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Katharine Marsh (17??-1801?)

Of the Parish of St Margarets, Rochester, Kent.

Second wife of Milbourne Marsh


Born: not known but died after 21 November 1800 and before 28 February 1801.
Daughter of: not known (possible family name Twopenny).
Sister of: not known.
Katharine was the second wife of: Milbourne Marsh (1709-1778).
It is assumed that Katherine did not have any children.  Her husband Milbourne Marsh had a number of children presumably by his first wife.

We know of Katharine only from her will (prob 11/1354) and the will of her husband Milbourne Marsh (prob 11/1053), both wills being in the Public Record Office at Kew.  She names as her executors her brother in law George Marsh Commissioner of the Navy, her nephews Reverend Richard Twopenny of Rutland and Edward Soan Twopenny of Rochester, Kent.  She also mentions William Twopenny of Rochester, her friend Ralph Banks, her maid Betty Taylor.  Her will was written 13 October 1794 and 21 November 1800.  It was proved 28 February 1801.  She requested to be buried in the Cathedral Church of Rochester.  Reference is also made to her in the Family letters from the Betty Harrison archive.


Notes from the Betty Harrison archive are as follows:


Account Current with Mr Marsh as Executor  of the Surviving Trustee of  Milbourne Marsh Esq. with his Residuary Legatees.

(Page Left)

Mr William Marsh. {As Executor of George Marsh Esq. surviving Trustee and Executor of Milbourne Marsh Esq. of V.O. Chatham, in Account Current with Mr Marsh Esq. and Lady Shee, Residuary Legatees of the said Milbourne Marsh Esq. }



18 April. To Cash of Mr Thomas Penn for sale of the house and goods and fixtures lately occupied by Mrs Katherine Marsh, St.Margarets Bank, Rochester. £460.1.”

14 April. To dividend at the Bank on £700 3 per cent Consols in Trust for the use of the [widow?] Mrs [‘Milbourne’ crossed out] Katherine Marsh, death 5th instant. £10.10.-

19 May. To Cash [folless?] Mssrs Clarke & Son Jewellers for 203oz. 13- of gold plate at 6s/ per oz. £61.1.10




20th May. To Balance due to the Residuary Legatees of M.Marsh Esq [‘£497.12.5’ crossed out.]

House -                        £335.0.0

Goods -                       £148.9.5


Cash for Fixtures -          £4.18


5th October. To Balance due to Residuary Legatees of M.Marsh Esq. £475.12.7

N.B: The £700 Consols is also to be transferred agreeable to the Will of Milbourne Marsh Esq.


Memorandum: The £700 Consols was transferred the 6th October 1801 into the names of Sir [George?] Shee Bt, Under Secretary of State and John Marsh Esq, Chairman of the Victualling Board. It stood in the names of George Marsh, George Kirby and John Matthews, Executors of Milbourne Marsh Esq.

Per Contra (right side of page)



18 April. By paid Mr Wm Benifold Auctioneer as per his Bill, the Duty, Charges and Expenses on the sale of the goods. £23.13.5

Stamp £0.1.7

By ditto, ditto for the sale of the house. £7.4.6

14 April. By paid Mr Twopenny Executor of Mrs K. Marsh the Dividend on the £700 Consols. £10.10.-

By debit for Sundry Advertisments of the sale of the house in the London Papers.

By Debit, Portage with Mr Twopenny, Matthews, P- £0.15.6

By Balance [‘£487.12.5’ crossed out]

[‘£531.12.10’ crossed out]



20 May. By 2 hundred catalogues subsequently paid Mr Benifold for by Mr Penn and which should have been deducted by him out of his remittance of £460.1.0. - £2.12.6

By paid to Susan for looking after the house, Mrs M’s late servant and Mr Parra[?]£0.10.6

5th October. By paid Mr Twopenny sundry disbursements as per his accounts. £8.16.10.


Balance due to Legatees - £475.12.7




5th October. Debit on [Maw?] Sibbald [Esq?] to Sir George Shee, Bart one ½ - £237.16.3½

Ditto Ditto to John Marsh Esq - £237.16.3½


Accounts of Messrs Benifold, Auctioneer at Chatham.

The Executors of the late Mrs Marsh to John Benifold.


Marsh 24. Selling estate by Auction at Bull Rochester - £4.4.0

5 hundred folio Bills -                         £0.18.0

2 men posting ditto and paste.            £0.12.0

Twice crying Rochester and Chatham £0.8.6

Expence of Room -                             £1.2.0


April 10th 1801

Settled Wm Benifold.


State of Account the Executors of the late Mrs Marsh with John Benifold.


Deposit from Sale of Estate -                         £67.0.0

Sale of Goods -                                   £140.9.5

Valuation to Mr Prew[?] of Fixtures - £4.18.0



Bill of Expenses for selling Estate -    £7.4.6

Bill of ditto for Furniture and Duty - £23.13.5

Stamp -                                                £0.1.0




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