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Entries copied from the Bible of Rev George Augustus Eliott Marsh


The following notes are copied from a copy made presumably in 1848 by John Milbourne Augustus Marsh (1820-1891).
The copy reads as follows:


Copies of Entries in an old Bible, now, 1848, in the possession of George Marsh, Rector of Bangor.


Entries in the handwriting of John Marsh

"This Bible was the Gift of Mrs Ann Gostling to Mr John Marsh at Twickenham, December, 1786. Lucy Gostling and John Marsh were married in St.George's Church, Bloombury on the 11th of June, 1785.


John Marsh, born at Chatham in Kent, April 5th 1747.


Lucy Gostling, born June 4th, 1759


Issue of John and Lucy Marsh. 


Elizabeth Escott Marsh, born 12th of April 1786 in Bloomsbury Square.

My Mother in Law Mrs Ann Gostling, Mrs William Marsh - Godmothers.

Mr John Kirkpatrick Escott, Godfather. 


John Milbourne Marsh, born 22nd July 1787 at Fulham, Christened there on ye 8th Sept following. My mother-in-Law Mrs Ann Gostling stood Godmother, and My Uncle George Marsh, (by his son William Marsh) and my Brother-in-Law George Gostling, Godfathers.


Eliza and John were inoculated at Battersea ye 6th March, 1788


George Augustus Elliot Marsh, born the 15th of August 1790 at Battersea, and christened there on the 11th of September following by the Reverend Mr Harpur of ye British Museum.


Lord Heathfield, My Uncle George Marsh (by Mr James Morrison) and Major Webber (by myself) - Godfathers. My Mother in Law, Mrs Ann Gostling (by Mrs Porton) and my niece,  Mrs Shee (by Miss Stoney) - Godmothers.


James Gerard Marsh born the 25th of October 1796 at No.15 Berners Street, London, and christened there the 29th day of November following by the Reverend Mr William Graham of Epsom. Godmothers, Mrs Ann Gostling (my Mother-in-Law, Mrs William Marsh [Francis Marsh nee Graham (1770-1805)] (wife of William Marsh). Godfathers, Major General Marsh, Gerard De Visme Esq.


George Marsh, born 1 December 1683

Elizabeth Milbourne (his wife) 29 September 1687

There were married the 24th of September 1707


Their Issue,


Francis Marsh born 16th Sept 1708

Milbourne, father of John Marsh, Consulat Malaga born 10th Oct 1709

Mary Marsh, born 5th Oct 1712

Daniel Marsh, born 10th March 1716

George Marsh (1st) 2 June 1714

John Marsh born 2 June 1718

George Marsh (2nd) Commissioner of the Navy born 16th January 1722

Elizabeth Marsh, born 23 June 1724


Milbourne Marsh, father of John Marsh, died at Rochester the 17th of May 1779 aged 69 years and 5 months and 4 days. 

Elizabeth Marsh, mother of John Marsh died at Rochester the 12th January, 1776 aged 67 years and 10 months. 


Francis Millbourne Marsh, brother of John Marsh, and Major of the 90th Regiment of Foot, died at Brighthelmstone the 16th September, 1782. Born at Chatham the 9th April 1738


Elizabeth Crisp, sister of Francis Millbourne and John Marsh, born at Portsmouth the 14th of September, 1735. Died at Calcutta in India, the 30th April 1785.


John Marsh born at Chatham, 5th April 1747. 


Burrish Crisp , son of Elizabeth Crisp, born in London, 27th April 1764, died at Calcutta. Elizabeth Maria Crisp his sister born 9th April 1766.


Entries in the handwriting of Milbourne Marsh, father of John Marsh

Elizabeth Marsh was born of Milbourne Marsh and Elizabeth Marsh, Sept 14, 1735 at Portsmouth.
Francis Millbourne was born of Milbourne Marsh and Elizabeth April 9th, 1738 at Chatham.
Mary Marsh was born of  Milbourne and Elizabeth the 26th day of Septemeber 1739 at Chatham and departed this life the 16th day of November, 1739.
John of Milbourne, and Elizabeth Marsh was born the 5th of April 1747 at Chatham.


End of document.