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William Miller

Born: 1674? and died 18 May 1732 aged 58.
Son of: not known.
Brother of: not known.
William married: not known.
William and his wife had issue:
1. Jean Dunbar (nee Miller) who married Robert Dunbar.
2. Possibly others?

William Miller: An Overview

We know about William from the following:
1. The book "Records of the Heath Family", by George Heath 1907.
2. The book "Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae", by Hew Scott, Edinburgh 1870 which gives details of all the church ministers from the Reformation onwards

William Millar was born in England c. 1674 and got his degree from Edinburgh 27 Feb 1694. He was ordained 6 April 1699 in the parish of Chernside. He moved to Meigle parish on 31 December 1702 and then to Lady Yester's Church, Edinburgh 1 July 1708. He went to Old Greyfriars on 11 Jan 1721. Nominated one of the Deans of the Chapel Royal 1727 and Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty. Died on 18 May 1732 aged 58.

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