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Andrew Simson
of Perth, Scotland

Born: in 1520 and died probably in 1591.
Son of: not known.
Brother of: not known.
Andrew married: Violet Adamson (1537-1592) also known as Constyne or Constan, daughter of Perth Baker and sister of Patrick Adamson who became Bishop of St Andrews.
Andrew and Violet had issue:
1. Patrick Simson (1556-1618), Minister of Stirling.  Married 1st Martha Barron (1565-1601) and 2nd Miss Rollock.
2. William Simson, Minister of Dunbarton.
3. Archibald Simson (1564-1628), Minister of Newton of Druburgh and Dalkeith.
4. Alexander Simson, Minister.
5. Richard Simson.
6. Abraham Simson, Minister of Norham.
7. Matthew Simson, Professor of Humanity at Glasgow University.
8. Katherine Home nee Simson who married Alexander Home, Minister of Dunbar.
9. Violet Carmichael neeSimson who married James Carmichael, Minister of Haddington.
10. Another daughter name unknown.


Andrew Simson: An Overview

He studied at Kings College, Aberdeen.  He became Master of Perth Grammar School in 1551 and afterwards Minister of Dunbar.  Later he wrote a number of books.  He is mentioned in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.


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