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All Saint's Church, Stoke Ferry, Norfolk

(The red brick front of The Hall can just be seen in the background)

All Saint's Church still exists although it is no longer used for Church services.  Like many village churches the congregation had slowly dwindled over time, the last being held in 2002 after which the church was deconsecrated and sold off.  I am happy to say that it was bought by Kit Hesketh-Harvey who lives in the village and is doing a very good job of keeping this old church in excellent condition.

The memorials in the grave yard are still there but have for some time been separated from their orginal positions over their respective graves and are now lined up along the stone perimeter walls.  Inside the church there are a few memorials to various Helsham and Harvey family members as follows:

Mary the daughter of Robert and Mary Harvey
died in the year 1784.  Also Elizabeth Harvey
her sister who died the 5th of June 1798.  
Near this place lay the remains of Ann daughter
of Robert and Mary Harvey and wife 
of Henry Linhooke Helsham who departed this life
 January 29th 1793 in the 63rd year of her age.  
Henry Helsham MD died April 25th 1805 Aged 69 years.


Here Lieth the body of Robert Harvey late of the Parish Gent
who died July 29th 1756 Aged 56.  
Also the body of Mary relict of Robert Harvey and daughter
of Will [William] Wheasenham Gent late of Runcton Holme
who died 27 . . . 1777 Aged 76 whose remains 
with those of her husband are enclosed in the tomb below.


 I understand that there are two further memorials (four all together).