William Malin Roscoe

Born: 1857 and died in London 24 July 1915.
Son of: William Caldwell Roscoe (1823-1859) and Emily Sophia Malin .
Brother of:
1. Elizabeth Mary born 1856 and died 24 March 1836.
2. Margaret (1858-1919) who married Geoffrey New.
William married: Agnes Muriel Roscoe (1859-1949), daughter of Charles Thomas (1821-1909) and Lucy Browne (1825-1909).
They had issue:
1. William Roscoe (1883-1949).

William Malin Roscoe: An Overview

Ray Lampert has written a short biography about William Malin Roscoe as follows:

William Malin Roscoe was born in 1857 in Carnarvon (Caernarfon) Wales.  He had a younger sister Margaret Henrietta (born in 1858) and an older sister Elizabeth Mary (born in 1856).  Their mother Emily Sophia (Malin) was widowed in 1859 when their father William Caldwell Roscoe died (they were only married in 1855).  The 1861 census shows that they went to live with their mother Emily

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