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Matthew Morthland
early 1700s to 1765?
Lived in Rinmuir, Scotland

Born: Not known but possibly died 5th June 1765 and is possibly buried in Shettleston Old Parish Churchyard, Glasgow.  However it is more likely that he died after 1770.
Son of: Charles Morthland and Robina Brisbane.
Brother of: Not known.
Matthew married: Anna Simson (1720-1802), daughter of John Simson (1667-1740) and Janet Simson (nee Stirling, 1691-1782)
Matthew and Anna had issue:
1. Jean (or Jane) Dunbar (nee Morthland, 1747-1815) who married William Dunbar (17??-1800).
2. Robina Hare (nee Morthland, 1747?-1832) who married Chr Hare.
3. John Morthland (17??-1807).

Matthew Morthland: An Overview

Matthew appears to have been one of the promoters of the Monkland Canal - designed by the famous James Watt, in 1770.  The canal was to pass through an area where John Stirling was a major land owner and it would appear that Matthew also owned land on the planned route.  Much correspondence exisits between John Stirling and Matthew and both were intial subscribers to the financing of the canal. Matthew was in fact the treasurer, which may indicate that he was an accountant or solicitor and this ties up with family records which note him being a lawyer.  Later in May, 1782 the canal had to be re-financed and the name of his son appears, John Morthland - Advocate (Scottish senior barrister) who took up 15 out of the 101 shares with John Stirling again investing, this time 26 shares.

Regarding the original subscription to build the canal see 'The Monkland Canal - A Sketch of the Early History' by Dr.George Thomson of Coatbridge, pub.1945. He quotes his source as being 'The Glasgow Journal' 4 Jan 1770.

Rinmuir - later known as Rhindmuir is approx. 6 miles east of central Glasgow.  In 1764 Matthew certainly live at Rhindmuir House, Swinton, near Baillieston, Glasgow.

Matthew's John became a Barrister and he is recorded in the matriculation rolls of Glasgow University.  He matriculated in the first year Latin class taught by George Muirhead in 1764.  The entry is: 2366 [his matriculation number] Joannes Morthland filius natu major Matthei de Rhindmuir.  The accompanying note is Advocate 1773; Advocate-Depute 1783.  Died at London 22 March 1807.



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