Miniature Portrait of William Marsh 1755-1846 of Knightsbridge in the County of Middlesex  then of York Gate Regents Park England. Painted by Andrew Robertson or John Wright or William Naish.

Miniature Portrait of William Marsh
of Knightsbridge in the County of Middlesex,
 then of York Gate, Regents Park, England

Probably painted around 1794 when William married his second wife Francis Graham.  William would have been approx 39 years of age and wigs were still in fashion.  Possibly painted by John Wright (1745-1820), or Andrew Robertson (1777-1845) or William Naish (died 1800).  This miniature is a larger size than most and a larger size miniature is also known to exist of his wife Francis.  Presumably these two miniatures were painted at the same time by the same artist.

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