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Patrick Simson

Born: early 1628 at Newabay and died 24 October 1715 in the 88th year of his life and was buried in Renfrew.
Son of: Adam Simson (1594-1642) and Margaret Simson (nee Spens).
Brother of:
1. Lias Simson (1619-1620).
2. Marion Simson (1620-????).
3. Elizabeth Simson (1623-????).
4. Margaret Simson (1626-????).
5. John Simson (1629-????).
6. Archibald Simson (1632-1632).
7. Harriet Simson (1634-????).
Patrick married:
1st Elizabeth Hay (16??-1662), daughter of John Hay, parson of Renfrew, and Agnes Forsyth, 30 August 1654.
2nd Janet Peadie (1635-1714), daughter of James Peadie, merchant of Glasgow, and Janet Gilgragrie, relect of Robert Callen.
Patrick and Elizabeth had issue:
1. Sarah Simson (1655-1655).
2. George Simson (165?-165?).
3. Patrick Simson (165?-1688). Died in the East Indies.
4. Agnes Simson (1659-????).
5. Elizabeth Simsno (1662-????).
Patrick and Janet had issue:
6. James Simson (1665-1671).
7. John Simson (1667-1740) who married Janet Stirling (1691-1782).
8. Margaret Simsno (1669-????).
9. Matthew Simson (1673-????).
10. Anna Paisley (nee Simson, 1674-17???) who married a Mr Paisley.
11. Mary Simson (1679-????).

Patrick Simson: An Overview

We know about Patrick from the book "Records of the Carrick Moore Family" by George Heath, 1912.

Minister of Renfrew in 1653.  When Episcopacy was set up in Scotland, he was obliged to resign his living.  Parson Hay took his place.  In 1672 he accepted the indulgence, and was sent to the parish of Kilmalcolm.  In 1678 he was cited before the Council for holding conventicles out of the parish to which he had been confirmed.  When greater tolerance came in 1687 he returned to his parish of Renfrew.  In 1703, when he had completed the 50th year of his ministry, he had presented to him the silver cups which are still (1867) used in the Communition Service.


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