Francis Marsh nee Graham

of Knightsbridge in the County of Middlesex,


Born:  15 June 1770 and died 5 April 1805.
Daughter of:  (second daughter) John Graham Esq of the Supreme Council at Calcutta and later of Kinross. 
Sister of:
1. Not known
Frances married: William Marsh (1755-1846).  She was his second wife. 
Francis and William had issue:
1. Francis Mary Marsh (14 August 1797 - 2 May 1818).
2. William Marsh (18 October 1795 - 10 September 1824) who died on the day the bank crashed.  Surprisingly he died of natural causes and it would appear completely unconnected with the fall of the bank.
3. Mary Marsh (1798-1839).  Born 9 December 1798 and died 6 March 1839.  Buried 14 March at St Mary Magdalene, Gillingham, Kent.
4. Georgiana Nelson Marsh (1801-1861).  Born 7 January 1801 and died 24th March 1861.

Francis Marsh nee Graham: An Overview


Miniature portraits of William's first two wives.  
On the left Francis Marsh nee Graham.
On the right Amelia Marsh nee Cuthbert.

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Miniature Portraits of the first two wives of William Marsh 1755-1846 Amelia Cuthbert and Francis Graham.
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We know of Francis from the following sources:
1. Her miniature


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