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James Carrick Moore 1762-1840
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James Carrick Moore


James Carrick Moore 1762-1840
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Born: 1762 and died 1860
Son of: Dr John Moore (1730-1802) and Jean Moore (nee Simson, 1735-1820).
Brother of:
1. Jane Moore (1758-1843).
2. Lieut-General Sir John Moore (1761-1809).
4. Adm Sir Graham Moore (1764-1843) who married D Eden (1789-1875).
5. Charles Moore (1770-1809).
6. Francis Moore (1767-1854) who married Lady Eglinton.
James married: Harriet Henderson (1779-1866) who was the daughter of John Henderson (?-1785) and Jane Henderson (nee Esmeade).
James and Harriet had issue:
1. Harriet Moore (1801-1884).
2. Louisa Moore (1802-1853).
3. Julia Moore (1803-1904).
4. John Carrick Moore (1805-1898) who married Caroline. Bradley (1816-1877).
5. Graham Francis Moore (1806-1883) who took on the name Graham Michel Esmeade


James Carrick Moore: An Overview

We know about John from:
1. The book "Records of the Carrick Moore Family" by George Heath, 1912.

In 1821 James inherited a fortune left to him by a distant relative, Robin Carrick who was a Banker in Scotland who died without any children.  Robin Carrick's mother was Margaret Carrick (nee Paisley) and she was the daughter of Anna Paisley (nee Simson).  Anna's brother was John Simson who was the father of Jean Moore (nee Simson) who married Dr John Moore.  One of their son's was James Carrick Moore.


Harriet Moore nee Henderson 1779-1866
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Pair of Portraits of 
Harriet Moore nee Henderson
 and her husband 
James Carrick Moore


James Carrick Moore 1762-1840
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