Anna Morthland (nee Simson)

Born: 15 August 1720 at Glasgow and died at Pentonville, 11 March 1802 in the 82nd year of her age
Daughter of: John Simson (1667-1740) and Janet Simson (nee Stirling, 1691-1782)
Sister of:
1. Patrick Simson (1712-1716).
2. James Simson (1713-1716).
3. Margaret Simson (1715-1725).
4. Elizabeth Simson (1717-1721).
5. Joanna Simson (1719-1731).
6. Sarah Simson (1722-1723).
7. John Simson (1723-1730).
8. Elizabeth Simson (1724-?).
9. Patrick Simson (1727-1723).
10. James Simson (1729-1777).
11. Margaret Simson (1731-1733).
12. Sarah Simson (1732-1735).
13. Jean Moore (nee Simson, 1735-1820) who married Dr John Moore (1730-1802).
Anna married: Mathew Morthland of Rhindmuir.
Anna and Mathew had issue:
1. Jean (or Jane) Dunbar (nee Morthland, 1747-1815) who married William Dunbar (17??-1800)
2. Robina Hare (nee Morthland, 1747?-1832) who married Chr Hare.
3. John Morthland (17??-1807).

Anna Morthland (nee Simson): An Overview

We know about Anna from:
1. The book "Records of the Heath Family", by George Heath 1907.
2. The book "Records of the Carrick Moore Family" by George Heath, 1912.





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