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Sir James William Morrison


Deputy Master of the Mint

Born: possibly 1774? and died 27 June 1856 at The Hermitage, Snaresbrook, in his 83rd year.
Son of: James Morrison (1738?-1803) and Margaret (possibly Elizabeth) Morrison (nee Duval).
Brother of:
1. Mary Morrison, who died unmarried.
2. Elizabeth (Eliza) Morrison, who died unmarried.
3. Margaret Stokes (nee Morrison, 17??-1797) who married John Stokes and had one daughter born at the Tower of London in 1797 and died aged 15.
4. Ann C Morrison (17??-1824) who died unmarried.
James married: 9 March 1809 at Hemsworth, Yorkshire, Jane Simpson (1789?-1871), only daughter of Rev John Simpson.
James and Jane had issue:
1. Not known

We know of James from the following sources:
1. The "Marsh Family History" compiled Mr W Earnest Marsh in the early 1900s. This does not give us much information except to list his name, wife and dates.
2. Information supplied to be by William Morrison-Bell in 2005.
3. A manuscript in the University of London Library.


A note from the University of London library:

Sir James William Morrison (1774-1850) was Third Clerk to the Master of the Royal Mint, 1792, and also worked as an assistant in the melting house. On 31 Dec 1801, he replaced his father, James Morrison, as First Clerk, Purveyor and Deputy Master of the Mint, a post which he held until 1850.


There exists in the University of London library a document:

Manuscript volume containing a treatise by Sir James William Morrison, First Clerk and Deputy Master of the Royal Mint, entitled 'Memoirs and observations on the melting and casting of silver for the coinage at his Majesty's Mint', 1807. The manuscript discusses previous techniques in melting, especially experiments made by his father James Morrison, Deputy Master of the Mint from 1787-1799, based on his papers, and his own experiments made with the help of Robert Mushet, Third Clerk to the Master of the Mint, and Robert Bingley, the Assay Master (1798-1836).


I understand that there is a monument to James Williams Morrison in the St Nicholas parish church in Sutton, Surrey.  It records he was Deputy Master of the Mint.  It is also recorded that Lady Morrison contributed "munificently" to the rebuilding of the church in 1862 and the east window is attributed as her gift. The window has no inscription but in a small pane there is the picture of a lady lifting a window with identical tracery into position.


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