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John Stamford of Derby 1693? to 1754?

Family Connections

Born: probably 1693ish, Assumed to have died in March 1754 and was buried, 22 Mar 1754, at All Saints Church, Derby.

Son of: possibly Thomas Stamford and Sara Smith who were married in 1692 at St Peter's.  This Thomas Stamford possibly died in 1731.

Brother of: not known but one of his bothers may had had a christian name beginning with the letter H

John married: or appears to have married:
1st. Elizabeth 11 September 1711.
2nd. Mary Crampton (Crompton), married in 1721 at St Michaels in Nottingham.
3rd. Sarah Ingleston from St Peter Parish in Nottingham. Married 9 April 1730 in All Saints, Derby.  Sarah probably died 1764.

John had issue presumably by his first wife Elizabeth:
1. Thomas Stamford (1712-1787) who's second marriage was to Hannah Crompton (1720-1788).
2. Rebekah Stamford (1712-after1784).
3. John Stamford (1714-17??).

John had issue presumably by his second wife, Mary Crompton:
4. Sarah Stamford, born 1723,was christened, 08 Jun 1723, at St. Werburgh's, Derby, Debyshire.  She appears to have been living unmarried in 1796.4.

John had issue presumably by his third wife Sarah Ingleston:
5. Mary Bentley (nee Stamford, 1735?-1797) who married, 22 June 1772, Thomas Bentley (1730-1780).

6. Martha Nowsham (nee Stamford, living after 1796) who married Ralph Nowsham.


Some other Stamfords presumbably related are:

Steven Stamford , of Darby , and Anne Towle, of Hopwell married 2 May 1689 (Sawley marriages, Derbyshire).

Thomas Stamford son of John Stamford, christened, 28 Sep 1724, Bolsover, Derby.

John Stamford , p . All Saints , Derby, and Sarah Ingleston p St Peter, Nottingham, married 9 April 1730 (Elvaston marriages, Derbyshire).

John Waterfall and Catharine Stamford, 29 March 1749 (Morley marriages, Derbyshire).



We know of John Stamford from the following:
1. A 1747 Almanack owned by Hannah Stamford (nee Crompton, 1720-1788).
2. A small note in the book "Freemen of Derby" 1992.
3. A small mention in the book "Life of Josiah Wedgwood" by Eliza Meteyard, published 1865. 
4. A small mention in the book "Thomas Bentley 1730-1780" by Richard Bentley, published in 1927. 
5. His book 'History of the Life and Reign of the Czar Peter the Great by John Banks, 1740' passed down in the family with his name written on the front page.
6. He was a subscriber to the book: A new general collection of voyages and travels, consisting of the most esteemed relations, which have hitherto been published in any language: comprehending everything remarkable in its kind, in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America . also the manners and customs of the several inhabitants.  Compiled by John Green.  Published by Thomas Astley, London, 1745.


Biography of John Stamford

In an Almanack, 1747, owned by Hannah Stamford (nee Crompton) there are a lot of hand written family names and dates including:
John and Elizabeth Stamford where married September: 11: 1711.

Thomas and Rebekah Stamford was born September ye 17: 1712 baptized by III- Rogerson [probably Josiah Rogerson].

John Stamford and his deceased sister was born Jan 16:1715 baptized by III- Shaw 

The hand written notes in Hannah Stamford's Almanack imply quite strongly that John Stamford was the father of Thomas Stamford however other references record both men as being called Thomas?  This confusion may have come about because the grandfather may have been called Thomas Stamford.

In "Freemen of Derby" 1992, in the Derby County Library there is recorded that a Thomas Stamford was apprenticed to his father John Stamford, Framesmith, sworn 13th February 1734.  Thomas would have been 22 years old which fits in quite well with the notes in Hannah Stamford's Almanack.

From the book "Life of Josiah Wedgwood" by Eliza Meteyard:
"The Stamfords were a family of considerable standing in Derby, and the half brother of Mrs Bentley, Thomas Stamford the younger, was mayor of that borough in 1769.  Thomas Stamford [John Stamford?], the father of Mrs Bentley, was twice married, she being the issue of the second marriage.  His son Thomas was also twice married; by his first wife he had no children, but by his second who was Sarah [Hannah?], the eldest daughter of John Crompton of Chorley Hall, of the widespread and prosperous family of Crompton, to which Samuel Crompton "the inventor", Sir Charles Crompton, the present respected Judge, and the families still reside in Derby, in Lancashire, and in Yorkshire, belong - he had two daughters, one of whom - Elizabeth - was married to James Caldwell, Esq., of Linley Wood, Staffordshire, and was the mother of the gifted and popular authoress of "Emilia Wyndham", and many other works - Mrs Marsh-Caldwell."

From the book "Thomas Bentley" by Richard Bentley:
"...One of Bentley's early friends was Mr Thomas Stamford of Derby, an engineer of resource and ingenuity, and who, introduced by him about 1765 to Wedgwood, was able subsequently to render considerable assistance in devising special tools or appliances for use in the pottery works.  Stamford was father of a son and four daughters (Mr Jewitt states that Mr Stamford was married twice).  Being frequently at his friends house, Bentley in course of time became attached to one of the girls..."
"...the wedding of Thomas Bentley and Mary Stamford took place on June 22, 1772..."
"...Mary Bentley died on February 19, 1797, and was buried in the Parish church at Chiswick with her husband on February 25.  She made her will a year previously, her sister Martha (Mrs Ralph Nowsham) being executrix of it, and mentions another sister, Sarah Stamford, as living unmarried in 1796.  Reference is also made in the document to a "cousin Bentley" and to her two nieces, Mrs Elizabeth Caldwell and Miss Hannah Stamford..."

In the "Derbyshire Parish Register" published in 1909, there is a marriage recorded between Thomas Stamford and Sara Smith 6 January 1692 at St Peter's.  Perhaps these were John Stamford's parents, Thomas Stamford'

s grand parents?

In the publication "Derbyshire Miscellany, Vol 14: Part 3, Spring 1996" there is a note of a Thomas Stamford who was a Glover & Hosier and was buried in 1731.  He lived at Nuns Green, Friarsgate.  He is said to a have married Sarah Smith in 1692 and later Mary Crampton (Crompton?) in 1721 at St Michael in Nottingham.  However the note states that this second marriage may have been one of his sons and this I think it is more likely that this second marriage related to his son John Stamford.  He is said to have had a son Thomas in 1695 and a son James in 1698 but these dates do not seem to fit quite so well.  Thomas, the younger, is noted as being a merchant & engineer and also a hosier.  He had his horse commandeered from the George Inn at 11pm on 4/12/1745.  Thomas' daughter married Thomas Bentley.

One of John Stamford's books has survived, past down in the Caldwell family.  History of the Life and Reign of the Czar Peter the Great by John Banks.  Published 1740, London, Printed for J Hodges.  Inscribed 'August, Mr John Stamford, December 11, 1750'.  Also inscribed in the back 'Mr John Stamford his book September 1751'.