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John Spearman
Lawyer of Newcastle Upon Tyne
and of Thornley, Durham

Born: 1645?, baptized 6 January 1645 and died 21 September 1703 aged 58.
Son of: Robert Spearman Esq (1623?-1657?) of Preston and Dorothy Spearman nee Pattison.
Brother of:
1. Thomas Spearman (1647-1647).
2. Robert Spearman (1650-1654).
3. Robert Spearman (1657-1728) who married Hannah Webster.
4. Dorothy Spearman
5. Ester Milburne nee Spearman who married John Milburne of Chirton in Northumberland.
John married: 3 November 1663, Elizabeth Whitfield, daughter and co-heiress of Richard Whitfield, Esq, junior alderman of Durham.
John and Elizabeth had issue:

1. George Spearman (1664-1664).
2. Michael Spearman (16??-1686?).
3. Francis Spearman (1669-1678).

4. John Spearman (1672- ) who married Ann Bromley (16??-1702) daughter of Robert Bromley of Nesbett in Durham.
5. Robert Spearman (1673-1673?).
6. Gilbert Spearman (
7. Elizabeth Mickleton nee Spearman (1667-????) who married Michael Mickelton Esq of Crook Hall near Durham.
8. Dorothy Cuthbert nee Spearman (1670-1754?) who married John Cuthbert (1675-1724), Recorder of Newcastle Upon Tyne, lived at Herrington in Sunderland.


John Spearman: An Overview

We know about John from the following sources:

1. Noted in the book 'Burke's genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry' by John Burke.

John Spearman Esq of the city of Durham, baptized 16 Jan 1645, a sound and judicious lawyer and antiquary, and thirty years under-sheriff of Durham.  In 1678, he purchased the manor of Thornley, and in 1686, a motely of the manor of Hetton-le-Hole, in Durham.  He married 3 November 1663 Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of Richard Whitfield, Esq, junior alderman of Durham, and had issue.

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