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Dr Joseph Mansergh Palmer (1850-1924) of Armagh


Born: 1850 and died 21 December 1924 and is buried at Armagh Cathedral.

Son of: Thomas Montgomery Palmer (1823-18??, known as Thomas of Durrow) and Charlotte Palmer (nee Ellis).

Brother of:

  1. Abraham Palmer (never married and died in Australia 19??).
  2. Rev Montgomery Palmer M.A. Rector of Wicklow.
  3. Frederick Thomas Palmer (1858-1890) who married Edith Caroline Bull.
  4. Catherine Sparling nee Palmer (1853-1898) who married George Christopher Sparling.

Joseph married: Georgina Berlinda Palmer (nee Hartford, 1846-1939) at St Paul's church, Portarlington, 19 Sept 1878.

Joseph and Georgina had issue:

  1. Vice Admiral Alexander Robinson Palmer (1879-1958) who married Charlotte Helen Burke in 1906.
  2. Miss Georgina Wilhelmina Palmer (27 Aug 1880 to 19??).
  3. Commander Edwin Mansergh Palmer RN OBE (1882-1963).
  4. Major Richard Lodge Palmer DSO MC, Royal Artillery, (1883-1956?) who married Iris Irma Leveson-Gower (1899-1944).
  5. Violet Charlotte Mary Heath-Caldwell (nee Palmer, 1885-1971) who married Rev Capt Cuthbert Helsham Heath-Caldwell (1889-1979).
  6. Irving Montgomery Palmer RN OBE (1889-19??).


Dr Joseph Mansergh Palmer D.L. J.P. F.R.C.S.I., of Derreen Queen's County, surgeon of the Armagh County for 46 years.  He was Deputy Lord Lieutenant and High Sherrif of Armagh County, Ireland (1906).  His family had been settled in Ireland for 3 centuries. 

WEDDING: PALMER and HARTFORD – on 19.09.1878 at St. Paul’s church, Portarlington, by the Rev. W. Moore Morgan M.A. (brother in law of the bride), assisted by by the Rev. J.R. Triphook M.A., Precentor of Killaloe, Incumbent. Joseph Manseragh Palmer L.R.C.S.I., M.D., Armagh. Eldest son of Thomas Montgomery Palmer Esq., ‘Lakefield’, Durrow, Queen’s County, to Georgina Belinda, daughter of Augustus Hartford Esq., J.P., ‘Rose Court’, Portarlington, late Captain of the 50th Regiment.

At the entrance to Armagh Hospital there is a memorial plaque which reads:
The Two Principal Wards of this Infirmary with the Entrance Hall, Board Room, Operating Room, Surgery and Stair-Case, have been ReConstructed by Public subscription, in Commemoration of the  Great Services rendered by SURGEON PALMER and the STAFF of this INSTITUTION, to the Sufferers in the Railway Accident near Armagh, 18th June 1889.


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