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Thomas Montgomery Palmer


Born: 2 December 1823 and died 13 October 1879.
Son of: Joseph Lodge Palmer (1798-1885) and Sarah Wilson (1807?-18??). 
Brother of:

1. Hannah Maria Palmer (1822-????) who married Theophilus Sparling (1821-1848) and later Phillip Sparling (1831-????).
2. John Wilson Palmer (1825-????).
3. Caroline Elizabeth Palmer (1826-1905) who married Augustus Sparling (1819-????).
4. Joseph Lodge Palmer (1828-1889) who married Laura Ann Stephen (18??-1909).  They had a daughter Lena Palmer (????-1922).
5. Richard Francis Palmer (1829-????).
6. William Henry Palmer (1831-????).
7. Robert Frederick Palmer (1833-????).
8. Mary Anne Patterson nee Palmer (1835-????) who married William Henry Patterson, editor of an Irish newspaper in America.
9. Sarah Anne Palmer (1837-????).
10. Francis Kent Palmer (1839-????).
11. George Henry Palmer (1840-????).
12. Elizabeth Palmer (1842-????) who married Joseph Parker (1829-1905)..
13. Charles Montgomery Palmer (1844-????).
14. Palmer (1846-????).
15. Ann Marie Palmer (1846-????).
16. Reuben Hastings Palmer (1848-????) or could be Reuben Elliott Palmer (1848-????) who married Louisa E. Browne.
17. Angelina Palmer (1850-????).
18. Sheridan Palmer (1852-????).
19. Montgomery Palmer (1855-????) who married Mary Smith (1856-19??).
20. Plus two other children, names not known.

Thomas married: in 1849 Charlotte Ellis .
Thomas and Charlotte had issue:
1. Abraham Palmer (never married and died in Australia 19??).
2. Joseph Mansergh Palmer (1850-1924) who married Georgina Berlinda Palmer (nee Hartford, 18??-19??).
3. Rev Montgomery Palmer M.A.
4. Frederick Thomas Palmer (1858-1890) who married Edith Caroline Bull.
5. Catherine Sparling nee Palmer (1853-1898) who married George Christopher Sparling.
6. Plus 4 other children, names not known?

Thomas Montgomery Palmer: An Overview

The above information was I understand taken from a book 'Palmer Paths' written by Hallie Palmer Becksted and printed for her family around 1988.  I have not yet seen a copy of this book.

I understand that Thomas was a draper.  He died in 1879 after a boil went septic.  His son Joseph attempted to save him but was not successful.

Thomas's sister Mary Ann Palmer was born 3/1/1835 and emigrated to Brooklyn, NY possibly around 1865.  She married 12/8/1870 William Henry Patterson who was an editor of an Irish newspaper.  There daughter Katherine G. Patterson married Joseph Banks Reford Jr. 


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