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Hamilton Maria Sanford (nee Hesketh, 1845-1895) known as Hammie

Born: 9 February 1845 in Rua de Infante, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, British Subject, and died Sep 1895 in South Stoneham. 
Daugher ofRobert Hesketh (1789-1868) and Georgiana Raynsford (1819-1910).
Sister of:
1. Robert Raynsford Hesketh (1837-1854).  Ensign 22nd Madras Native Infantry, died in India.
2. William Crosbie Hesketh (1839-????), Lieutenant in the Royal Marine Artillery.
3. George Hesketh (1840- after 1861), Lieutenant in the Royal Navy.
4. Eliza Jane Jones (nee Hesketh, 1842-1869) who married Capt Henry Helsham Helsham-Jones.
5. Henry John Hesketh (1843-1871), Lieutenant in the Royal Navy.
6. Georgiana Sarah Hesketh (1846-19??, known as Netta).  Never married.
7. Hanbury Bold Hesketh (1848-1852).
8. Spenser Bold Hesketh (1853-????).
9 Mary Sophie Hesketh (1853-195?, known as Sophie).  Never married.  Born 23 April 1853 and lived to be over 100.
10. Harriet Lucy Hesketh (1854-19??, known as Harrietta).  Never married.
11. Earnest Johnston Hesketh (1856-????).
12. Harold Owen Hesketh (1857-1876).
Hamilton married:  Lt Gen George Edward Langham Somerset Sanford RE (1840-1901), March 1867 in Southampton, England.  He was born 1841 in Grahamstown, Cape of Good Hope.
Hamilton and George had issue:
1. Mary Grace Sandford, born 1868 in Camberwell, Surrey, England.
2. Harriet Maria Sandford, born 1869 in Fawley, Southampton, England.
3. Hamilton Sandford, born Sep 1871 in N. Forest, Southampton, England. 

We know about Hamie as she her photograph is in the photo album of her bother in law Col Henry Helsham Jones.

Col Henry Helsham Jones and Lt Gen George Edward Langham Somerset Sanford where both in the Royal Engineers.  George married Hammie Hesketh in March 1867 and Henry married Elizabeth Hesketh in August 1867. 



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