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John Marsh the elder 14??-1545?, of East Langdon, Kent

Born: ???? and made his last will 17th October 1544 and presumably died shortly afterwards.
Son of: William Marsh of East Langdon.
Brother of: not known.
John married: Johan
John and Johan had issue:
1. Willam Marsh, (living 1526).
2. Stephen Marsh of Marton, (living 1544).
3. John Marsh (15??-1595) of St Mary's Dover, Yeoman.
4. Robert Marsh (15??-1600) of Marton.
5. Richard Marsh (living 1544).
6. Kirchen (or Christian) Poore (nee Marsh, living 1595) who married Henry Poore in 1595.
7. Alys Browne (nee Marsh, living 1595) who married Robert Browne.
8. David Marsh who married Nicholyn.

We know of John from the following sources:

  1. "History of the Ancient Family of Marsh" by Joseph J. Green, Archivist and Genealogist, 1903, revised to date by Wm. Ernest Marsh, of Marston, Bromley, Kent, 1912.

We know very little about this person.

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