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Georgina Nelson Marsh 1801-1861 of 11 York Gate, Regent's Park, London, England


Born: 7 January 1801, died 24 March 1861.
Daughter of: William Marsh (1756?-1846) the banker and his second wife Francis Graham (1770-1805), second daughter of John Graham Esq of the Supreme Council at Calcutta.  
Half sister of:
1. Arthur Cuthbert Marsh (1786-1849) who married Anne Caldwell (1791-1874).
2. Amelia Marsh (1786-1860).
3. George Marsh (1795 - 30 July 1868) of Mossel Bay, Cape of Good Hope.
4. Madame Anne Gabiou nee Marsh (1792 - 1870) who married Monsieur Gabiou de Chanceaux.
5. Sarah Marsh (17 March 1793 and died 14 August 1793).
Sister of:
6. Francis Mary Marsh (14 August 1797 - 2 May 1818).
7. William Marsh (1795- 10 September 1824).
8. Mary Marsh (1799?-1839) who died 6 March and was buried 14 March at St Mary Magdalene, Gillingham, Kent.
Georgina did not marry.

Georgina was named after Admiral Horatio Nelson.  Her Godmother was Lady Nelson.  She was the youngest of the family and never married.  Presumably she lived most of her life with her father.  In 1840 she bought (or her father bought in her name) 10 York Gate, Regent's Park.  A collection of documents including a number of letters relating to this are held at the Staffordshire Record Office 4229/1/3/1.  No 11 York Gate seems to have been used as a town house for all the family up until 1861 when Georgiana died and the property was sold.


A record of her estate at the time of her death, is held in the Stafford Record Office 4229/1/3/6/3  2of3.  It reads as follows:

23 February 1861

Substance of New Will

Mr Loring and Mr. Wynne Executors and Trustees.

Legacy of £19.19 to each

£100 to Mr Loring in addition

Furniture, linen, glass, china, books, pictures, prints, wines, liqueurs, fuel, housekeeping stores and provisions and other effects of the like nature and all wearing apparel and jewellery and personal ornaments to Madame Gabiou and Mrs Crofton equally.

Plate and plated articles to brother George.

Gas shares (Imperial) to Mrs Crofton

£19.19 each to Col.Crofton Captain Heath and Mr. Haden.

£100 free of duty to Pointer.

In case of his death to go to his wife.

£19.19 to Mrs Pointer.

£100 to Charlotte E. Fryer free of duty.

£5 to Mrs Prigge.

Copyhold Estates devised to Mr Loring upon trust for sale proceeds to form part of residue.

Freehold and leaseholds and residue of personal estate given to Executors upon trust to convert into money (but leasehold house in York Gate not to be sold during life of sister Amelia without her consent).

The proceeds to be held upon trust to invest same and pay income to Sister Amelia for life - At her death to pay one moiety of the Capital and Income to Mrs Crofton absolutely.

And to pay income of the other moiety to Nephew William Wheeler Marsh for life. 

At his death Capital and income of same moiety to Nephews Arthur Henry Marsh and Egbert Blitterman Marsh equally.

All legacies to be paid in 3 months and legacies to females to be for separate use.

Legacies to Minors to be paid to their parents or guardians.

Trust estates given to trustees.

Trustees receipt to be good discharge.

Power to appoint new trustees with usual clauses for indemnity of trustees.


Statement of the property of Miss Georgina Nelson Marsh - Died 24th March 1861.

Cash in the House19.9.7

A few French and other Foreign pieces about.-.10.-

Cash at Bankers - Drummonds110.3.3

£727.10.0 London & North Western Consolidated Stock 4/2 per Cents say.700.-.

£1010 Great India Peninsula Railway Company  5 per Cents say1000.-

£10 Consolidated 5 per Cent preference Stock of Great Northern Railway Company say-10.-

[ A £2.10 - Call now over due]

£12 Great Northern Debenture Stock @ 4/2 of Ditto say12.-

£30 Great Northern Debenture Stock (4 per Cent) say30

Dividend Warrant on 10 5 per Cent preference Stock of the Great Northern Railway Company.-.4


Imperial Gas Shares

Old one80.80|

New one54.-|134.10.-

Furniture, plate and Jewellery567.16.-

Leasehold House at York Gate Regents Park220.-.-

Leasehold House in Sloane Street220.-.-

Rents due

Moses York Gate35.-.-Hunter - Sloane Street15.15.-

Green - Lambeth30.-.-

Proportion of Dividends on Stocks.

On £6339.5.6 Consols 45

£2598.17.11 Consols 18

£300 East India Railway


270 Great Northern Stock 4.2..-70.12.-

Half years interest on Mrs Charles Abbott Delmars32.7.-


Proportion of Current ½ years interest on Mr C.A. Delmar's Mortgage

Ditto on General Frederick's Les

These proportions are Trust calculated with exactness but merely stated generally for Probate.



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