Diary of William Marsh (1755-1846)

Covering the years 1823 and 1824 recording the crash of the family banking firm of Marsh, Sibbald and Co.


Note added in the front by his grand daughter Louisa Marsh-Caldwell

It is necessary for the instruction of those who come after us and who may read this volume of our Grandfather's diary, that it should be remarked that the mention of the proceedings of the General Post Office as regards our Grandfather, at the time of the ruin of his "House" through the malpractice of Fauntleroy , arose from the fact that our Grandfather had made himself a "surety" for one of his cousins, Mr John Marsh's eldest son (in common with the members of the latter's family). When young Mr Marsh obtained the appointment of Postmaster in the West Indies, his affairs became embarrassed and thus the General Post Office in London came down upon our Grandfather as a first claim, as soon as his own affairs, through the guilt of others, became involved.

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A claim from the Bank of England, which had also been defrauded by Fauntleroy on the Banking House of which our Grandfather was the Head Partner and Fauntleroy one of the junior and the principal working Partners, ruined that House, as without this claim on the part of the Bank of England, the "House" in spite of its heavy losses through Fauntleroy's malpractices, could have righted itself and gone on. A fact acknowledged at the time by all who were acquainted with its affairs (Anyway, be it remembered it ultimately paid 20/in the

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