1785) who married James Crisp Esq (????-1779).
2. John Marsh (1746-1823) who married Lucy Gosling (Gostling) (1758?-1845).
Milboourne appears to have never been married.

We know of Francis from the following sources:
1. "History of the Ancient Family of Marsh" by Joseph J. Green, Archivist and Genealogist, 1903, revised to date by Wm. Ernest Marsh, of Marston, Bromley, Kent, 1912.
2. His will which is held in the Public Record Office in Kew (Prob 11/1095).
3. Entries copied from the Bible of Rev George Augustus Eliott Marsh.
4. Family letters from the Betty Harrison archive.
5. Captivity, Marriage and Influence: the entangled fortunes of the Marsh and Towry families, 1755-1808, by Roger Knight.


Major of 90th Regiment of Foot.

Francis in his will mentions many of his relations including his uncle George Marsh who together with James Morrison are the executors.  He mentions his Aunt Mary Duval the mother in law of James Morrison.  He also mentions Elanor Meyers the daughter or reputed daughter of Isaac Meyers (formally Sergent in the 60th Regiment of Foot and late of the Victualling Office at Chatham) by his wife Hannah.  He mentions his sister Elizabeth Crisp and his niece Elizabeth Mary Crisp.  The will was written 12 September 1782 and witnessed by his cousin William Marsh.  It was proved 30 September 1782.

In the copy of his will his middle name Milbourne is spelt "Milbourn".  George Marsh in his diary written in the late 1700s spells the family name as "Milbourne".

In the Name of  God Amen, I, Francis Milbourne Marsh, Major in his Majesty's Ninetieth Regiment of Foot, do make this my last Will and Testament as follows (that is to say) after payment of my Debts, Funeral charges and the expence of proving this my Will, I give devise and bequeath one equal third part of all my Estate both Real and Personal, and of whatsoever the same may consist of, or be, unto my loving Brother John Marsh to and for his own proper use for evermore, and as to the other Two thirds parts thereof, I give devise and bequeath the same unto my Dear Unkle George Marsh, his Execs Adms upon Trust, to invest such parts thereof as is not already invested in some one of the Public Funds, being Government security in the name of him the said George Marsh, his Exes Adms  etc in Trust, as to one moiety of the said  two thirds to stand possessed thereof for  and  to pay the Dividends and Interest thereof, subject and chargeable as hereinafter is mentioned, unto my Dear Aunt Mary Duval for  and during her natural  life, and from and after her decease (so subject and chargeable) to transfer the same unto her son in law, James Morrison  to and for his own proper use for  evermore, and I do hereby charge the said Moiety of any said  Estate, with the payment of  One Annuity or  yearly sum of Twenty Pounds by equal Half yearly payments to commence from my decease unto Eleanor Myers, the daughter or reputed Daughter of Isaac Myers (formerly Sergeant in his Majesty's 65th Regiment of Foot, and late of the Victualling Office, Chatham, by Hanah his wife, for and during her natural life, to  and for her own sole and separate use, and not subject or liable to the Debts, engagements or controul of any Husband she may marry, and In Trust as to the remaining moiety of the said two thirds parts of my Estate to stand possessed of the same for and to pay the Dividends and Interest thereof unto my Dear Sister Elizabeth Crisp for and during her  natural life, and from and after her decease, then In Trust to stand possessed of the same for and to pay the Dividends and Interest unto my Niece Elizabeth Maria Crisp, for and during her natural life, and from and after the decease of the Survivors of  them any said Sister and Neice, then In Trust to stand possessed thereof for  the aforesaid James Morrison, and to Transfer the same to him accordingly - And I hereby declare my mind and will to be  that the said James Morrison be considered my Residuary Legatee, and take accordingly - As to such parts of  my Estate and Effects as are hereby not fully and completely otherwise  given and disposed of, and notwithstanding anything heretofore contained, I desire that my Executors do  deliver unto my Servant - Jackson, private in the 90th Regiment of Foot, such of my Cloaths as they may think proper, and that they also advance and pay out of any Estate, such sum of Money as shall be requisite to obtain his Discharge from the said Regiment. - And lastly I hereby nominate and appoint my said Unkle George Marsh and the said James Morrison Executors of this my Will, hereby revoking all former  Wills by me made, and declare this only to be my last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof, I the said Francis Milbourne Marsh have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 12 day of September in the year of our Lord 1782.


Francis Milbourne Marsh

Signed sealed published and declared etc etc

In the presence of  William Marsh



Account with Mrs Duval ending 10th October 1796 relating to her Annuity from Major Marsh’s Estate.

An Account of money received by James Morrison for the use of Mrs Mary Duval, by the payment of George Marsh Esq., as Trustee under the Will of Major Francis Milbourne Marsh deceased bearing date 12th September 1782 whereby there is given to the said Mary Duval by way of Annuity the produce that shall arise yearly from a Share of his Estate, as by the Will is appointed.

