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George Marsh painted by Lemuel Francis Abbott

Large portrait of George Marsh 1722-1800 painted in oil around 1780 by the artist Lemuel Francis Abbott 1760 or 1761-1802.  On the back is a note written in 1868 by his great grand daughter, Elizabeth Louisa Marsh Caldwell, so it is likely that the portrait was in the Caldwell family home of Linley Wood at that time.  It is not recorded as being at Linley Wood in 1925 so presumably Elizabeth gave it away to another member of the family before she died in 1913.  The portrait was auctioned in 1986 and this is recorded in the National Portrait Gallery archive, London.  The portrait then came up for auction 33 years later in 2019 in Connecticut, America.  

The artist Lemuel Francis Abbott painted a lot of the people associated with the Navy Office.  He painted a portrait of George Marsh's son William Marsh presumably around the same time.  Also a portrait of William's father-in-law Arthur Cuthbert.  Also James Heath the engraver.


The above portrait is unsigned but on the back is a note Reynolds.  It is known that Reynolds painted a number of copies of portraits of people associated with the Navy and this may be one of them.  The portrait itself was passed down in the family of George's brother Milbourne Marsh.

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