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Adam Simson


Born: 1594 and died 24 June 1642 and was buried at Enniskilling.
Son of: Patrick Simson (1556-1618) and Martha Simson (nee Barron, 15??-1601).
Brother of:
1. James Simson.
2. Janet Simson.
3. ? Simson.
4. Isabel Simson.
5.  Lilias Simson (1590-1657).
Adam Married: at Kirkaldye, Sunday 16 January 1618, Margaret Spens daughter of David Spens, Minister of Kirkaldye, and Margaret Fergusson
Adam and Margaret had issue:
1. Lias Simson (1619-1620).
2. Marion Simson (1620-????).
3. Elizabeth Simson (1623-????).
4. Margaret Simson (1626-????).
5. Patrick Simson (1628-1715) who married 1st Elizabeth Hay (16??-1662), 2nd Janet Peadie (1635-1714).
6. John Simson (1629-????).
7. Archibald Simson (1632-1632).
8. Harriet Simson (1634-????).

Adam Simson: An Overview

We know about Patrick from the book "Records of the Carrick Moore Family" by George Heath, 1912.  Adam left a family bible within which recorded his details and and much information on his family.  Notes from this bible are quoted in "Records of the Carrick Moore Family.

Mr Adam Simson at his ordination to the ministry received imposition of hands from Mr John Spotswood, Archbishop of St Andrew's, in presence of the Synodal Assembly opened at at Edinburgh in the new Kirk of St. Giles', 5th of October 1616.

I understand that there is series of articles by W J Couper but I have not read these yet.  
W. J. 'The Levitical family of Simson, 1 : The founding of the house, 1529(?); 2 : The family of Adam Simson, 1594-1771; 3 : Alexander, 1570(?)-1638, and his descendants'. Records of the Scottish Church History Society, 4 (1932), 119-37, 208-66. Publisher: Scottish Church History Society. ISSN 02645572.  The 1934 RSCHS contains Foupers part 4  'Final records, 4 : Families that failed'.


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