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Catherine Sparling nee Palmer


Born: 1853 and died 5 April 1898, aged 45.
Daughter of: Thomas Montgomery Palmer (1823-18??, known as Thomas of Durrow) and Charlotte Palmer (nee Ellis). 
Sister of:
1. Abraham Palmer (never married and died in Australia 19??).
2. Rev Montgomery Palmer M.A.
3. Joseph Mansergh Palmer (1850-1924) who married Georgina Berlinda Palmer (nee Hartford, 18??-19??).
4. Frederick Thomas Palmer (1858-1890) who married Edith Caroline Bull.
Catherine married: George Christopher Sparling, a widower,  from Scariff, Co. Clare in Dublin on 11th December, 1889.
Catherine and George had issue:
1. Frederick Arthur Sparling (1890-1934).  Born 2nd November 1890, died 12th March 1934.
2. Ellen Christina Esther Sparling (1893-????).
3. John William Sparling (1894-1977).  Born 7th November 1894, died 6th September 1977.

Catherine Sparling nee Palmer: An Overview


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