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Who was the artist who painted these small oval portraits on copper in the mid 1700s?

These portraits are about 6cm to 12cm in height so could be referred to as miniature portraits from the eighteenth century.  Probably English but they could be Scottish.  On the other hand they could be by the French artist Jacques Bisson (died 1737?).

Our portrait was of probably of John Crompton who lived in Lancashire so it is possible that this artist was based in or near Lancashire.

The portrait of the unknown man in the red coat is definitely by the same artist and the sitter does look very similar to Abraham Crompton so could even be of the same family.

The portrait of Captain Thomas Dalyell looks to be by the same artist.  Does anyone know who Captain Thomas Dalyell was and in particular where did he live?

The portraits of the man in the grey coat and the accompanying portrait of a lady in an orange dress (presumably husband and wife) could possibly also be by the same artist but unfortunately we do not know who they were.

If anyone on the internet has any ideas, please do contact me.