Received of George Marsh Esq. by half yearly payments of the Dividends arising from the Share of Major Marsh’s Estate abovementioned, from Michaelmas Quarter 1782 to Michaelmas Quarter 1794 is 12 years at 35£ per annum: - 432.0.0

Ditto. From Michaelmas Quarter 1794 to Lady day Quarter 1796 is 1 ½ at the increased Dividend of48£ per annum: - 72.0.0

Ditto. For the half year from Lady day for Michaelmas 1796 at the farther encreased dividend of 58£ per annum:- 29.0.0


By Allowance to James Morrison by the said Mary Duval his Mother in Law in consideration of her living with him from the year 1771 to the present time, being 25 ½ years, comes out at the rate of £20.18.0 per year:- 533.0.0

We approve of the foregoing Statement and acknowledge ourselves to be content therewith, and that the account is adjusted and settled to this day. Witness our hands this 10th October 1796

Mary Duval

James Morrison

August 1797.

Mr Morrison

Account of Major Marsh’s Money in the Stocks in my name.


Stock 4 per cent Consols standing in the Name of George Marsh Esq. upon Trust under the Will of Major Francis Milbourne Marsh


October Transfer of Stock standing in Testators name          2,000

November Purchased                                                              800

1794 November Purchased                                                     600

1796 April Purchased                                                                         500

1797 August Purchased                                                          335

Yearly Dividend         £169.8.0 Half year £84.14.0

Total                                                                                        4235

Dr The Estate of Major Francis Milbourne Marsh in Account with James Morrison, one of his Executors of monies received and paid by him on account thereof, as follows.


October. Paid George Marsh Esq. for Expenses to Brighton and Draft of Testator Will. 4.4.6

Paid William Marsh Esq. balance of an account of monies and payments relating to Testator, including charges of his Funeral &c &c                                                 72.13.3

Paid Marsh and Abbot, Proctors their Bill.                                                    7.2.0

November. Paid Hugh Jonah Hansard, as by his account with Testator.       57.7.10

Paid Clark and Green, Mourning Rings as by account                                   77.18.9

Paid to George and William Marsh Esquires in consequence of an intention expressed by Testator before his death.                                                                                    42.0.0

Paid John Marsh Esq. to his account at Marsh & Creed his1/3 proportion of monies of the Estate then in hand.                                                                                        308.6.1

Paid for purchase of £800 4 per cent Consols into the Name of George Marsh Esq. upon Trust at 71 3/8 and Brokerage.                                                                   572

Paid Mudford Stable keeper, keep of a Pony at Bill                                      6.4.10

Paid Bayne, Taylor at Bill                                                                               6.12.6

Paid Ovey, Hatter at Bill                                                                                0.13.6


Paid John Jackson, Testator’s servant, arrears of pay due to him, and for obtaining his discharge as directed by will                                                                                     31.4.0


Paid Equitable Assurance Company One year Premium of Insurance of £1000 on the life of Colonel St.Leger, on a Policy granted to H.I. Hansard, held as a collateral Security.  



Paid S.Sherwood A tt y at Bill                                                                       3.13.10


Paid J.Foster, Law Charges in Fyling Bill in Chancery against Colonel St. Leger, afterwards compromising the Suit, and adding the expense to the Bond Debt. 47.17.4

November 11.Paid John Marsh Esq. 1/3 proportion of monies of the Estate, then in hand.


Paid for purchase of  £600 4 per Cent Consols into the name of George Marsh Esq. upon Trust at 84 and Brokerage.                                                                                     504.15.0


March 21st. Paid John Marsh Esq.1/3d proportion of monies of the Estate then in hand.


April. Paid purchase of £500 4 per Cent Consols into the name of George Marsh Esq. upon Trust at 84 ½ and Brokerage.                                                                   423.2.6


August. Paid John Marsh Esq. 1/3 proportion of monies in hand on Final Settlement of Testators Estate.                                                                                      107.12.7

Paid for the purchase of £335 4 per Cent Consols into the Name of George Marsh Esq. upon Trust at 64, Brokerage 8/6                                                                   214.16.6


Sportilage to balance                                                                                       3023.15.3

Per Contra


October. Received by payment of George Marsh Esq. Half a years Dividend of £3000 4 per Cent standing in Testators Name.                                                          60.0.0

Received of Marsh and Creed, Balance of their Account with Testator.      43.11.3

Received of Lieutenant Stratford Saunders on agreement of the Sale of the Testators Majority before his death, £1100 on his part, but the payment being made by an Irish Bill of Exchange produced only Stirling.                                                                     1088.8.8

Received for Poney sold at Auction.                                                              2.11.6


Received of Captain Fitch, Paymaster of the 90th Regiment as by Statement of Arrears and non effective allowance due to Testator after deducting Regimental Debt &c.84.4.6


Received of Colonel St.Leger on Settlement by Mr Forster in part of Bond Debt including Interest of Charges, a moiety.                                                            822.0.0


Received of Ditto out of Debentures issued for paying the Debts of the Prince of Wales, granted to the Colonel.                                                                                     600.0.0


August. Received of Colonel St. Leger on final Settlement of Bond Debt as follows. Remain due on Bond as Stated on its back August 1796.                                279.7.0

Interest from 3rd August 1796 to 3rd August 1797.                                        19.2.0

Allowed Insurance made on £300 on the Colonel’s life for one year.           24.10.6


Errors Excepted

London 17th August 1797

James Morrison




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